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  1. Hey Tom, Me too! Made me wish I'd followed BBad from the beginning. What a super cool song to end this powerful series. redd
  2. Hello Ira, We have a great library in our small town, plus they have an inter- library system set up, so members can borrow books from multiple other libraries as well! All at no charge, usually what you request is couriered to your library within a few days. Never be ashamed or apologize for enjoying the written world 'old school' instead of electronically. Harry Nilsson seems to have lead a very colorful' life, which I'm sure will make for interesting reading. redd P.S. Hopefully I will be able to find this book at my library! Haha
  3. Hello Donna L. Wishing you a happy, happy birthday filled with love & music! Hope all your dreams come true redd <3
  4. Hey James, Great post, I completely agree. "Crusin' Music" is an underrated song, always lifts my spirit & inspires a fun, carefree attitude. "Overnight Sensation" was overlooked & unappreciated as a powerful, brilliant song like no other. Just as you said it had all the great qualities needed to be an outstanding tune! redd
  5. Dearest Cgirl, You've been holding out on me! Don't you know how much I love Daryl Hall (and John Oates too)? He is def in my top 10 favorites, right up there with EC <3 Sending you a multitude of gratitude for posting that pic in the gallery redd
  6. Thx, Mike! Was a good week overall Hopefully with another year older comes another year wiser! redd
  7. Wow guys, kudos to all for the info on Fountains of Wayne, esp the blog & links - really love trolling YouTube for their music & videos. Just started searching, but my favorite song so far is called 'Better Day' (?) Love their sound, have a lot of time to make up for missing them earlier. Many, many thx redd
  8. OH BERNIE, You are so right! Am familiar with the music, just not the musicians behind it! Haha, the jokes on me Many thx for enlightening me, that's just one reason you are our musical mentor. redd
  9. Awwww, thank you Donna! Appreciate the offer All these kind sentiments make turning another year older not quite so bad! redd
  10. Hey James! Double, triple, quadruple ditto!! Bernie, you are the man! We absolutely are thankful for all your hard work. With appreciation always, redd
  11. Happy happy birthday Blu, many happy returns are wished for you redd
  12. Dear Angloberry, Very interesting post! Greatly enjoyed the article by Chris, although I'm not too familiar with Fountains of Wayne. Must have missed the boat on that band somehow. Listened to the podcast of Amity Gardens & really liked the song as well as the story behind the lyrics. Plan on checking out more of their music! Thx redd
  13. Dear Nancy, Cayennegirl, Canadianchick & Ashley C. Many, many thanks for your kind & thoughtful birthday wishes. Have only been a member for a short time but it already feels like home! Makes turning yet another year older not-so-bad Also many thx to Larisa in Ukraine <3
  14. Cgirl, my heroine as always! Thx for tuning me in to Swanson's listing on the Classic Rock site. I love the R's song Ecstasy, but personally love the tune Tonight even more. Have always felt not one of the R's songs have charted anywhere NEAR where they should have. Never understood why, even as a teenybopper! I could hardly WAIT until their albums were released. Really stinks to high heaven that the band has never received the acclaim they were due, except from their loyal rock & roll luvin' fans. Hey guys, that's us! Proud to be counted in that discriminating group still keeping the love of their music alive!!
  15. Kiwi, You must take care of yourself, too. Hopefully he will understand that Dr's orders are to be followed, not taken lightly. Wishing you both well Please keep us posted
  16. Hello dear Kiwi, Can't know the full scope of how you must be feeling, but know I will add you & your loved ones to my prayer list for healing. My usually healthy beloved Mother is having a multitude of health issues just in the past month so may we ask for your prayers as well? Sending love & positive thoughts your way, from Pa. to New Zealand <3 from redd
  17. Wow LC, maybe the Comcast '70's channel could be renamed LC Comcast?! I never paid much attention to the era (70's 80's) channels assuming they would play the same ol', same old songs but I was wrong. I love just about each & every song you mentioned, but hearing Raspberries music would be icing on the cake. I usually listen to Comcast music while I'm doing mundane tasks like balancing the checkbook or housecleaning etc, so will def give the 70's a try! Takes the sting out of their service rates a bit. Thx for the heads up!
  18. Hello Larisa, I love your description of music as having a secret, irresistible power over us! I know exactly what you mean. There have been times in my life where music has lifted my spirits and pulled me through. Again, there have been times I relate to music and recall an especially happy memory or experience. To love and appreciate music gives so much meaning to our lives! Don't think any of us will argue with that... redd
  19. Hello Larisa, What a beautiful & heartfelt post! Also a great reply from cayennegirl as well. So nice to hear from you. Am sure Eric is feelin' the love all the way from Ukraine to the USA (by way of New Orleans of course) Gina
  20. Hey Kirk, Yeah, clunker was a bit harsh, will accept 'filller' as a better description Thx... When I said Paul can do no wrong, I really meant he could never lose my respect or admiration as a fan. I imagine several singers/songwriters are guilty of filler now & again. You're right, we are spoiled by the quality of EC's material. Being the ultimate professional, he will never compromise the integrity of his music.
  21. The more votes for Jim the better, Nancy. I realize there is a lot of talented competition, but wouldn't that just be FAB if Jim would win!?!! The thought of that is very exciting, not to mention well deserved. P.S. I think you meant *GO* all the way! :)
  22. Great idea, Nancy! Was wondering how to vote multiple times for Jim, I will follow your lead. Thx for the tip :)
  23. Dear (spicy) cayennegirl - Great minds like ours think alike How amazing would that be to have a new song or two on the CD, maybe even a PROMO TOUR!! I know, I know....the very thought has your heart fluttering
  24. Ira - I agree about the white flour hamburger & hotdog rolls being tasteless BUT hate to tell you those MARTIN'S potato rolls are not much better! Yeah, they may have a bit more flavor, but I think they are as terrible health wise as the pasty, white flour variety. Sorry to rain on your barbeque They say whole grain is where it's at... Hahaha It's OK, Martin's Potato rolls sell like crazy in our area, I think the bakery is only a few miles away.
  25. Happy belated birthday Darlene! May you have a year filled with happiness, good health & the warmth of friendship. Love your FRESH Berry avatar Sincerely, redd Sending you bday greetings reminded me I overlooked my cousin's birthday (same day as yours) Better late than not all all....
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