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  1. You can also download it from iTunes - $9.99
  2. Good Luck Shelley! I know what you are going through. I will be done with my last class in a few days, and then happy day!!! I can't wait!!
  3. Happy Birthday Muzza! Here's to a fantastic day, my friend! I hope you and Kiwi have a great time here in the states!! Deb
  4. Donnie Iris Huey Lewis Rob Thomas
  5. Tony, spiritual thoughts and prayers are on their way.
  6. Jay, you and your mom are in my prayers. Deb
  7. Yeah Hawks!! Good luck tonight to both the Rangers and the Flyers!
  8. My picks, 1. Carolina over NJ: Carolina is one the hottest teams in the NHL, and they have a great goalie in Cam Ward. 2 St. Louis over Vancouver: St Louis is red hot. 3. New York over the Caps: I love Torts, hope the Rangers pull this off. 4. Blackhawks over Calgary: This is for Pat, he's been waiting a long time for this. 5. Ted's Flyers over my Pens: Philly has played pretty good all season. The Pens have a moron GM and a lot of spoiled brat players. Go Philly! 6. Montreal over Boston: This is for you Marv! I do hope the Habs get a new coach, though, I'm not a Bob Gainey fan.
  9. The Habs also made it in. I just hope that whoever plays the Penguins sends them home in the first round.
  10. Pat, Congrats to your Blackhawks on making the playoffs. I wish them well and hope they make the finals!! Deb
  11. Thank you for the review Bernie! All I can is wow!!!
  12. This is sad news. I always enjoyed listening to their music My two favorites are I'd Really Love to See You Tonight and Nights are Forever Without You. Rest in peace Dan, you will be missed. Deborah
  13. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a fantastic day!!
  14. Thank you for sharing Steve. I always loved the Beach Boys' music, especially the music composed by Brian. I agree with MJ, it takes a small shallow person to exploit his illness.
  15. Steeler Deb


    Quote: Originally quoted by Shelley Bernie Madoff...need I say more Good one Shelley, biggest schmuck of all! The second biggest schmucks are Terrell Owens, Ray Shero, Tim Geithner, and Nancy Pelosi.
  16. Chocolate is good, especially dark chocolate! It is full of antioxidants. I love chocolate!!
  17. Marv, I seem to recall that you will be posting more videos on youtube soon. Are you planning to post your cover of I Love This Town? That is one of my favorites.
  18. All those sandwiches, now I am hungry! A glass of chocolate milk and a BLT .... another of my favorites. Here is a link to Primanti Brothers locations. They have two in the Fort Lauderdale area.
  19. Ira, My favorite is a fish sandwich topped with french fries and coleslaw from Primanti Brothers deli. They are soooo yummy!!!
  20. It's a great clip Marv, and you have a really good band! Deb
  21. Steeler Deb


    Muzza. Next race is in Vegas. Here is the link to NASCAR schedule. Go Tony!!
  22. Steeler Deb


    I'm rooting for Tony Stewart. I saw Daytona last week...I never imagined that Junior would have been knocked out. deborah
  23. Click - Valentine's Day for our furry friends.
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