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  1. "FAREWELL TOMMY"?! Hope Lew didn't see this topic & think it was a farewell to "TOMMY TUNES"! Can't say I know TTunes, but I think he is 'Robin' (the Boy Wonder) to Lew as 'Batman'. Oops, we already have a 'Batman' here.... JK, Lew - hope this was not in poor taste. You'd BETTER NOT be rubbing off on me! redd
  2. THIS IS THE "SUMMER OF DONZI"! How great is that - you just saw Boston live when you & your missus were in Clearwater. Now, they are doing a show only 10 minutes from your house?!! Yep, you just gotsta go HA! Happy for ya, Man! I know how much you dig Boston... redd :)
  3. Hey Stringer, Best wishes for a happy birthday filled with your favorite things. Sincerely, redd :)
  4. Hi Sherrie, Hope you bday is just as glorious as YOU! Many happy returns <3 redd :)
  5. Lew, Lew, Lew.... Where on earth do you come UP with this stuff?! LOL!! The way your mind works is quite a mystery! (ummm, yep - I think there is a compliment somewhere in there) Sending condolences on the passing of your friends, they may be gone but certainly not forgotten. redd
  6. Best wishes for a Happy Birthday filled with all your favorite things. redd
  7. Happy belated birthday Mike. Wishing you a great year ahead. Sincerely, redd
  8. Hello dear pretender, Happy belated bday - hope it was a great day filled with music, love & laughter. Best wishes, redd
  9. Hello MAM! HAPPY, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY (July 7th). Hope your special day was blessed with family, friends and hope you get all that you wish for. Wishing you good health & prosperity, now & always. Sincerely, redd
  10. Best wishes on your special day! Sincerely, redd :)
  11. LEW - Seriously!?! I understand freedom of speech, but here you are, back to "birdy bashing". Why!? I guess being the intelligent, gracious NEW LEW didn't agree with you. Believe it or not, birdy has many fans here & we love her dearly! redd
  12. Best wishes for a terrific birthday! redd :)
  13. Best wishes to Muzza for a speedy recovery. Although we've never met, you must be a very special person! Prayers to Kiwi as well, to stay strong. Also thx to Lew for posting the article to make us aware of this tragedy. Sincerely, redd <3
  14. To all my kindhearted ec friends.... To make a long story short, dear Cayenne posted the info (regarding my Mother's demise) in error. C-girl received a text from her cousin that said 'her Mother' had just passed away. C-girl knows my Mother has been in decline for the past few years & her system is in shut down mode now. Please save your kind posts for the future. XO Many thx to all! redd :)
  15. HI IRA! Hoping you have a very happy birthday filled with your favorite things. Thank you for your funny posts and sharing your vast knowledge of music with us. Best wishes always! redd :)
  16. Happy bday Anne! Best wishes for a wonderful day filled with many blessings - not only today, but always. Keep on being the lovely, lively girl we've come to know & love <3 redd
  17. Thank you Craig for posting the highlights of ec's article. Knew we could count on you! Most exciting part (for me) was Eric wants to write new material! Hot D*mn - bring it on, Eric Many thx Craig, redd :)
  18. GREAT post Teresa! Yes, it's rare to see a person that is not "plugged in" these days. I hear people comment they couldn't LIVE without their phones. Really?! I will admit I've come to love my smartphone, but have lived without it before & could do so again if need be. redd
  19. Hello dear Pat, Wishing you all the happiness your heart can hold <3 not just on your special day, but each and every day. Keep with the songwriting. You have a great gift & we all believe in you. As I've said before, you write from your heart & soul. Oh, hope you had a terrific Father's Day - am sure your children know how lucky they are! Sincerely, redd
  20. HEY CRAIG, That's great! Maybe you will post a synopsis (of the ec article) if we ask nicely....Any magazine that has articles about BOTH Eric AND Badfinger is all right by me. Thanks, redd :)
  21. You are so welcome, Rory! Ummm, BTW, congrats on joining ec.com Meeting another music lover is always very cool, as we all have that common bond. We look forward to your posts.... Sincerely, redd
  22. Happy happy belated birthday wishes, alsnana! Since your birthday falls on Friday, you can celebrate all weekend long Best wishes, redd :)
  23. My dear friend Larisa, Happy birthday to someone that is as lovely on the 'inside' as well as the 'outside'! You deserve the very best life has to offer. My wish for you is good health, happiness and prosperity. I value your friendship for many reasons and I hope all your birthday wishes come true <3 Sincerely, redd :)
  24. Dear Kiwi, Wishing you a wonderful bday filled with your favorite things! redd :)
  25. redd

    "Almost Summer"

    Hello Ira, Thanks for taking time to post this message & video (as well as the Monkees videos) It's like sunshine on a cloudy day! redd :)
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