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  1. Eric:

    Is there any music from "today" that you like to listen to?

    My favorites include Seether's Remedy and Rise Above This.

    I also like Staind's So Far Away and Right Here.

    I also love to listen to Chris Cornell. I think he has a great voice.

  2. Hey Steve,

    Your raccoon definitely sounds like it is rabid based on your description. Raccoons are normally nocturnal and are normally scared off.

    Please call your game commission immediately, and do not try to catch this yourself.

    My neighbor was bitten by a baby rabid fox a few years ago; she had to undergo a series of painful inoculations to keep from contracting rabies.

  3. I have a PC and a Mac. I love my Mac!!!

    A Mac is less prone to viruses unlike a PC, and you can take it with you wherever you go. You use Microsoft Office just the same as a PC. It also runs faster than a PC.

    Oh....and Mac guy is much cuter than Gisele.

  4. Boopell,

    Yes, I think Baker Street is great too, but I still prefer Gerry Rafferty's version a little better.

    Baker Street is on their The Color and The Shape cd.

    While I love just about anything by Nickelback, my favorites are Rock Star, Photograph, and Far Away.

  5. The Super Delegates are not pledged delegates. They may support any candidate he/she chooses.

    We have our voice heard when cast our vote for President in the popular vote and by selecting the delegates that we want to represent our state at the party conventions.

    It is my opinion since that the super delegates are not pledged, they do not have to back the state nominee. These delegates are Democratic members of Congress, party officials, former presidents, Carter and Clinton, and former VP Al Gore.

    I also think the Democratic nominee will be chosen before their party convention. It has made for an exciting presidential primary race no matter what party you belong to.

    My hope is that we vote for the candidate that will put the best interest of our country first, before his/her own political agenda.

  6. First musical love ; The Raspberries

    First sports love : Richie Hebner - Pirates

    I heard Eric and the Raspberries for the first time in 1972. I was fourteen. I saw Richie play baseball for the first time in 1972. I have been hooked ever since.

    The sports fan thing is true. As one of my friends said "Once a Steeler fan, always a Steeler fan." ...and Richie Hebner is still my favorite baseball player.

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