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  1. Hi Redd Girl! Again, "Dr. Mary's Monkey" is way out there, but so many people still follow this stuff. If you get to any of the books I listed, message me let me know what you think. M.E.
  2. Hi PJ, I have to jump into this conversation. I cannot speak for Eric's interest in conspiracy theories or favorite books on 9/11 or the JFK continuing saga. However, I personally have some information which I'll share. I've lived in N.O. for most of my life. My older and classically-trained-musician brother brought me to Ohio (a while back) for a long visit to see friends and The Cyrus Erie Band. My brother also coincidentally became a long-time friend of N.O. businessman Clay Shaw. A new book just came out which was researched and composed by an acquaintance of mine - Don Carpenter. The title is: "Man of a Million Fragments: The Story of Clay Shaw." This book is an overview of a central figure, and assumed conspirator, during the N.O. JFK investigation by D.A Jim Garrison. Mr. Shaw's life story certainly stands out in N.O. 60s and 70s lore, and I believe Don does a good job of revealing many details of Shaw's life and trial with relative fairness. Two other books which I'd recommend are "Me and Lee" by Judyth Vary Baker and "Dr. Mary's Monkey" by Ed Haslem. The latter of these listed books is quite weird so be prepared...but we're talkin' New Orleans and a conspiracy theory right? M.E.
  3. Eric, I'm so excited about the release of the new CDs. Everything you posted is just what I wanted to hear and you'll always be a rocker, baby! xo
  4. Gina, These are great! M.E.
  5. Hi Eric, I know you are crazy busy, but want to share how happy I am to know "Hold Out My Hand" "Get the Message" & "Sparrow" will be on the CDs coming out in the fall. Is the longer and certainly more classical version of "Sparrow" on the new CD as well - or somewhere? It would be an amazing pleasure to hear the song and music as you as you originally intended. Thanks baby xo
  6. Hi Bernie, Is there a deadline to send the pics of items via the provided email for your review? I won't be back home in New Orleans until July 12th, so I can't get to my "Eric treasures" at the moment. Many thanks, M.E.
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