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  1. Adolph Dupre was the founder of this resort back in 1932. It remained in the family until the summer of 2006 when the Dupre family sold it to Robert Nuttings. Seven Springs has always been known as a ski resort. During this past year, Robert Nuttings expanded the business and brought in a lot of quality bands (he is a big music fan). I don't know what else to say other than it just a gorgeous place to spend time there. Everything you need is there, rooms, restaurants, entertainment, and there is no charge for parking. Oh yeah, the Chocolatefest is coming in September!
  2. Rest in peace Dan Fogelberg. I will remember you everytime I hear my favorite song by you, Run for the Roses . This is the link to Dan Fogelberg's website Dan Fogelberg . Deborah
  3. Eric, After reading all of these great reviews about Friday's concert, I am asking you again to please consider playing either in Pittsburgh or Seven Springs this coming summer. Bon Jovi is playing at Mellon Arena in March and it is just about sold out. This is the second time in less than a year that Bon Jovi has come here. Seven Springs is also close to Jim's hometown of Windber. Sincerely, Deborah
  4. You are welcome! Maybe this article will inspire others! Deb
  5. Hey Luv, Just be happy you are going to see them live. It doesn't matter what they play. I am still hoping for EC to read my earlier thread for a Pittsburgh date. Deborah
  6. Marv, I just read this article about the new Eagles release, you may have seen this already Buffalo at Home . Awesome!!
  7. Beth, This is the link to the FAA Travel Site . This will give you all the information on what you can bring on board. This is the site I use. Have a good time, wish I could be there! Deborah
  8. Marv, They'd sell out Pittsburgh before they'd sell out Calgary! Hee hee hee.... Just teasing you. Seriously, though, it's only a 3- or 4-hour drive from Cleveland.... I know they'd get some travelers coming from all over Ohio to see 'em play. Not to mention western NY and western PA fans.... Yeah, I think Pittsburgh could work. Plus, the band wouldn't have to travel very far, except Dave. And maybe Ryko could do some old-fashioned, sidewalk-pounding publicity and marketing.... Besides, a Pittsburgh gig would give me an excuse to go see my old house. See, I spent my first three years of high school near Pittsburgh (Murraysville/Monroeville --- Franklin Regional HS), and I loved it. In fact, looking back, I wonder if it was Pittsburgh's close proximity to Cleveland that helped get "Go All the Way" and "I Wanna Be With You" in my ears all the time.... So, I'll second Deb's emotion, er, motion. Now that that's settled, Deb, which venue should host Raspberries? It's been a long time since I've set foot in Pittsburgh, so toss a venue or two out there..... We have some great venues. I will promote Seven Springs Resort again. They have both wonderful outdoor and indoor concert areas. Your room is right there, you do not have to drive to the concert area, you get a free buffet breakfast if you stay overnight, and the rooms are relatively inexpensive (less than $100 during the summer). More bang for your buck than in larger cities. There are also at least three or more restaurants located right there. They even have lots of entertainment for the kids if you would want to bring your family. I was there this past summer and it was just fantastic. Also Seven Springs does a lot of promotions for their concerts. I know this for a fact. If Seven Springs does not suit,then we do have Heinz Field, Post Gazette Pavilion, Mellon Arena, and a few more. These would be more expensive and you would also have to find a hotel nearby if you plan to stay overnight. Just a thought.
  9. If I were the Raspberries' booking agent, I would book them in Pittsburgh or at Seven Springs. They could play whatever they want! Deborah
  10. Seven Springs is a great place! This past summer Bob Nuttings purchased it, and he brought in a lot of bands. Everyone that I know that has been there had great things to say about Seven Springs. It is just a fabulous place! There is Grey Rocks Amphitheater for outdoor concerts and a concert hall indoors.
  11. One thing I forgot to mention. Everyone one of the concerts listed above were sold out! Other sold out shows I forgot to list were Kenny Chesney, Bon Jovi, (they are coming back to Pittsburgh in March). So why not come to Pittsburgh?
  12. Eric, Since you answered Sherberries plea for a LA concert, I am asking you for one in Pittsburgh or the surrounding area! I have been a fan of yours and the Berries for as long as I have been a Steeler fan. I never had the opportunity to see you or the Berries in a concert. When you had the 2004-05 reunion, I had not even heard of it until I became a member of the board. I think I may be the only member of this board who has never seen you perform live. I think you like it here in Pittsburgh or in the surrounding area during the summer. The weather is beautiful. It is like living in paradise. We have many great concert halls, just ask Huey, Hall & Oates, Nickelback, Chicago, Eric Burdon, Pat Methany, John Mellencamp, The Clarks, Donnie Iris. You get the hint.
  13. Hi LC....Yes, I will be rooting for the Pack tonight. I do hope they can go all the way to the Super Bowl! I think the Pack is the best team in the NFC. I met Joe Greene in my hometown (outside of Pittsburgh) during the NFL strike. I used to work across the street from the Holiday Inn. I just happen to glance out the window and there he was!! He was walking down the street on his way to the hotel. He stood there for the longest time talking with me like were old friends. He is an absolute gem! It was the thrill of a lifetime for me! and Happy birthday again to you! Deborah
  14. Thank you everyone for your warm wishes! LC, Some of my friends and I were just talking about this not too long ago. The perfect Super Bowl would be Packers/Steelers with a Steeler win! I have been a Steeler fan for many years and they have given me a lot of wonderful memories. My highlight was meeting Joe Greene! I have a tremendous amount of respect for Brett Favre, and I am happy he is having a great season. Thanks again everyone! Deborah
  15. Sorry, I have watched all of the shows, but my vote goes to Helio. He is soooooo cute, and wow...... can he dance!
  16. My Sweet Lord - George Harrison and to answer Marvin's question, yes, it was Duane Allman who played with Eric Clapton on Layla.
  17. Hey PA, That was an awesome concert!! I heard that Huey and the band had such a great time that they are hoping to play at Grey Rocks again. I can't wait. See ya at the game.
  18. Hi Steeler Chick, I read your post about Huey Lewis I too was at the Huey concert at Seven Springs. It was awesome!! I can't remember when I had sooooo much fun! See ya at Grey Rocks.
  19. Pittsburgh or State College is the place to be!! Just ask Nickelback and Kenny Chesney.
  20. Pittsburgh!!!!!! In fact, one of the best places to play is at Seven Springs Resort. It is located in the a serene atmosphere; It has an amphitheatre that has reserved seating and if you want to dance, a lawn area. The hotel is right there, there is no charge for parking and the neatest thing is that you just park your vehicle and walk to the concert area or take a shuttle. They also had meet and greets and you did not need to buy a sharpie! I went there earlier this year to see the Clarks, the Doobie Bros, and Huey Lewis & the News. The best part for me (other than the concert) was after the concert was over, I stayed at the hotel and Huey and his band stayed there too ! They even hung out the the people staying on their floor!! It was just awesome. Also , all of the bands that played there had sold out performances!! So why not give Seven Springs a chance. After all, Huey and his band came all the way from San Francisco!!
  21. LC, You probably know that I am not a big Al fan, but I have to commend him for bringing an awareness to the seriousness of this issue. This past spring, I took classes on international relations. We had to write a research paper on a topic of choice. I chose global warming/climate change. After doing a lot of research on this topic; I discovered just how serious this is. We were required to use credible sources, some of my sources were the WSJ, NY Times, UN website and this one on Climate change . You may already know about this website, but I wanted to share this with you and also how my outlook on global warming has changed. Deborah ps: I'll gladly take Al over HC anyday!
  22. Dave, Your pictures are beautiful, and you and Annie look so happy. I hope you have many happy years together!!! Deborah
  23. How about Steeler country? It's only a few hours from Cleveland. When was the last time Eric and/or the Raspberries played in PA?
  24. I can't believe that many of you are nitpicking about the music selections. It shouldn't matter what they play, just be happy that you are able to attend. I have never been to a Berries or Eric concert and sadly I won't be able to attend this one. I was really hoping that Eric and the Berries would give Grey Rocks a chance. It is only a three and a half to four hours from Cleveland and just an hour from outside of Pittsburgh. If they would play there, I would be there with bells on, right in front, and I be thrilled to hear anything they play.
  25. I agree that Burton Cummings has a great voice. I love These Eyes and No Time. Some more that I think have cool lead vocals are: Doesn't Remind Me and Original Fire by Audioslave. Chris Cornell is fantastic on these. and of course the ever classic...Pittsburgh Steelers Polka" by Jimmy Psihoulis.
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