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  1. My dear Adelia, Happy, happy, very belated birthday! I'm soooooo sorry I missed your special day. Regardless, you have been in my thoughts..... Sending positive wishes for a happy "Brand New Year to you & your loved ones. Sincerely, redd <3
  2. Hi Billy, Wishing you a wonderful birthday filled with all of your favorite things! Sincerely, redd :)
  3. Hope you have a great birthday filled with all the things you love most. Since you're a friend of Lew's, that's good enough for me.....!??!!! HA! Best wishes, redd :)
  4. Sending healing thoughts & prayers from my part of Pa. also! Sincerely, redd :)
  5. Dear Batman, I like the way you think! Wouldn't THAT be cool....You have such a great imagination and always think 'out of the box' (I meant out of the cave, as in the 'bat cave') redd
  6. Hahaha, c-girl Punchdrunk? Vote for the Pina Colada song?!! You are toooo funny! We must stay alert, so a tragedy like that never happens. Be vigilant everyone!! redd
  7. Hello dear Donna, Wishing you a wonderful birthday filled with all of your favorite things! Sincerely, redd :)
  8. Dearest c-girl, Thx for sharing this song! You have a 'Treasure Trove' of knowledge, music and early EC info. No wonder you are our hero and a great example of Southern Hospitality <3 redd :)
  9. Dear Teresa, Happy to hear you came through the surgery well. Hope you are growing stronger each and every day. Sending love and prayers for good news regarding your testing. Positivity is powerful, hang in dear <3 redd :)
  10. Donald Sutherland in ANYTHING. You hate him when he's bad; you love him when he's good. One of my all-time favorite actors, period.Cheryl
  11. Dear Dar, Catching up, just noticed I missed your birthday. Please accept this belated greeting in honor of your special day. Best wishes for happiness, health, good fortune and great music in the coming year! Sincerely, redd :)
  12. Hello Duane, Happy birthday to my 'fellow Virgo'! Hope the coming year is filled with music, love and laughter... Best wishes, redd :)
  13. Great insight, Batman, I agree! It IS hard to "Imagine" Beatles' music without the great designs of their album covers. That is just one of the things I miss about the CD replacing vinyl, not to mention how just owning a digital file of the music seems to satisfy. Also loved the lyrics and photos on the album's inner sleeve. Could hardly wait to tear off the shrink wrap to see.... Aaah, feeling pretty nostalgic now...... redd :)
  14. Hello all, Thanx so much for your kind words and bday wishes. It means a lot! Tho I'm not a 'quote person' per se - I'd like to share this one with you. Seems very fitting.... "There is no distance too far between friends, for friendship gives wings to the heart" by: Kathy Kay Benudiz Sincerely, redd :)
  15. Dear Teresa, Still trying to get 'caught up' with the many posts I've missed. I'm so very sorry to hear of your troubles. Please add my love & prayers to the list of good wishes being sent to you <3 Sincerely, redd
  16. Thx my dear c-girl for the kind sentiments Am feeling hopeful this WILL be a "Brand New Year" for me...... One of the greatest gifts is the gift of friendship - which you have shown time and time again <3 With much luv and appreciation, redd :)
  17. Right there with ya, dear c-girl! Sometimes the less said, the better. After all, "Love is All That Matters" <3 redd :)
  18. Greetings Tammy, Welcome to a super fab community. We are all linked by our love of music, right? Especially EC music, that is Looking forward to reading your posts... Sincerely, redd
  19. C - stands for Charismatic A - Adored R - Respected M - Multi talented E - Enigmatic N - Number #1 BEST WISHES ERIC! We love you <3 redd :)
  20. Hello dear Marlene, Best bday wishes to someone who is just as beautiful on the 'inside' as well as the 'outside' <3 May all you hope and dream for come true. We love ya! redd :)
  21. Dear friend Larisa, Thank you for sharing your creative imagination (not to mention hard work) that went into making this video greeting. It is so beautiful, not to mention quite personalized. It is just as thrilling as I remember the 'sneak peek' to be! I'm looking forward to watching this again and again. Your tech skills are 1st rate - not to mention everything you do comes from the heart <3 C-girl and I are honored to be a part of this. I thought it was hard to top your 'Sunrise' video...... With love and appreciation, redd :)
  22. Dear Muzza & Kiwi, So glad to share in your good news! Thank you for the post. God Bless - redd :)
  23. O.K. Dear C-girl, you are right. We ARE off topic, but please don't call Lew a goat anymore or pull on his tail HAHAHA Just kidding. Thx for telling me the 'goat' bit was from Jimmy Fallon! redd <3
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