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  1. Hello Tim, Best wishes for a wonderful birthday! Hope the year ahead will find you happy, healthy, wealthy and wise Sincerely, redd
  2. Geez Ira, Many thx for understanding. I've been known to 'open mouth, insert foot' once or twice before. I just get carried away and speak sometimes before my brain can catch up to process what I SHOULD be saying! Always have been a bit impulsive and emotional - but the way you speak of Bev so adoringly is endearing. So sweet to have love along with respect <3 redd :)
  3. Dear James, I'm so sorry, I truly didn't give it a second thought when I laughed at Kirk's 'snarky' comment about HMB by Paul Anka as cringeworthy. (Sorry, that just cracks me up) Ok, not exactly how he put it, but a mashup of Kirk's and cayennegirl's vocabulary. You are James and are ALREADY cool As c-girl said, feel free to get all those songs out of the closet, haha. Or something to that effect. JK Would be a boring world if we all liked the same things! We <3 ya James! Stay cool.... redd :)
  4. Kirk, Entertaining post, still laughing at your term 'cringe factor' hahaha. But you made up for that by the end of your post. Remember hearing that song WAAAAYY back when on the radio and groaning every time it was played Dumb kids, but we had no appreciation for the song at that time in our lives. Thx for the chuckle redd
  5. Dear c-girl, Admittedly don't know a lot of Harry Connick's background. Bet he was adorable entertaining at the tender age of 5, not unlike someone we know, heh A talented child prodigy for sure. Will have to do a bit of research on that 'cool cat'. As for seeing EC on live TV every week, I can't even wrap my mind around it. Am sure we would be hanging on every word he spoke. Could imagine turning into 14 year old teeneyboppers and getting to Idol's studio; someway, somehow. KNOW you'd be able to score us some passes to the show. Well, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do, right? <3 From your partner-in-crime, redd :)
  6. Dear c-girl, Very nice post (as usual) re: "idol". Mmmmm, forgot Harry Connick was from N.O. Oh yeah, he IS a cool cat! Might be worth tuning in here and there just to see him...Haha Saw the 2012 posts (before our ec website time) Can you in your wildest dreams imagine Eric as a judge?!! I would never miss an episode, would you? redd
  7. Kirk, Ummm, whoops....An example of why not to "assume". Open mouth, insert foot.... Thx Kirk & thx to Mary Ellen for "save" as always. To Ira: I'm sorry for the assumption. The sentiment is still the same. redd
  8. Hello my dear M.E. As you know I'm not from the south, but in our area we do the same as well. We are a smaller town and it's a nicety. Best regards (sounds so formal)!? redd
  9. Awww Ira, How sweet! You made sure your beloved went to the EJ concert. Keep being a considerate husband, the phrase to remember they say is "happy wife, happy life"<3 Sincerely, redd
  10. Haha Kirk Awwww, don't worry Marvin, you've still got it goin' on! redd
  11. Dear Mike, Please, please keep me updated on any/all H & O news. Have loved them 4-ever <3 Have you heard any songs from John's most recent solo album? I hear his song High Maintenance (on a XM station) frequently & it's really growing on me, although I'm partial to Daryl. I think they sound best together. Daryl has a terrific band that tours with him. I saw H & 0 at a small outdoor concert venue in Ohio last year, what a great show!! That concert ticket was the best bday gift I think I've ever received Thx redd
  12. Dear Donzi, Hahaha, loved your post! I was going to recommended you to elbow anyone who got in your way. Sounds like you already had the same idea.....JK Your description of the people ahead of you in line was the funniest thing I've heard all day Then to find out no one was headed to the music section? So glad your mission was accomplished! Thx for brightening my day redd
  13. Hey Donzi, Tomorrow is the day! Hope you get a good nights sleep, so you can be 1st in line to get your new Boston music. Yay.... redd :)
  14. Donzi! Wishing you a happy birthday & a great year ahead filled with music, love & laughter. I remember you said the release date for Boston's new cd falls on your bday. I know that will be your favorite gift! Another reason to celebrate.... Best wishes. redd
  15. Dear LC, Best wishes for a wonderful birthday redd
  16. Nancy, Tim & BMP Thanks for the warm wishes Right back at ya.... redd
  17. Dear canadianchick, What a gracious post, thank you Even with our troubled times, we do have a multitude of blessings to be thankful for. Here's hoping that grateful spirit lasts all throughout the year. Best regards, redd
  18. Welcome Dr. M Great 1st post, I couldn't have said it better myself! I am a 'Berries/Carmen fan from way back, too. What a heartfelt message expressing your love of quality music. We look forward to your future posts Sincerely, redd
  19. Hi Barb! Happy happy birthday May all your birthday wishes come true... redd
  20. Hi Diane! Best wishes for a wonderful birthday Hope the year ahead brings you peace, happiness and prosperity. redd
  21. Dear dianed, Wow, it DOES sound like something out of a horror movie You have really gone through a hell on earth with the "bee business". I commend you for standing up to your duct tape lovin' landlord. How would HE like to be saddled with you have been through!? I've rented from a few of these types before, why they just don't take care of a problem when it starts is beyond me. Guess they think if they ignore it long enough, it will go away? Thank goodness you and your kitty survived this infestation & that you were smart enough to take matters into your own hands. Here's hoping Mr. Slumlord enjoyed his vacation!! Hang in there & be proud that you didn't back down Hope things will be looking up from here on... redd
  22. Hello dear Canadianchick! Best wishes for a wonderful birthday & a happy and healthy year. Hope all your bday wishes come true :)
  23. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIRTHDAY to both rockerreds AND Gina (from Ohio) Hoping all your birthday wishes come true.... Gina (from Pa.)
  24. Greetings Linda! So glad you found us I've only been a member for the past few months, have always loved 'Berries/EC music. Just found the site by chance, so happy I did! Everyone here is very friendly as I imagine your are finding out. I have made 3 very good friends, our love of music is the foundation of our friendship <3 Everything you said in your post is identical to what I believe. You are so right, it's all about the music.... redd
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