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  1. Hi Eric, Hope you have a wonderful day and an even better year and thank you for being a beautiful human in our universe. Everyone here misses you, I know. XOXO Mary Ellen
  2. GATW played as the background music on CBS Saturday Morning News today. How cool to hear the riff and the song! Guess there are fans everywhere. XO M.E.
  3. Right Vinnie? Eric isn't gay, not that there's anything wrong with that... But I wonder why so many people would spend time bashing someone they surely don't know. The online world can be a strange place sometimes.
  4. This thread has to be the worst ever posted here content-wise. Nobody looks the same as they did when they were 20. Most or all great singers lose their range through some kind of damage, eventually. The comparison to Little Richard is bizarre and hilarious though. 😂
  5. I am late posting here about my friends Kiwi and Muzza, though Kiwi (Marilyn) and I chat a lot on Facebook. I was lucky enough to have them visit New Orleans and meet me on Ira's recommendation. What a lovely time we had at our Parkway Bakery dinner and such a good talk. 💗 What a beautiful life you and Muzza had and I know his loving spirit always surrounds you and the family, Marilyn. Big Hugs, Mary Ellen
  6. What a fun post, Lew. It’s a compliment!
  7. Lew, You are truly “too weird to live, too rare to die.” H.S. Thompson or Panic at the Disco, depending on your reference point.
  8. Just seeing this. I have missed my friend! So happy you are safe and sound and I’ve checked your fab page many times for news Love and hugs, M.E.
  9. Hi Lew, assuming you mean on this site I checked and see 161 days won in my profile. It’s difficult to recall what I posted here on those days though. In day to day life I expect we’ve all won many days as we are still here. 😀 Cheers!
  10. Hi Eric, Hope you are having an amazing birthday week celebration. XOXO M.E.
  11. If you've any interest in the Stones this is a documentary worth watching on Amazon Prime. Why it's most important: 1. There would be no Stones without Brian's major influence. 2. The details include information about probable mental illness as a contributing factor to Brian's untimely death. 3. The coroner's report showed fresh water in the lungs rather than chlorinated water. This fact indicates Brian didn't drown in the pool where he was found deceased.
  12. Eric, Hope you and Amy enjoy this birthday week! XO, Mary Ellen
  13. Hi Lew!

    1. Lew Bundles

      Lew Bundles

      Hi, Mary...Long time, no see...Stick around...We need as much help as we can keeping this site alive...Thanx, your friend, Lew.

    2. Mary Ellen

      Mary Ellen

      Hi Lew,

      Crazy times we are in, no?

      Hope you are well.  Let's keep the R&R alive!


    3. Lew Bundles

      Lew Bundles

      You got it…Don’t give up the ship here…You were/are one of my favorite posters…

  14. Happy Birthday, Eric❣ Have a wonderful birthday. XOXO Mary Ellen
  15. Happy Belated Birthday, Eric🎂 Thanks for all the good vibrations❣ Love, Mary Ellen
  16. As somone once said - "love is all that matters." Know this site was created by a loving spirit. I had a blast here and wish you and yours every happiness in this lifetime and beyond. Mary Ellen 😘
  17. Happy belated bday, Eric. You are forever young to me. 😘 Hope you, Amy, the kids (and Delores) are living the best life together❣ Wishing you love and happiness always, M.E.
  18. Great stuff, Bernie. Certainly a fun read and of course it has to be Joan. 😉
  19. What a wildly impressive and technically difficult video to shoot, and that song is pretty good too❣️😎
  20. Happy birthday to my true redd, white a blue EC.com friend. What a blast we had here and we are fortunate to continue our friendship off screen and offline. You're the sweetest lady and I wish you every good thing life has to offer. Big hugs, M.E.
  21. Happy belated birthday, Susie! May you and Lou have many wonderful years together. 🌞🎁🎉🎂🎼🌹
  22. Very nice, Bernie! I immediately noticed two things - I have Eric's pic with the straight haired wig and maybe this member's reputation isn't so bad after all. 😉
  23. Congrats Kirk! You're truly a most loyal fan and long-time hand to Bernie, ec.com website king. The changes to the website by Bernie are superbly creative. 🌞
  24. Happy birthday, pretty lady. Hope you have a fun-filled and relaxed day. ?????
  25. Eric has found peace, love and understanding (which are never overrated), with his soulmate, Amy. Anyone who considers themselves a good friend should be more than pleased that he's in that state of peaceful-soul-consciousness. That's whether he's on this or any other site, right? ✌️❤️y'all!
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