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  1. Wishing you all the love and happiness your 🎶 music 🎼 has given to your fans! Many happy returns, Eric
  2. redd


    Happy Birthday to a true shining star! Thank you for sharing the 🎶 gift of your music. Wishing you happiness, good health & a heart ❤ full of joy.... Sincerely, redd
  3. Why, thank you... it's been awhile! Nice to see the site up & running again
  4. Love Billie Joe, he can do no wrong! Great Tommy James cover & a super cool video, too. Great find, thx
  5. Eric - Hope your birthday was filled with many happy memories ❤🎂🌞 Best wishes, peace & love... redd
  6. Thank you for the cupcakes and kind wishes, susie! Happy belated birthday TO YOU, as well, my fellow Virgo 🎁
  7. Hi Tammy 🌞 Thank you for my "birthday cake" and the other nice (emoji) wishes! You are so thoughtful, thank you! 💙 🎼 ❤
  8. My dear Mary Ellen, Thank you for your kind words and sincere thoughts 🤗 You are an amazing person, as well as a great friend! I'm thankful our paths in life have intersected ♫ 🎵 ♬ "Fireworks" for my birthday?! Love, love, love it!!!!
  9. Hey G! Another year older & wiser, I'm sure Hope your day is filled with all of the things you love the most... Best wishes always, G.
  10. Thinking of you on your special day, dear L... .
  11. Not another birthday ?! Congrats, lovely Birdy Wishing you the BEST, today & always - you soooo deserve it !! ?
  12. Happy belated birthday, GirlFan! Hope you enjoyed your special day ? Best wishes for 2017...
  13. Happy birthday to my dear friend... who truly has a heart of gold ? You are a lovely person on the INside as well as the OUTside ? I know 2017 will be a GREAT year for you! Sending positive vibes and heartfelt wishes in your direction!!
  14. Dear Larisa, You are such a LOYAL fan that never forgets our musical heroes. I know Jimi is one of your favorites.... GREAT photos, BTW! With love and appreciation...
  15. Hi friend :)

    Just discovered I can access and post thru the Library computer (guess my phone is just too old:)

    Too busy on Indeed, tho!

    Your #1 fan,


  16. [quote name="CAcater" post="462102" timestamp HAVE A HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!! Remember, Jesus is the reason for the season!!! AMEN... Couldn't have said it better myself ! Wishing you & yours a blessed Easter season..... Happy Spring ! redd :)
  17. Yes, that's kind of funny to think about M.E. 'leading the stampede' but just gotta call it as I see it She is a woman of great determination, for sure <3 We must be content with just trailing in her dust ! I'm A-OK with that...LOL !!! redd
  18. Hello hossy ! Best wishes for a beautiful birthday... Sincerely, redd :)
  19. Haha ! Well said, fellow EC fans ! Must say tho, my money would be on Mary Ellen to 'lead the stampede' with the rest of us just trailing in her dust.... redd
  20. Hello Craig Wishing one of my favorite EC fans a Very Happy Birthday! Congrats on successfully making it thru another year...LOL Since your special day falls on a Saturday, you can celebrate all weekend long! Sincerely, redd :)
  21. Best wishes for a wonderful birthday - may all your dreams come true! Sincerely, redd :)
  22. Dear B-Man, Spoken like a true Super Hero !! redd :)
  23. My dear Cheryl ! I'm soooo sorry I missed your special day. Hope it was filled with as much happiness as your heart can hold ! Best wishes for a happy & healthy year ahead filled with love & music <3 Luv ya redd
  24. Hey James ! Happy belated (but sincere) birthday wishes ! Many happy returns redd
  25. Sending positive thoughts & prayers for you both, dear M.E. I will never forget how supportive you were during my Mother's illness & passing....Meant more than you may even realize ! We are here for you, please remember <3 Love love, redd
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