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  1. Great news, Teresa (thx dear birdy) ! I'm sure you are quite happy to be back home. Will continue sending prayers & healing thoughts.... Sincerely, redd
  2. Hello dear CA - Wishing you a happy (almost belated)! birthday <3 I hope all you wish for comes true! Sincerely, redd :)
  3. My dearest L, Sending positive thoughts and prayers. I am confident your father's surgery will be successful and you will be feeling better very soon. You know I am here for you, dear friend <3 With much love, redd
  4. Happy birthday Barb! May all you wish and hope for come true.... Sincerely, redd :)
  5. Happy birthday, Nancy! Best wishes for many happy returns.... redd :)
  6. Dear c-girl, Awww, what a sweet post re: "Power Pop" That's a terrific question about Marv's "R's Reflections". I thoroughly enjoyed reading it! Do remember talk of it being donated to the HOF.... redd
  7. Hello Nancy, I'm sorry I 'jumped the gun' in posting this rather crass statement - a case of misinterpretation. I was not active on ec.com for a few months while dealing with a family crisis. I missed lots of topics and posts, etc during that time frame. I was referring to a Raspberries Reunion when I said "it may never happen". Upon rereading the thread, I saw the topic was about E performing with the Kentucky Symphony. I know you are a strong believer in 'positivity' soooo - who really knows what the future may hold?! Sorry for any confusion - redd
  8. GREAT posts y'all ! Wish I had a story to add, but alas I could only be a 'Berries/Ec' fan from afar. Sigh...... I remember Raspberries were to play at an arena in Baltimore (Md) I was just wild with excitement and anticipation! Being i was only 12 or 13 years old at the time, my Mom put her foot down firmly and said "no way"! I tried everything under the sun to change her mind and allow us to go. Nothing worked, I still remember being dejected and depressed for weeks. Turns out, Mom knew best! The big, bad city was no place for two small-town kids on their own. I think the arena was in a particularly 'questionable' area, too. My sincere apology to those of you that had to endure this story yet one more time!! redd :)
  9. Hey Nancy! Geez, by no means do I wish to burst your bubble - but there is a real chance this tour might never happen. We may just have to 'worship and listen' from afar...lol I KNOW you are a firm believer in positive vibes, thoughts etc - so, then again there is always hope, right?! Hope you are doing A-OK and are able to relax in your downtime from the new job. redd
  10. Geez Ira, What a sweet & unique birthday greeting! I didn't really think that was you in the video, am sure you are even more talented With much appreciation, redd :)
  11. Ira & susie b, Stud muffin? Stud "bran" muffin? susie b, just one of Ira's "baker's dozen?!! HAHAHAHA, nearly split my side laughing!!! redd :)
  12. Dear TUNEster, Thanks so much for your heartfelt birthday greeting!?! Sincerely, redd. (NOT dead)
  13. Ummmm, Nancy - we should specify 'grilled chicken' perhaps? Ira, hope you aren't appalled by the twist of comments on your topic - but we ARE having fun with this! redd :)
  14. Haha, Nancy The 'key phrase' is "as my budget allows!! Yep, I like chicken in my salads - need to use less I guess & stretch it further redd :)
  15. Nancy & Cheryl, Well now, we are all on the same page, huh? Cheryl - 'the girl' is right, organic milk is a better, healthier version. I've tried soy milk, almond milk, etc a while back, was vegan for over a year. Remember my 1st grocery bill (of 'veganism') was triple of what I normally spent. Just back to eating mostly vegs, fish & seafood (as the budget allows)!! Some chicken, if it's on sale...hahaha! Nancy - geez, don't we sound jaded?!! The word 'affordable' was taken out of the dictionary years ago But, it's the truth, right?! Thx for your funny post, love ya too! redd :)
  16. This tryin' to live a little longer...is killin' me!!!
  17. Greetings, Claire Glad to have you aboard! Can guarantee you will enjoy... redd
  18. Hi susie! What a beautiful, kind post! Worded quite eloquently; a gentle reminder there are so many others less fortunate than we are. If you don't have/can't afford to share a LOT, every little bit helps. Our shelter does a Thanksgiving dinner each year - they only ask for help to defer the cost of ONE MEAL, something like $2.59 cents! So, a little can really mean a lot. Many thx.... redd
  19. Hi Theresa! Best wishes for a wonderful birthday - filled with music, love & laughter.... Sincerely, redd :)
  20. Replying to the above question: May I answer this, dear cayenne?! Tommy, As you probably know, Cayenne peppers are quite hot & spicy. That, along with a New Orleans background - just put it all together and voila..... That combination = a quite 'spicy' southern belle!! C-girl and I joined around the same time & became great friends. I've formed other relationships with some folks here I'm honored to know as well. We understand the posts/members have dropped in numbers since way back when. BUT the newbies are terrific, intelligent, fun loving people. We all share the common bond, the love of great music! Maybe ya ought to hang out a bit & see for yourself?! Sincerely, redd :)
  21. Hi Marvin! Best wishes for a wonderful bday filled with all of the things you love most.... redd :)
  22. Hope your special day was lovely in spite of your 'advancing age'! I try to celebrate the DAY & not the YEAR.. Sincerely, redd :)
  23. Dear c-girl, Thx for sharing more of your memorabilia - your selections are ALWAYS interesting, not to mention super-cool!! Love this.... Keep 'em coming, please?! redd :)
  24. Dearest c-girl, Awww, so sweet of you to include Daryl (Hall) - you KNOW I soooo love his voice Can we throw in Todd Rundgren for good measure?! GREAT, GREAT topic Susie, thank you! redd
  25. Welcome Susie! I stumbled across this website in June of 2013, it certainly was my lucky day! Have always loved Raspberries since waaay back when and have loved following Eric's brilliant career. You will enjoy, that's a promise... There are several terrific topics and posts by very intelligent members. Sometimes we hear from Eric, too! I've made some amazing friends here, some of which I wonder how I got by before without them. We all have that common bond, our love & appreciation of great music! Sincerely, redd
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