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  1. JAMES!

    HAHAHA, toooo funny !!! Who on earth sent in my app for 'harem maiden'??! Come on, you can tell me....AND birdy, too?! 'Divine Intervention', perhaps?

    Will wonders never cease !

    Carry on, harem master ---

    redd :)

    P.S. Is Lew a free man yet? Has ANYONE tried to rescue him? LOL...

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  2. Dear Mary Ellen, 


    All the girls chose her favorite animal to be. I am the chicken coops ravager  :D .


    Thank you all for taking part.

    LARISA !!!

    You are soooo funny HAHAHA :)

    You are the top fox - or "ravager" LOL

    Thx again for creating M.E.'s beautiful video card. Thx too, for sharing your techno chick talents....

    redd <3

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  3. Greetings, Kelly!

    Thanks for sharing your memories of Eric/Raspberries. I can identify! When I heard GATW for the 1st time, I was just a teenybopper & was immediately HOOKED <3

    Stumbling across this site was my lucky day...Looking forward to reading your posts!


    redd :)

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  4. I'm taking up a collection to bribe the cops to keep Lew in jail!

    Dear birdy,

    Tooooo funny! That gives a whole new meaning to 'bribes', right?!!

    No worries Lew, am sure your defense team has your back! Either that, or you can bribe someone to concoct an alibi.......

    redd :)

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  5. On 12/31/2014 at 9:19 AM, paperdoll82 said:

    The Girl: What's that supposed to mean?
    Me: [blank stare] What?
    The Girl: "Oh, hot damn, gotta catch us a ray."
    Me: [falls over laughing]

    HAHAHAHA - Thx, dear Cheryl - You KNOW how much I enjoy your dialogue with 'the girl' !!!

    Happy New Year,


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  6. Last New Year's Eve, I joined EC.com, so today is my first anniversary!The timing was perfect."Brand New Year" will always hold a special meaning for me, not only to mark the calendar year, but also to celebrate the friendships I have here.

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, dear birdy! The day you became a member of ec.com was OUR lucky day <3 Love ya, dear girl..…

    Happy New Year and 'all that jazz' to everyone !!!


    redd :)

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  7. Hey, hey Donzi!

    Hope your birthday is "super-cool", just like you! May all you wish for come true. I hope the year ahead is filled with a multitude of blessings - like music, love & laughter....

    redd :)

    P.S....maybe you'll be lucky enough to find some BOSTON concert tickets in your Christmas Stocking?!

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  8. Hi Kirk,

    Me too, me too :) Happy birthday to you!! May all your bday wishes come true! (hey, I kinda got a 'rhyme thing' goin' on here) Guess that's MY bday song to you...Haha!

    Please keep posting videos, we love them - especially the obscure, funny ones that only you can find....I STILL watch the 'Piano Van' videos on occasion! They are some of Mary Ellen's favorites! She commented before that the Piano Man/Piano Van "completes her"!


    redd :)

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  9. Beautiful sentiments everyone!

    I am thankful for many, many things - but in general: life, love, friendship and (last but not least) music!

    Want to mention I'm also thankful for ec.com and the terrific members here!

    Every year I am grateful for my life and loves, including my son, music, and to have lived through the 60s.This year I am thankful to have a friend like you...someone I could tell about my dream last week of kissing Bill Murray while riding on a ferris wheel... and thankful for my brother from another mother, Ira.Also always thankful for the opportunities to help special people who give so much meaning to my life. < XO Y'All

    Dearest c-girl,

    Safe to say we can all be thankful for YOU! Your funny, intelligent posts keep us laughing and entertained. Simply put - I am very thankful for your friendship and support, especially throughout this past year. You are simply A-MAZING!!!!!! <3

    redd :)

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  10. Hello all!

    It's that time of year for 'attitudes of gratitude'. Wishing everyone at ec.com a very Happy Thanksgiving! Even though the road we travel may have many twists and turns, we are incredibly blessed. My sentiments go out to anyone that has lost a family member this past year, I know the '1st round' of holidays I celebrate will be especially bittersweet.

    Anyone care to note what you are most grateful for this Thanksgiving season?


    redd <3

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