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  1. QUOTES: "It just hit me, Birdy is horny for Lew! That explains everything. Gosh. Marlene, now that it has been revealed that you are Lew´s lap sitting bimbo, be careful, jealous chicks (Birdy) can be very dangerous. Damn it guys, where IS that DISlike button? redd :)
  2. Geez Lew, There must be a sensitive side to your "multi faceted personality. Who would've thunk it?!! That was a great letter to Marv & must say I agree with you on all points. Not being sure just how Marvin may react to this, but you certainly gave it the old college try. I miss him being here as well & I loved how he took time to put together Raspberries Reflections. That was a true labor of love. redd P.S. OMG dear birdy are you reading this?!! Yep, can hardly believe it myself! Lew, it would be so nice if you didn't call birdy a GADFLY anymore. She is super cool & you must agree we ALL have certain types of humor we enjoy/don't enjoy....
  3. Dear Larisa, I'm so thrilled you received your very own ''Essentials" CD yesterday! Anxious to hear your review redd <3
  4. Awwww James - Let's turn that frown upside down If you ask real nicely, I bet birdy would consider being your spunky gadfly too! Hahaha redd
  5. BIRDY Geez, I guess some of my best friends are "gadflies"..... JAMES, So sorry you haven't made the big time yet.... redd :)
  6. Reading the previous posts, I know how lucky I am Mom is still with us. Although she's in her 80's she still loves to joke around & make people laugh. On her good days she is very witty & sharp as a tack. She has been through so much with a myriad of health issues & has battled back time & time again. She was a single Mother as well & tried to fulfill the role of both parents. She is such a unique individual & is still a great role model. I hope I've inherited some of her good personality traits. Happy Mother's Day Moms! redd <3
  7. My dear Larisa, If by some stroke of luck, I would have won any collectibles at the 'Garage Sale' I would have given them to you! Hoping your postal and pay pal situations will be resolved soon. You are an amazing person whose perseverance I greatly admire! Not to mention a beloved member of ec.com AND a terrific friend <3 redd
  8. Welcome to ec.com jollyroger Greatly enjoyed your post, the 1st of many to come we hope. Loved how you said what's been recorded on vinyl can never be taken away...... Happy to have you here! redd
  9. Aaaah, yes - you are SO right! Glad to see someone has posted a 'legitimate' candidate hahaha Yay for birdy! redd
  10. Cheryl, Loved your a-ha post Too funny, but "the girl" is right - Patrick Stump is super talented, not to mention quite the hottie! More conversations with "the girl" please! redd
  11. What a lovely post, M.E! I agree wholeheartedly You've put into words what I have always known to be true... Made my day <3 redd
  12. Hello Mike (MAM) Just wanted to say I really liked your recent post. I'm here for the music too! What happened decades ago should stay in the past, but grudges and hard feelings always surface again it seems. I adore all 4/6 (haha) members of the 'Berries and yes Eric is #1 in my book. Sounds like deep, deep resentment that will never be forgotten. BUT that doesn't make me despise Wally or his music.... I usually prefer not to debate these situations, but we all have a right to voice our opinion. Also to be respectful of others, although they have a completely different viewpoint. If you're gonna take your ball & 'go home' guess I will gather up my jax & do the same redd
  13. Hi Pat, What a beautiful, heartfelt review. Quite poetic.... MANY THX <3 redd :)
  14. TALES FROM THE CAPITOL CRYPT" - HAHAHAHA, good one Ira! Sad but true.... redd
  15. Eric, Thank you for explaining the remastering process of GTM. I really think the "new" version sounds much smoother. We love that 18 year old voice, bad mic or not! Hope you know how we look forward to your informative and intelligent posts. redd :)
  16. Hey Cheryl! I found the (original)? version of "Get the Message" on YouTube. The new remastered version is just phenomenal! Listen to both & I think you'll see it my way hahaha redd
  17. Hi Fred, Sending warm regards to Eric's 'baby brother'. I Hope all of your birthday wishes come true! Sincerely, redd :)
  18. Welcome Cheryl, GREAT 1st post! Thx for sharing your story, looking forward to hearing from you in the future. redd :)
  19. Raspathens, What a great birthday gift, the Essentials CD release! Oh, so THAT'S why the release date was backed up, to coincide with your birthday Now it all makes sense.... Many happy returns! redd
  20. Hello my dear Larisa <3 You are so creative, sincere, thoughtful and so on......a beautiful GOLDEN SMILE created by a person that has a HEART OF GOLD! redd :)
  21. What a survivor you are Teresa! Enduring a decade of pure hell, but you've made it through. I really have no answer why people are faced with such misery in life, but am glad you've fought your way back. Can't imagine not being able to withstand listening to music, what a cruel side effect of your health issues. I've always loved listening to music and sometimes it can be a balm that heal wounds. If I'm down, I KNOW the very best thing to do is listen to my fave songs. They never let me down and soon my mood and spirits are lifted. Music is such a special gift that we all can share in. Thx for sharing your incredible story with us. You are truly an inspiration..... redd
  22. Welcome Teresa Happy to have you on board! Just love the eerie coincidences re: the names Carmen & Eric within your family. I've recently rediscovered my appreciation for Eric's music (as well) & have been a big Raspberries fan from waaaay back when. Looking forward to reading your posts. redd
  23. Hi Anne, You and your family most certainty deserve a BRAND NEW YEAR! My heart goes out to you.....May 2014 be filled with a multitude of blessings. redd
  24. redd

    "I Can Remember"

    Hey James, I really admire your post about the 'I-things'. Wish I could add something new to this topic, but I agree with how fascinating (not to mention fast) internet can be. At the risk of sounding shallow, I love YouTube for the music videos that are at my command. I also love the online radio stations I can create (from Jango & Pandora) with a multitude of selections. The possibilities are virtually endless! P.S. Really James, like YOU need help on how to manage a harem Hahaha redd
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