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  1. Wow....I just found out today that 38 Special is playing at Grey Rocks in June! I can't wait so them!
  2. Ronald Reagan Bill O'Reilly Roy Orbison Barack Obama Tiger Woods George Clooney Hines Ward
  3. My thoughts on this, There are some great artists from yesterday that I still enjoy like the Eagles,Chicago, Eric Burdon, Bon Jovi, Hall & Oates, Aerosmith, Def Leppard, Donnie Iris, and a few others. I can go on and on...but, there are a lot of newer artists that I enjoy just as much like Nickelback ( I just love them). I also enjoy Kenny Chesney, The Clarks (my hometown boys), The Foo Fighters, Hinder, Audioslave, and Finger Eleven. I really like Paralyzer! I just love good music! No rap though!
  4. Bon Jovi is sold out for their Pittsburgh tour in March... and The Clarks will be playing in my hometown in March! Their concerts here always sell out. I am soooo excited! I can't wait to see them.
  5. I would like to see that version too. This is my favorite video of I Wanna Hear it From Your Lips . It's all Eric
  6. The Raspberries were played regularly on western PA radio stations during their prime and also in my high school ( I took my records to school) but they never played in or around my hometown. I always wanted to know why. Wasn't western Pa a large enough venue for the Raspberries during 1970s? I remember the store where I bought my records were nearly or sold out of the Berries stuff every-time I went. That record store is still in business today!
  7. Did you know that the members of The Clarks.... one of my favorite bands met when they attended Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) during the 1980s? They done the best cover of "No Matter What." ....and Chad Hurley, founder of YouTube, also graduated from IUP!! IUP also has one of the best concert venues in western PA!
  8. Great photos! Hopefully, I will be able to see the Raspberries play live someday. I have only been a fan since I first heard them play in 1972.
  9. Thank you everybody for all this information. I guess my next question is, why didn't Eric play in any of Pennsylvania's venues during his solo career or consider playing in Pennsylvania during the Raspberries reunion tour? Doesn't he like Pennsylvania? I thought he had rather large fan base from this area.
  10. This is a great article. I love to read, in fact I read just about everything from newspapers, magazines, and books. I can remember being in elementary school and my mother giving me this wonderful advice " If you learn how to read, you can do anything." She was right!
  11. Does anybody know when the Raspberries or Eric last played in Pa.? I guess Eric does not remember.
  12. Five more: Pretty Maids All In A Row After The Thrill Is Gone Waiting In The Weeds Tequila Sunrise New York Minute
  13. So many songs, Busy Being Fabulous Guilty of the Crime Best of My Love Hotel California All Night Long
  14. Did you know that Rod Stewart is a model train enthusiast? He has a model of the New York Central and the Pennsylvania Railroad set up in the basement of his home.
  15. Did you know that Jason Scheff is sooooooo cute?.... and he has a great voice! I actually got to meet him and the rest of Chicago when they played near my home in 2006. I also had my picture taken with them! They are some of the nicest guys you could ever meet!
  16. Congratulations Mrs. Carmen on your fine accomplishment. I also would like to take this time to thank all of the EC.com members who also volunteer whether it is attending charity events or just helping a neighbor. Many of your efforts often go unnoticed, so thank you for donating your wonderful gift of time! Without you many of these fine organizations would cease to be. Again, thank you!
  17. My resolution is to stay off this message board and study. I only have a year left and then I will have my degree in Business Administration. My goal is to graduate summa cum laude! I am currently at a 3.9. Then I will be a PA licensed cosmetologist and a certified master gardener with a bachelor's degree !
  18. You are right Marv. Why would Eric or the Raspberries want to play in or near Pittsburgh if it is a non music venue? Apparently others see Pittsburgh differently from your point-of-view according to this article in the Pittsburgh Tribune Review .
  19. Eric, When was the last time the either you or the Raspberries played in Pennsylvania? My recollection for the Raspberries is 1975 in Scranton, PA. Sincerely, Deborah
  20. Fantastic!! I always loved his voice and his music!
  21. Julia, I was just on the Fortunes' website reading about Rod's illness and listening to one of my favorite songs, Here Comes that Rainy Day Feeling Again. Please let him know that he is in my prayers and hope he gets well soon. I just love that song. Deb
  22. Julie, The fifth demo was I Can Hardly Believe You're Mine. Deb
  23. Brooke....I have yet to see the Raspberries in concert and, I am 49. When the Raspberries played their last concert in Scranton, PA many years ago, I was too young to drive, and I also was not allowed to go to concerts until I was a senior in high school. So don't feel sad...some of the best things in life are worth waiting for. I know I am excited for 2008... I hope to attend my first Raspberries concert, and I hope to meet many of the wonderful people from this ec.com family! Deborah
  24. Awesome pictures...Thank you Bernie for the update! I am also excited about more shows.... in western PA! Deborah
  25. Hollies, I do not appreciate the way you beat up on my home. You do not have to like the Steelers or the Pirates or the Penguins or any other sports team from the area to enjoy Pittsburgh and its surroundings. Have I ever beat up the Browns and Cleveland in any of these threads? All I am asking for is Raspberries to consider playing near my home town. It would be a dream of a lifetime if they did!
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