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  1. O Hi Mike, Thx for your post, loved reading about the Top 10 oddest licensed Beatles merchandise. What a collection of items If I had to choose my favorite, guess I'd say the Ringo bubble bath. The rest of the stuff was really far-out. Wonder about the sales of these 'Top 10'... Thx for making my day! redd
  2. Dear Pat & James, Totally loved your posts So cool to hear other people saying they same thing that I always felt - it's just a special thrill to hear 'Berries/EC music being played at random on the radio! As Pat said, it kinda takes you by suprise, then you get a huge smile on your face & CRANK IT UP! Usually I like to "share" with cars in the lane next to me, so I crack my car windows a bit & let everyone know what amazing, timeless rock music REALLY sounds like.... P.S. James, bet it's even fewer & far between times when you hear these songs on the radio in Panama! redd
  3. Hey Donzi Really, really like this song, thx for posting. Long live the music of Boston..... redd
  4. Brian, Just accessed the website, saw how to donate. Thx
  5. Hello Brian, Thanks for sharing this news about Sonny. Am saddened to hear of all he has been through. I remember always "borrowing" my older cousin's Climax album. Played it over & over again.... Couldn't view the list presently, but am sure the benefit concert will be amazing! Is there a site/address where we can send donations? Many thx, redd
  6. Happy BDay Marvin! Wishing you all the happiness your heart can hold. Hope all your birthday wishes come true! Enjoy redd
  7. Hi Kirk, Know just what you mean, being so excited to go to an actual record shop to buy the new 'Berries & othet fav new releases. Loved albums but still thought 45's were groovy. Our record shop was called B&B Platter Palace. Loved to pick up the Top 40 sheets & get feedback from the shop's owner on what records he thought should be at the top of the charts. Remember he treated me like an adult even though I was just a young kid. Now so much has changed with the way we listen to, preview & purchase music. Never would have dreamed back then of YouTube, music websites, satellite radio and internet radio where you can even create your own stations! Amazing, fascinating strides, but I'll ALWAYS remember the anticipation of every trip to that record store. redd
  8. Hey James, As always you are a wealth of information. Never knew about the lack of airplay in Columbus. My brother in law grew up in Columbus & still resides there. He's a pretty knowledgeable guy, may ask him if he can shed any light on this. P.S. You are right James, great post by EC, very interesting indeed! redd
  9. Wonderful and sweet Eric, Ditto to cgirl's post! Couldn't have said it better myself! Am proud to have helped you 'earn' that $39.00 from my Eric Carmen station on Pandora. Am sure you will spend those royalties wisely (how ironic) Seriously, there is a lot of EC/Berries love on the airwaves and that is music to my ears! Always, redd P.S.Cayennegirl, just a little play on words with my greeting, thought you'd get a kick out of it! <3 redd
  10. Wishing my dear Linda M a very, very happy bday! Only 67 years young May the kindness you have shown be returned to you tenfold <3 Your friend in Pa. redd (Gina)
  11. Belated happy birthday wishes! Hope you enjoyed your special day redd
  12. Happy birthday Robyn Hope you had a lovely day filled with the things you love most redd
  13. Happy bday Tommy, Hope all your birthday wishes come true! Though I'm not familiar with many recent posts from you, you've been around this site for a loooong time- and that's good enough for me redd
  14. Hey Donzi, Where have ya been??! No posts lately, then you come out of the woodwork with this great news about new music from Boston. All is forgiven though, since I wasn't aware.... Happy bday in advance. Many thx, redd
  15. Dear dianed, You certainly HAVE been on a rollercoastet ride in life's 'amusement park'-getting nauseous with no Dramamine in sight! You sound like a very strong person & that determination will carry you through. It's so absurd that a skilled person cannot find employment after being in the workforce for years. When life's burdens seem to be a heavy load, I've always turned to music to carry me through. It's won't be of any help with employment, but it will brighten your outlook & feed your soul. Keep your chin up & I'm hoping there is a great job waiting for you just around the corner (not implying the STREET corner)!! Wishing you the best! redd
  16. Sorry Kirk, a slip of the tongue. After I posted, I wondered if I was mistaken. Sorry James, I'd rather think of Kirk as perhaps 'musically inspired' rather than devious. redd
  17. Love this new song, think I may want to buy the album (CD) Cannot believe he is 74!! Keep rockin' Ian We luv ya redd
  18. Dear Pat, That's so cool, both Dave AND Scott are involved in the Del Shannon tribute album! (Oh pardon me,I meant CD) Many thx for the snippets, too & the updated info. You are so right Bernie, Dave's voice sounds GREAT! redd
  19. Hello Marvin, Being a newer member, I've only recently heard of 'Reflections'. Marvin, you are my hero <3 Many thanks from your new fan, redd
  20. Awwww, my dear friend M.E. I wholeheartedly agree! Life will have certain people cross paths with one and other, often for a particular reason. I'd like to think we have that kind of friendship! It was just meant to be <3 It's been a lot of fun connecting with people that share the love of music. We also have love & respect for the 'Berries & EC, which is a great foundation for friendship. I'm also lucky to have made 2 other EC friends, we share much in common; my loooong distance friend Larisa P (from Ukraine) as well as Ashley C. Last but not least thx to the man that makes it possible, Bernie Hogya! With love & appreciation, Gina (redd)
  21. James, I love the posts regarding this new topic! From the comments regarding technology, I feel a bit like you. I agree it's phenomenal we can communicate worldwide in the blink of an eye. Then again, I feel that propels us to speed up our lives since things move & change so fast. My 1st real thrill was when I was younger, receiving & replying to e-mails from a friend backpacking thru Europe. Of course I had to access the library computer since we didn't have one at home so I could keep updated on his travels. Now today, we can Google any topic & find so many cool music videos on YouTube it's hard to believe. Facebook has a tremendous membership. Keeping those things in mind, guess I'll score one for the internet as well. As for other tech, I am somewhat annoyed that people (esp kids) think their cellphones are an extension of their arm & have to be connected 24/7. But that's another story..... Kirk, I completely agree how amazingly cool it is to have a website in honor of our favorite music heroes! Not to mention the fact our EC personally posts on the site! All joking aside, that really gives me a special feeling We are honored to be part of this! You are so right, what did we have years ago? How I cried my eyes out when my Mom said I was too young to go to a Raspberries concert in the badass city of Baltimore. I was inconsolable for weeks! All I had were the records to play & the album covers to drool over. Then I decided I'd leave this small town & move to LA to be a record company secretary so I could as least be close to my idols. Needless to say my dream never was fulfilled & tho I went to many concerts thru the years never had the pleasure of meeting anyone famous. You were so lucky to live on the west coast! Major props to you & your wife for creatively getting backstage at the Roxy! That was just a venue I read about in my teen magazines. Many of us think you BOTH are rockstars for your intelligent & amusing posts. We love your dedication to the music world & this website. Thx guys!!!
  22. Hello dear Kiwi, Haven't heard much of an update from you lately. Still sending positive thoughts & prayers to you & Muzza. Hope you are BOTH feeling better redd (Gina)
  23. Dearest Cgirl, Regarding your previous post: As always, you are/have a treasure trove of information!! Wish I was as well read (redd) as you...hahaha. With thx & admiration as aiways, From you fan. redd
  24. Hello Mike, Sending my thx to you (esp) for asking about the photo of Eric w/Hall & Oates. That prompted my dear friend Mary Ellen to search for the photo & post it in the gallery, which I was THRILLED to see! My three favorites together, smiling & looking super cool <3 Sometimes it's the little things that make us so happy! Reaching out again to see if anyone knows where/when this pic was taken? I just guessed the Agora Ballroom... Many thx. Gina (redd)
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