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  1. Haha GMan, I like the musical play-on-words I agree with the previous posts & love the familiar Beatlesque sound of this song. Have always had a lot of respect & admiration for Paul, he can do no wrong by me. What an amazing career he has had & is continuing to have! Rock on, Paul..
  2. Again Ashley, your musical knowledge just blows me away..... I also associate the 2 songs you mentioned when Linda Ronstadt comes to mind - always liked Different Drum, easy to relate to that & Poor, Poor, Pitiful Me I remember as well. Bet your family loved hearing you sing PPPM at the top of your lungs! You are so right, the biggest compliment you can give an artist is how we associate their music with events in our lives. Can remember some dark days when only listening to my favorite songs could see me through. Where oh where would we be without music in our daily lives?!! Would indeed be a sorry existence. Don't mean to be so melodramatic! Luv your post as always :)
  3. Billy, If any of that concert footage shows on YouTube etc, please let us know!! THX
  4. Billy K, Many thx for your description of the Bryson Group concert, you are so fortunate to have been there! I've always known Wally was a monumental musical genius & it sounds like it was a terrific show. So very cool Dave Smalley was in the audience. Also, they didn't rehearse together previous to the show? Just more proof of the professional talent assembled there. Alas, my heart belongs to Eric, but have always loved & appreciated Wally as well. P.S. Love that someone remembered the song "Manchester England" from the Hair soundtrack! I practically wore the grooves down on that record from playing it so much. Thank goodness my Mom didn't know the lyrics or song content....
  5. My friend Ashley, you are amazing! Your quest for musical knowledge is unparalleled. I really admire your total appreciation & love of music. I hope & pray one day you will work in the music industry in some capacity. As you mentioned, now with the internet there are more opportunities out there. Hey fellow music fans, any ideas/suggestions to point our friend in the right direction?!!
  6. Wow, Ashley! Great find Of course being older than you, I know & remember each of those songs. What a weird coincidence with both EC & Jennifer Warnes having songs on that album. Know how happy that made you, being the great music lover that you are
  7. Hello ladies, right on the $$ as usual. Ashley, you are always a wealth of music info! I watch the show on occasion, esp if there are guests I really like. Had no knowledge of Eddie Trunk being a Raspberries fan, tho Very cool... M.E. I always luv your posts & that we share the same love/admiration for Raspberries & E.C. :)
  8. Huge thx to Ashley & Cayennegirl as well, that we can share our love of music as well as the great gift of friendship! <3 <3
  9. Being a new member, was so pleased with the warm welcome I received. I really enjoy "conversating" with other loyal fans. Have even made a few good friends that I feel as if we have known each other forever! Reconnecting with my love of Raspberries/EC and trying to get up to speed in a hurry. Want to say a HUGE thank you to Linda M, for her kindness. She allowed me to purchase the MARATHON MAN book (with 2 other Berry books as well) for a terrific price. She wanted to be sure they went to a good home where they would be loved! Just one example how the love of music can bring people together <3 Thanks again dear Linda Gina (from Pa)
  10. Awww, thank you Tim Am finding out this is a great site w/friendly music fans. So glad to be here!! How fortunate that we get to enjoy posts from EC himself....super cool!
  11. GREAT story, James! I'm certainly glad you saved Stevie that embarrassment. Haha Wow, to be a female rock star...guys willing to risk life & limb to get close to you...glad you came through the concert unscathed! Gina (from Pa)
  12. Lovin' this!!! Wish I would have been there. Will watch again & again & again... Made my day, thx Gina (in Pa)
  13. Much appreciation from your "namesake" in Pa! LOVED each & every video, especially those new to me. Wondering if you grew up near Cleveland? Learning more about the cities history, not to mention the great Agora Ballroom. Would give my right arm to have been at those concerts! You lucky, lucky Cleves.... Many thx from Pa. Gina :)
  14. Dear M.E You ALWAYS add a special "spark" to the Community & have a wealth of information to share Now I KNOW I can't wait to read the Raspberries book by Ken. Handwritten letters, you say??!! Am positively swooning Haha. Thx as always for sharing... Lots of luv from G in Pa.
  15. Gee Craig, you are signin' my song Guess that's why i love to hear new fans of any age discover Raspberries music, too! Now THAT'S music to my ears. Tho Raspberries are no more we still have new releases coming soon from Eric <3 Sigh, life is good... Gina from Pa.
  16. Greetings Donzi! So glad to hear from you Am rediscovering my love for all Raspberries/EC music. This is a super cool website & it's fun to meet new members that share our musical interests. Wow, I haven't heard ANY Raspberries music on our local classic rock station, might email them & ask why??! Never have on my XM classic rock stations either. That's why my favorite Pandora station I created is the "Raspberries station" & I listen to that almost every weekday while getting ready for work. They do have a good collection of songs, even heard a song from Live on Sunset Strip today! Makes me smile to start my day that way (created an Eric Carmen station but deleted it, the song selection was so poor. How can THAT be)?? Welcome aboard, we look forward to your future posts. Gina (from Pa)
  17. Hello Gina in Ohio, from Gina in Pa! Am just "itching" to watch these videos, but am working all day. Very excited to check them out, so I thank you in advance :) Enjoy your weekend!
  18. Greetings Ashley, welcome aboard! Loved your post, that is super cool you have become a EC/Raspberries fan in reverse! What a great discovery, huh? Have loved Eric since way back when....and am rediscovering that love & appreciation thx to this website. Please check out his video "I Can Remember" that song is pure creative genius, kinda like a mini rock opera. Still gives me chills every time I watch it.
  19. Hello dear Eric My wish is that you are granted everything your heart & soul desire <3 May you receive tenfold the happiness your music has given me! E - is for your Extraordinary voice R - your Remarkable success I - Innovative music C - Creative genius Wishing you a happy & healthy year my dear... With love & appreciation, Gina (from Pa)
  20. Thanks Marlene, for being so welcoming Hope you are enjoying your weekend! Gina from Pa.
  21. Happy, happy bday Wally Best wishes for many happy returns.... ROCK ON!!!! <3
  22. Hello dear M.E. Know this topic was meant as a question for Eric, but wanted to thank you for your post. I'm an avid reader as well & have been looking for suggestions to broaden my horizon. Did a bit of research on the 3 books you mentioned & they sound fascinating Which book do you recommend I read 1st? Was a wee baby when the JFK assassination went down, had no idea the depth of the controversy. What a tangled web we weave....Gina from Pa.
  23. Hello all! Yesterday's post must have brought luck, was thrilled to find the Sunset Strip CD in my mailbox. Never had the pleasure of seeing the Raspberries live so this is super cool Have listened to it repeatedly, mostly while driving. Had to get a bit used to the slightly slower, more relaxed version of the songs. Seems the original recordings had that quick paced almost frantic sound, that I grew up loving. Am proud to be loyal to this band & am looking forward to collecting all EC & Berry CDs. Still fondly remember rockin' out to their music on vinyl as a teenybopper...
  24. redd


    No wonder dogs are "man's best friend" Alas, I am an apartment dweller living w/a strict no pets policy. Thx for the photos James, Cato seems to be everyones BFF....
  25. Hello to James! Hello canadianchick (: Many thx for your replies. Am kind of a web novice, taking me a bit of time to navigate the website, but this will make the effort SO worthwhile. Just updated my profile today. My very 1st post was a reply regarding the Essentials album (ha, am showing my agents) was THRILLED to read Eric's most recent post. Have a whole new appreciation for modern technology. Hope to be here a lot, so terrific to hear from you! Hello dear Bernie & thx for your greeting & "stocking the fridge"!! Hope everyone enjoys your weekend...
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