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    "I Can Remember"

    Hey James, I really admire your post about the 'I-things'. Wish I could add something new to this topic, but I agree with how fascinating (not to mention fast) internet can be. At the risk of sounding shallow, I love YouTube for the music videos that are at my command. I also love the online radio stations I can create (from Jango & Pandora) with a multitude of selections. The possibilities are virtually endless! P.S. Really James, like YOU need help on how to manage a harem Hahaha redd
  2. Donz! Hey, this could be the concert where you meet Tom Scholz AND get his autograph Happy camping...hahaha Your fellow Boston fan, redd
  3. Craig, Wishing a rockin' birthday to one of our favorite fellow music lovers. Many happy returns - remember to blow out all the candles on your cake so your wish comes true... Sincerely, redd :)
  4. I am so glad you are back with us, dear Ash! Knowing all is well with you just made my day Greatly looking forward to more of your intelligent, enlightening posts. As always - Your friend, redd
  5. DONZI! Of course the Clearwater concert venue is the logical choice! Fun in the sun, free lodging, beautiful beaches AND you get to see your fave band live (again). You can't go wrong! Thx for sharing that super cool story about meeting Brad Delp. The nicest guy in the music biz - awww, that just warms my heart. Am sure you & your wife were THRILLED to meet him! Never knew about Beatlejuice, you are a wealth of musical info That was too funny about Muzz signing the Boston CD'S, then still bringing back some Bjuice memorabilia. I hope y'all have a terrific trip! Am happy for ya redd
  6. redd

    "I Can Remember"

    HAHAHAHA, too funny! I can identify - they always made the kids be the 'human remote control'. We never had the Zenith Space Command though.....sounds pretty high tech for way back when! redd P.S. Great topic :)
  7. HEY DONZI! Didn't get to check out Boston's concert schedule, but hope they will be adding more dates. Also hoping they will play close to your area.....I imagine you have seen them umpteen times though! One of my saddest regrets is I've never seen them live w/ BD - will ALWAYS be a huge Brad Delp fan. redd :)
  8. Hi Kathy, Wow, loved your post! l've never seen this before either, amazing and so very creative! The melody makes me feel very calm and relaxed. This just reinforces there is 'music' in all of creation. That my friend is what makes the world go around (yes, love does too) redd
  9. Welcome Daisy! We are glad to have you here Looking forward to reading your future posts! Peace, redd
  10. MARVIN What a caring and thoughtful message to Larisa! Your comment made me stop and realize how fortunate we really are..... redd
  11. Hey Larisa! We have a saying in America that goes "there ARE no dumb questions" - but you probably are familiar with that since you are quite intelligent (not to mention a great friend too) Maybe you will be one of the contest winners!!! Feeling lucky? redd :)
  12. Dear Ashley, Happy, happy 40th bday wherever you are!! I really miss reading your posts and sharing your wealth of musical knowledge. God bless <3 MISS YA! LUV YA! redd :)
  13. Hey James! Hope all of your birthday wishes come true! redd :)
  14. redd

    Got Milk? ads

    BERNIE! "Milk life" love it! Great concept - you have a terrific imagination. There are soooo many people that will identify with these ads, not to mention the word 'protein' always gets our attention! Rock on, you advertising superstar redd
  15. redd

    Got Milk? ads

    BERNIE, Huge congrats on your 20 year run with the 'got milk?' ads. Sorry to hear it will be a thing of the past -they may be gone but never forgotten. redd :)
  16. Awwww Nancy, what a sweet sentiment! Let's keep the love flowing.... redd
  17. Dear M.E Once again, spoken very eloquently. It's time to move on, what's done is done, what's been said cannot be changed. The past is history & the present is a gift Keep on doing your Happy Dance! redd
  18. Bernie, Bernie, BERNIE! There is no need for a Thesaurus by any means. Greatly enjoyed reading your post & looking forward to the next one. Can fully understand if you may need to 'regroup' I'm feeling quite emotional too! Your enthusiasm is contagious! Will reread this now and again, also AFTER the CD release. Thank you for taking the time to compose this. redd
  19. Happy Birthday birdy! Thx for sharing your trip down memory lane - what a GREAT story. Paul was your sister's boyfriend?! WOW! Indeed, what a super cool older sister you have. Being an only child, that makes your story more heartfelt! I grew up with my cousins who lived with us, but the older 2 thought I was just this bratty little kid that wanted to hang with them. That's OK, because I secretly 'borrowed' their albums when they were out with their friends Score 1 point for the kid! We get along much better as adults I'm happy to say. Hope you have a wonderful day & may all your bday wishes come true. Wishing you a Brand New Year, too redd
  20. Hi Larisa, I know this is one of your favorite photos of Eric, thanks so much for sharing with us! Happy to have you back on ec.com again More later my friend - Gina
  21. Dear RW, Hope you birthday was fabulous! Best wishes. redd
  22. Happy Birthday Kevin. It's hard to top Shelley's beautiful cake though Enjoy your day! Best wishes, redd
  23. Dear c-girl, Hope you have a FABULOUS bday, may all your dreams come true. Thank you for everything you contribute to ec.com. You never disappoint! I've loved your posts even BEFORE we became friends I am so fortunate our paths have crossed. You know the true meaning of friendship. Happy happy joy joy redd
  24. C-girl and Kkh, I can see how Brandon Flowers' vocals added to the movie. He had a certain style of singing, almost like he is speaking the lyrics instead of singing at times. Not an emotional singer, that's for sure. I do like some of the Killers music, but Brandon is very weak covering GATW. Am sure we all agree that no one else could ever come close to duplicating Eric's powerful and emotional style. redd P.S. Welcome Kkh & thx for posting
  25. Dear c-girl, You always have the most interesting (and intelligent) posts! I may not like the info re: the small ice age, but still respect the messenger It's really cold when you live in the south & have to cover your outdoor plants for fear they may freeze. Brrrrrrr.... redd
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