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  1. My thoughts exactly. Music has always been an important part of my life. I find it comforting and exciting at the same time. That is why I have always been an Eric fan. Some other music I enjoy is Pachabel's "Canon in 3D Minor" and Mozart's "Piano Concerto 21." Never was a fan of rap, never will be. Deb - PA Steeler Fan
  2. Quote: I'm from Columbus and watched Richie Hebner play Triple A ball for the Columbus Jets...he played on the same team with Freddie Patek, Manny Sanguien, Doc Ellis, Dave Cash (he might have come a year or 2 later), Chris Kanazaro & a couple others I'm not remembering... Those guys all came up together through the farm system, played most their careers together with the Pirates and created a decade long dynasty....that is what baseball is/was all about...and what it needs to get back to.. I was a Cubs fan so I hated the Pirates...but respected what they did and how they did it. Jim: I agree with you ...baseball today is nothing like days of Willie Stargell, Al Oliver, and others. They had a love for the game. Richie Hebner, I believe came up the system in 1969 along with Bob Robertson. I wasn't interested in baseball until I watched the 1972 playoffs against the Reds. Sadly, I did not get to see much of Roberto Clememte play. The 70's Pirates were a dynasty and they had one of the best managers around in Danny Murtaugh. They came close in 92 with Jim Leyland, another great manager. The teams I loathed were the Braves and those pesky Mets. My two favorite Cubs... Mark Grace and Ryne Sandberg. Thanks for posting this. I enjoyed reminiscing about good days of baseball. Deb - PA Steeler Fan
  3. Richie Hebner, all time greatest third baseman for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Other favorites include Jack Lambert, Franco Harris, Lynn Swann, and John Stallworth. All in the NFL Hall of Fame. My favorite current players are Big Ben, Troy Polamanu, Aaron Smith,and of course, Hines Ward. And, I have to include the "Bus" even though he is retired. These guys are so great, yet so humble. I am proud to be a Steeler fan. Deb - PA Steeler Fan
  4. My all time favorite is "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation." I just love it!
  5. Bess, thanks for sharing the link. I enjoyed watching this video. It is really great. Eric does have great hair in this video . Maybe its still the hairdresser in me, but I would love to "run my fingers through his hair."
  6. I wish there more videos too, but I am also thrilled that Bernie downloaded these. I remember the first time I heard Eric and the Raspberries on the radio, it was 1973, and the song was "Lets Pretend". I was a freshman in high school, and I had such a crush on him!
  7. Mine is "Change of Heart", then "That's Rock and Roll."
  8. My tastes have changed within the past couple of years. I find myself listening to more symphony music. I still enjoy Eric's music, and I play his music alot. I also enjoy Hall and Oates. As for radio stations, there is one in my hometown, Rocky 99.1. They play a lot of rock classics that I grew up with during the 70s. Rocky 99 also plays music from The Clarks. They are a band from Pittsburgh, PA. They are pretty good. Speaking of musical tastes, did anybody watch the Billboard Music Awards? I didn't think it was that great, except for Nickleback winning a couple of awards. Most of the winners were pretty bad. I decided that if you are a great musician like Eric, you are not going to win.
  9. Thanks Bernie. This is my first post. I love all the clips on ETV. I have been a Raspberries & Eric fan for over thirty years and I was happy to find this site. I love it!
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