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  1. I did not realize there were so many artistic people here. After raising a family I decided to go back to school for graphic design, I even quit the job I had for 20+ years.
  2. I wasn't trying to take a potshot at anyone and I apologize if it sounded that way. I love my Raspberries regardless of any faults they may have and let's face it, they all have faults, as do each and every one of us. Personally, I think the accomplishments made by Wally with his work to help his fellow man are what he should be most proud of. That is my opinion and I don't care if anyone agrees or not, my opinion belongs to me. Having said that, my Raspberries would not be what they are without his contribution and Dave's, Jim's, Scott's, Mike's and Eric's. I really don't care who actually wrote what song. I really don't care if they did not write a song at all. None of those songs would be what it is without four of those men being a GROUP and all should be acknowledged as such. Eric however, used his God given talent to write that particular song. Maybe the fault should be placed on those that made the decision to not release any of the other's songs as singles, which is where I think the blame for this whole mess should be placed. But I stand by what I said in my previous post, it is time to flush the shit. and by the way, I too would like to know some details, Bernie
  3. Well said James, everybody who has ever worked, no matter what field they are in, has had to put up with the one co-worker that my mom always called 'the village idiot'. Well in Raspberry Village who would that be? I am sure that a group of guys, living together on the road, become like family. Add in raging testosterone and all hell will break lose at times; but you make up and get on with it. As a mother of three sons, I know a pissing match when I see one, but I also know my boys love each other and will always have the others' back which is what Wally should be doing now, not slamming his 'brother'. Just keeping it fair and non-sexist; my daughter was the worst one of the bunch, she did not and does not take crap from any of them, but she has their back.
  4. I have thought really hard about a response to this. I don't think Eric should waste the effort to pen a rebuttal. I personally think that Mr. Bryson has carried around his sh*t long enough and needs to flush it. It is my understanding that he worked with disabled people for his 'regular' guy career and to be truthful, helping others is rather noble and he should be proud of that accomplishment more so than fingering some guitar strings decades ago in some recording studio. It is really sad that this issue has caused so much hurt and anger because it just cannot be let go. I know he has caused hurt and anger with this interview but please don't let it get to you. If his dream was to accomplish what you have, he should have put more effort in to it. Sounds like he needs a big hug and a thump on the head.
  5. It depends on the compression rate of the mp3 file, the bigger the file, the better the sound. I always purchase the cd and then rip them myself so I know exactly what bit rate I am getting.
  6. Have a happy and wonderful birthday. Thanx for all you do.
  7. There is a raw sadness in his voice that is very hard to describe. It is from his heart obviously, but I think it is also coming from deep within his soul, he can make you cry. But like Redd said some songs are funny so he can make you laugh too. I recommend it.
  8. My mother would not let me buy it because it was "inappropriate" for a 14 year old girl so I had an older brother buy it for me and played it in the back bedroom upstairs so she would not know I had it. At the time I thought she was being ridiculous but I remember using a hammer on a cassette tape of my daughter's that was rather nasty.
  9. PSSSST James, Maybe Redd and Cayennegirl will not comment but where I'm from, paying to 'cozy up' can be illegal; depending on how you are 'cozying' of course.
  10. Sometimes a girl just has to say 'no'.
  11. There is nothing like family harmony, must be something in the genes being similar. Phil & Don were definitely a talented duo. Unfortunately we will lose a lot more as the years go by.
  12. For years we had locals who delivered the mail and they went above and beyond in most cases. I have to admit that I got spoiled, because they would always bring packages to your door before they walked the route (perks of a small town). The mailman we have now does not like to 'carry' 'irregular' items no matter how much they weigh.
  13. It was in today's mail, jammed into the box so that my husband could barely get it out without breaking it. It was packaged very well so no damage was done to the cd itself. I have the mailman from hell, he usually leaves a slip so that I have to go to the post office to get anything other than bills and junk mail. I guess they made him carry it and it pissed him off.
  14. I think mine is coming by mule train. It was supposed to be here today but didn't make it. (sob)
  15. The driving part is exactly what I was referring to Redd. As far as the drinking goes, I plan to stay home and play one tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor. Cayennegirl, think of me while you are brawlin'. And yes, Let the good times roll. Happy BNY!
  16. Wishing you all much happiness in 2014. Be careful while celebrating.
  17. Your last sentence sums it up for me. I listen to Raspberries everyday, and solo songs almost as much. I have to have my daily fix. My husband says no one can talk to me in the morning until I have had a smoke, a cup of coffee and a couple of Carmen tunes.
  18. I enjoy reading about your inspirations and processes of creating your music. My family has had struggles since 2005 when my husband was injured at work and finally, eight years later, (this past week) everything has been resolved with all the government entities that were bickering back and forth. For us it is a "Brand New Year". Kudos. xoxoxoxo
  19. I purchased it from Amazon as well. I am looking forward to listening to it.
  20. I am sure that this is a relief for you. I every full time job I have ever had started as part-time. Good work and attitude pay off. Merry Christmas and Happy (and prosperous) New Year.
  21. Thank you. The song is wonderful. It is great to hear the whole thing since I've heard the teaser a gazillion times! This will make the wait until March much easier to stand. Much love, Beth
  22. I can hardly wait for the whole song, this just makes me twitch and squirm more but now I am also smiling and throwing in a sigh here and there.
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