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  1. Hi Bernie Wishing you a wonderful bday and a happy and healthy BRAND New Year too. Thank you for all the time and effort you devote to the ec site. P.S. Loved your post earlier! redd
  2. Hi adelia Your description of BHPat's voice was perfect! There IS a raw sadness that is hard to describe. Imagine it's due to the life altering changes he has dealt with and struggled to overcome. He shares that with us through the power of music. redd
  3. Hi Bernie Best wishes for a wonderful birthday. Be sure to blow out all the candles on your cake, so what you wish for will come true redd
  4. Eric, No, DEFINITELY not for the faint of heart! I couldn't listen to the entire song, my ears started to bleed. If am sure I heard my neighbor's dog start to howl The BIT chicks should find another song to massacre. Of all the talented people that covered ABM, this is the polar opposite. That's funny you laughed so hard when you heard this, but it just made me want to cry Sure is the most monotone version of this beautiful song we will ever experience. Many thx for posting! redd
  5. Dear Cayenne, Hahaha, tooo funny! I'm sure you already know if you meet a friendly horse, you will communicate by Morse (code) of course. A million people in your town? Whew, that's quite a lot. I imagine people come from far and wide for a chance to say they were at Mardi Gras. Looking forward to your continuation.......
  6. Hi Pat So glad we can share in your good news. This is a big deal, my friend! Can't imagine how excited you were when you saw the 'like' by David Foster. While I'm here, please allow me to give another plug for your CD. If you truly love and appreciate all genres of music, please add Pat's CD to your collection. He truly puts his heart and soul into his music. Each and every song is original and unique. His lyrics run the gamut from funny and lighthearted to sadness and precious memories. Please treat yourself to buying his CD, he does not disappoint!! Then we can all say "Yeah, I knew him when' ..... (BEFORE he became famous) Thanks for listening redd
  7. Hey PJ, Great post! Love that you put the video on YouTube A terrific job with the visuals, too. Like how everything just flowed, how the pics were matched with the song lyrics We'll give you an A+++++++ redd
  8. So glad to share your good news, Bernie! Your company is fortunate to have you with them for so many years. WE are fortunate to have you as well <3 Congrats and thank you for all that you do! redd
  9. Dear c-girl & adelia, TOO, too funny - loved both posts! Only thing I will add is hahahahahaha. James is such a good sport, but left himself wide open to comments regarding "payment for privileges" redd :)
  10. Dear c-girl, And James thought his dog was the only pet that appreciates music. We know Kirks's dog is a music critic as well Regarding the comment by James (just being a typical male) I will not comment either. In some situations, the less said the better. redd
  11. Poor adelia Mule train is even worse than snail mail! Hope the mule didn't die.... It's hard anticipation a delivery that doesn't come on time, but BHPAT'S CD is worth waiting for. Anxious to hear which songs are your favorites. Each and every song is unique and personal, so hope your copy will be in the mailbox tomorrow. It so, your new year will be off to a great start! redd
  12. James What a loyal friend and fan you are to buy another copy of BHPat's CD. Hey, one for the car and one for home, right? I'm so glad I now have my very own copy. What a terrific collection of original songs from the heart. Only problem is I keeping changing my mind which track is my favorite!! LC and Marvin are right, what a great entertainer we have right under our noses here at ec.com. I know with some additional promotion Pat's CD sales will soar. Plus, Pat is such a great guy redd
  13. Hi Diane, Happy New Year to you! Doesn't seem like 2013 was your best year, so you are bound to have a terrific BRAND New Year! So glad you are living BEE FREE Best wishes, redd
  14. Ummm cgirl, am sure adelia was referring to drinking and driving in particular. OK to start a bar brawl, just so you are not driving under the influence Happy NYE <3 redd
  15. Dear Mary Ellen, I feel the same way! Couldn't have said it better myself or with as much eloquence. I've really enjoyed making friends here too. Am fortunate that our paths have crossed. You are an amazing and unique person. Your funny posts can always make me laugh and lift my spirits. Without you, I wouldn't know What the Fox Says!! Hahaha Wishing everyone here a happy, healthy and prosperous (BRAND) New Year Gina (redd)
  16. Marvin, As always, you are a great source of information.... Will happily check it out Many thx (for all you do) redd
  17. Pat and Marvin, W-O-W!!! Loved, loved the Q & A guys! Put simply, excellent questions, excellent answers. Marvin, what a great idea! Pat, you are such a great singer/songwriter and a very unique person. Not often am I at a loss for words but..... Hope to see more Q & A in the future. Kudos gentlemen to both of you! redd :)
  18. Paulie, Great post! I like the way you think Let's all hope Eric will be so pumped being in the studio, he will want to do it again. Plenty of time for EC to catch the 'fever'
  19. Dearest M.E. Thanx for the shout out! I've been waiting a long, long time for Hall and Oates to get the recognition they so deserve! I know THEY have been waiting a long time as well, considering they started recording in the late 60's! ... Can you imagine attending such a star studded event? I need to borrow your 'fainting couch' just thinking about it Just renamed Cloud 9 as Cloud Hall and Oates redd
  20. Yeah Tim, What cayennegirl said....I'd much rather be here than tied to Facebook! This is the real deal, it's all about the music.... So glad we found our way here Hope your bday was happy, redd
  21. Hi pretender, You're singing my song, two of my favorite 'great voices' are Freddie Mercury and Brad Delp. Amazing vocal ranges for both, they were/are truly blessed. Great insight on the voices that convey emotion, too. redd
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