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  1. This made the front page of my local newspaper. What a wonderful collaboration! May we have many more like that!
  2. Here is a link to an earlier article about the Honeybees . I cannot stress the seriousness of this issue. If you use synthetic pesticides on your plants or even spray your lawn to look luscious, please stop. There are many organic products that give the same results...and please do not use anything made of tobacco on your plants. This will increase the spread of the tobacco virus, a deadly virus to tomatoes. If you would like to help save our bees, please share this with everyone you know.
  3. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
  4. This story about the plight of the Honey Bees was on 60 Minutes tonight . If you have a spare minute, please watch this... then toss out all of your pesticides. As a Master Gardener .... this is just terrible. ps: My name also means "bee" in Hebrew.
  5. Steeler Deb


    Darlene, Happy to hear you are feeling better and to see you back on the board. Missed you!
  6. We can go on and on about who is the best candidate, who has the most political experience, what party is better, etc. What it comes down to is who can put the best interests of our great nation first. So when it is your turn to vote, ask yourself what candidate is best for our country, not what candidate is best for me and vote your conscience. I know I will. I also know it will not be for Hillary.
  7. Much ado about nothing! BTW... I have been a member for just about two years and Eric has yet to answer any of my questions directed to him.
  8. Steeler Deb


    Hope you get well soon Darlene. Seven Springs is waiting for you!
  9. Pittsburgh is not smokey anymore, and it also snows in San Diego!
  10. Sour grapes, I was thinking pinheads. :p
  11. As I have stated in other posts, I have most of Eric's solo albums and all of the Raspberries albums. ( I bought these albums when I was in high school). My question is why doesn't Eric and the Raspberries want to play in Pittsburgh?
  12. That should be a good concert too! I always liked Atlanta Rhythm Section. Billy Joel is coming in April and Kenny Chesney will be playing June 14th at Heinz Field! I can't wait too see him! Pittsburgh is a great rockin place... just ask Donnie Iris!!
  13. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers will be playing at the Post Gazette Pavilion - June 10! Another great concert coming up!
  14. What a wonderful post Paul! I have always been a Badfinger fan. The first song I heard from them was No Matter What. It is still on one of my very favorites along with Baby Blue, and Day After Day. While I prefer both versions of Without You, I do have give the edge to Badfinger. That's just my opinion! Neither right or wrong.
  15. Muzza, If I remember correctly, Jim only plays the piano on his CDs. I don't recall ever hearing him sing. He is a gifted songwriter!
  16. Darlene, Here's the link to Jim Brickman 's website. Another song he wrote is called "The Gift." It's pretty good, but Valentine is still my favorite.
  17. Congrats to you Bernie! Thank you for this awesome site! Here's to many more years at ec.com! What a ride it has been! You're simply the best!
  18. I am happy too for the Giant fans on this board. This is no greater joy than winning the "big one." I know that feeling very well! My favorite part of the game was seeing the commercial for American Idol! Ben is just so darn cute!!!
  19. I know what you mean LC. And what is with all the so-called celebrities there? I thought I was watching the Oscars! I think I'll finish that stats homework and watch the FBR Open.
  20. Pew Research Center... a great site!
  21. I'll try Annie, but it will be tough. This does not mean that I necessarily agree with HC. She was on Fox News earlier today and she is rooting for the boys in blue. You know how she loves New York!
  22. The nice Super Bowl surprise for me would be if the Steelers and Packers showed up to play!
  23. I have the same thoughts too Nutty. I have never been to a Raspberry concert, and I am praying that they will consider playing in western PA.
  24. I'm here, taking a break from statistics homework.
  25. I heard that since Bon Jovi's upcoming March 15th concert in Pittsburgh is sold out, they have added a second one at Mellon Center for March 5th. Tickets go on sale tomorrow! Bon Jovi rocks.......... Is there a glimmer that the Berries will play in my area?
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