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  1. My picks,

    1. Carolina over NJ: Carolina is one the hottest teams in the NHL, and they have a great goalie in Cam Ward.

    2 St. Louis over Vancouver: St Louis is red hot.

    3. New York over the Caps: I love Torts, hope the Rangers pull this off.

    4. Blackhawks over Calgary: This is for Pat, he's been waiting a long time for this.

    5. Ted's Flyers over my Pens: Philly has played pretty good all season. The Pens have a moron GM and a lot of spoiled brat players. Go Philly!

    6. Montreal over Boston: This is for you Marv! I do hope the Habs get a new coach, though, I'm not a Bob Gainey fan.

  2. Quote:
    Originally quoted by Shelley
    Bernie Madoff...need I say more

    Good one Shelley, biggest schmuck of all!

    The second biggest schmucks are Terrell Owens, Ray Shero, Tim Geithner, and Nancy Pelosi.

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