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  1. Hello to James! Hello canadianchick (: Many thx for your replies. Am kind of a web novice, taking me a bit of time to navigate the website, but this will make the effort SO worthwhile. Just updated my profile today. My very 1st post was a reply regarding the Essentials album (ha, am showing my agents) was THRILLED to read Eric's most recent post. Have a whole new appreciation for modern technology. Hope to be here a lot, so terrific to hear from you! Hello dear Bernie & thx for your greeting & "stocking the fridge"!! Hope everyone enjoys your weekend...
  2. Just ordered this album (OK, this CD) from Amazon, wish I would have overnighted it. Hurry up July 17!!!
  3. Greetings from Gina in Pa! Just rediscovered my love for all things Raspberry/Eric Carmen. Luvin' this website & am looking forward to a long relationship. Thx to Bernie & all of you that share the universal love of music. Rock on...
  4. Eric Excellent, informative post, can only imagine how excited you must be! So am I! As well as your faithful fans from the Raspberries era AND the new fans that have yet to discover you. I know your musical genius is too great not to expand to a younger following, but please remember we have loved you 1st! Sony is right on the $$$ WOW.... Love ya dreamboat now & forever! Gina from Pa.
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