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  1. I know I haven't posted in ages but I am still around. Thank you for remembering me, it has been so long I was really surprised to see this post.
  2. That was exactly how I felt. But it was a response to a situation that I have yet to regret.
  3. I decided to go back to school to do something different. I can really relate to no more meetings and reports. I used to do accounting and I am now studying graphic design. I did not actually retire. I just got fed up one day and walked out in the middle of the afternoon. (I left my lunch sitting on my desk) Shows you how much I enjoyed that job.
  4. My point exactly, this is not the place.
  5. I haven't read one comment from those who follow the Jewish faith criticize or question the beliefs of their brethren. Christians are supposed to reflect all that is good and wonderful about Him, not criticize how each of us decides to celebrate that He rose from the dead or imply that one has not been taught the "correct" or "factual" truth. We are supposed to be brothers and sisters in the faith, we are His Church. Maybe we should learn the lessen that our Jewish brothers have shown.
  6. I wasn't going to like or comment to this thread in any way. I have been dismayed at some of the postings on this site in the not so distant past, especially responses to my own posts that were so far off from what I was trying to communicate, I am hesitant to express any personal opinions. Having said that, I am offended that she has lumped all of us, including Eric, into a "Let's Bash Wally Group' based upon what someone told her. I hate it when someone tries to tell me what I am feeling or thinking; since I am the only person living inside me, I think I should be allowed to decide. I have never met any of the people involved including Eric, so I come to my conclusions based upon what I have read about the situation not what someone has told me (and I have not found all of my information here). Mrs. Bryson's posting just reinforces the conclusions I have already come to. I guess I am a "fanatic fan" (Kay Bryson, paragraph two, sentence one), just call me Fanny for short.
  7. You are not alone, not one of my favorites either. As to the Benrie typo, don't you just hate it when your brain goes faster than your fingers? I do agree with Cayennegirl about having IWHIFYL on next release, that one I like alot.
  8. Happy birthday. Nice of you to allow all of us to be gifted on your special day. (two are here, waiting on the third, wanted to cover my bases after the Amazon cancel scare).
  9. You may have gotten it right, "soiled", reminds me of some parties I went to at Ohio State back in the '70's, everything was a little hazy.
  10. Well Bernie, I was going to post the same thing but you beat me to it so I'll add "go get'm tiger" instead. And Cayennegirl's "kiss my fluffy white tail" was pretty cute. Anyone else wanting to "slap" him upside the head, I volunteer to hold him for you.
  11. Do not feel like the Lone Ranger James, I don't have any of the I-Stuff either. Like you I am just not sold that I need it bad enough to warrant the expense. I like to see where youtube can take me as well. Love that history stuff. And Redd, I like the music too. My favorite is still my kindle, it goes to bed with me, I can read without it bothering the hubby and I don't wake up in the morning sitting in a chair.
  12. I don't hate the song, just reminds me of some people I would rather not remember. Let's just say it is my least favorite song that happens to be on my favorite album. Risque? Isn't that why we like them? ooo baby ooo baby.
  13. I don't like ATTN for personal reasons, it reminds of some not so great times. I dated a guitar player all through high school, married him, had kids with him and the entire time there was always some little whore (tramp is too nice a word) all over him because he was with the band. If I had not known where his true feelings and interest were I probably would have killed someone.
  14. I used to be the remote control.
  15. My mother always said that when the world ended I would have my nose in a book. I am an avid reader, so I think my favorite newfangled gadget would have to be my kindle. Mine is the stripped down version, reading material only but that is what I purchased it for, I can do the rest of the stuff on some other piece of electronics floating around my place.
  16. My youngest used to call birds sitting on wires in a straight line "bird church". He was around 3 yrs. old. As Art Linkletter used to say "Kids say the darnest things".
  17. Well I know that I have done my fair share in the past and with Amazon correcting the problem I will have three Essential CD's without leaving my house. For a group that put out four albums, I have a whole box full of Raspberries CD's and several copies of some of the solos as well. When moving several years ago, someone stole my albums out of the truck, every last one and I had a lot of them (not all Raspberries). I hope the jerk wad enjoyed them.
  18. ".............got my date home waaaay too late that night!" right, blame it on the concert. I will not tell you how I know better, but I know better.
  19. I re-ordered too and they confirmed.....but they did that the last time too.
  20. I learned a long long time ago that the best way to get along with people is to accept the fact that people all have their own ideas, opinions, taste etc. and those things should be accepted and respected. It is what makes us the individuals that we are. I have many tastes in music that I listen to (including country) and there are some that I'd rather have my teeth pulled without novocaine than have to listen to.
  21. Duane, I don't want to quote your whole post and I appreciate the fact that you gave a detailed explanation as to why you feel the way that you do, some are very valid points. Doesn't change my preference of the Raspberries music over the solo music (which I also love, just not as much) and that is okay. We all have those things that just tickle our fancies. I also like movie soundtracks, not the "Dirty Dancing" type but the Jurassic Park and Star Trek type, nothing better than driving down the road and people thinking the Enterprise is about to pass them by. I play my truck stereo LOUD.
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