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  1. Quote:Originally posted by Eric Carmen"It's Raining Men" Check this out! "It's Raining Men" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8kp5rXgnKh0
  2. Quote:Originally posted by James That's pretty close Tony. Actually the Bears don't have cheerleaders anymore...they used to have the Honey Bears...and I dated 3 of them .... when I was twelve. I thought you sounded familiar.
  3. Hi James, I have a couple of Steeler cheerleader outfits I not using right now. Wanna borrow them? I hope a size 4 fits.
  4. I just loved hearing this! It makes me get and dance, one of my favorite sports.
  5. That is neat Bernie! I saw it on a billboard that I pass on my home from work. It had a picture of Einstein on it along with the quote. It reminded me of the time when I just hung up my "scissors" and decided to enroll in college to earn that elusive degree.
  6. Bernie: I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy the "Hangin With" clip. I never heard this version of " I Wanna Be With You" before. I just love it! Eric is truly a gifted lyricist and artist.
  7. Hi Gord, I never saw "Big Star." I will have to check that out! Thank you for sharing this. Some of my current favorites videos on youtube are "Lips of an Angel" by Hinder, and "How You Remind Me" by Nickleback. This one is just awesome. There is another song "I Dare You" by Shinedown, their video wasn't all that great, but the song is really good. Whenever I hear this, I can just imagine our "dude" Eric belting out this out. If you get a chance, would you let me know your thoughts. Deb
  8. One of my friends just sent me this link and I wanted to share it with all of you. http://ecard.ashland.edu/2004admission/index.html Bye.
  9. Thank you Bernie for the great present! Sorry if I have on the board too much this past week. I am on vacation from work, and I am on semester break from my marketing class. Merry Christmas Debbie
  10. I have to agree with LC. "I Can Remember" has stood the test of time. I have the album with this on it and just earlier this year, I bought the CD "Raspberries Greatest. "I Can Remember" is also on that. The cover from the CD has a quote from Eric that I thought was fascinating. "The crowning glory of that piece to me was trying to make the Rickenbacker twelve-string turn into a piano". From one new member to another, welcome to the board Jen and congrats for getting an answer from the man himself! Debbie
  11. Hi Gord! I like "hysteria" too! Some others I like besides Eric's are Kenny Chesney's "When the Sun Goes Down" and Aerosmith's "Angel." I know this thread is for the dudes, but I just had to get my two cents in. Merry Christmas! Debbie
  12. Thanks Bernie for adding this link. This is a great interview with Eric. I hear Eric say in the interview that some of his earlier music to him was not that perfect. I just want to say, I though it great and all these years later, I still think your music is great. I bought The Raspberries, Fresh, and Starting Over while I was in high school(I am not sure how I missed Side 3). My mother would give me lunch money and I would save it, then every two weeks I would take the bus (I was too young to drive)to town so I could buy Eric's music. He was and still is my absolute favorite artist. I just wanted to share that with you. Happy Holidays Debbie
  13. Seasons Greetings to everybody at ericcarmen.com. and especially to Bernie and Eric. You guys are the best. I am happy to be a member of this great "family". Hope you have a great holiday and here's looking to some great adventures in 2007. Debbie
  14. Popdude and LC: those are two BAD videos. I mean really bad. If you want to see a chick video, check this out http://www.clarksonline.com/multimedia/#vids and click on Shimmy Low. These guys are so cute!! I saw them live this past summer, they are even cuter in person!! I know this chick likes to watch the dudes, not other chicks. Debbie
  15. Quote: Originally posted by Tony CartmillPA, That "Crazy For You" line is also one of my brother's favorites. I think John Bettis wrote it. Thanks for info Tony. I never knew who wrote "Crazy for You." That is one of the few Maddona songs I enjoy. I just had this thought, another fave of mine is "were from the town with the great football team, the Pittsburgh Steelers" . The Pittsburgh Polka. I couldn't resist, I had say this. Debbie - PA Steeler Fan
  16. Good find Bess. Great Video! Thirty some years later, I still have a major crush on him. This is one sexy video and his hair, I love his hair! I wish I was that girl in the video. Debbie - PA Steeler Fan
  17. I agree! Nobody can sing All By Myself like Eric. This is no one that can even come close to sing this like he does. My thoughts.
  18. "But girl, you make hard to be faithful with the lips of an angel" Hinder - Lips of an Angel "I see you through the smokey air, can't you feel the weight of my stare". Madonna - Crazy for You
  19. My favorite Eric song is " I Wanna Take Forever Tonight." It is great song for slow dancing. Another favorite of mine is Madonna's "Crazy For You".
  20. Steeler Deb


    Hi James, I"ll talk football with you, if don't mind talking with a girl. My husband is not a sports fan, so it is great to talk with another person who is. First, I hope da Bears can pull off the run for the Super Bowl. It would be a pretty good matchup against the Steelers. I am praying for a Christmas or New Year's miracle for my Steelers to get into the playoffs. I was watching the NFL preview show earlier this evening. Bob Costas and Chris Collingsworth belive the Bears may fizzle out in the playoffs. They all seem to think the Ladamin Tomlinson and the Chargers are the team to beat. For the AFC, if the Steelers fall short, then my next favorite is the Colts. I just admire Tony Dungy (you know he played for the Steelers under Chuck Noll). ps. Did you know that Clark Griswold is a Bear's fan? Deb
  21. Eric, I also agree. I discovered EricCarmen.com this past March and since then I have been hooked. I just wanted to take a few minutes to let you how much I have enjoyed your music over the years. For me, it is timeless. Gotta go, got to ready for the game, my beloved Steelers will be playing in an hour. Deb - PA Steeler Fan
  22. Having three of the four albums in front of me, this is what is listed. 1 album: Raspberries - Waiting, I can remember and Go all the way written and lead performed by EC. I saw the light, written by EC and WB, lead sung by EC. With you in my life and Come around and see me, written by WB and lead sung by WB. Don't want to say goodbye, written by EC and WB, lead sung by WB, EC joins in later. Get it Moving and Rock n Roll mama written and lead sung by DS. 2 album: Fresh, I wanna be with you, Let's pretend, I reach for the light,If you change your mind, all written and lead sung by EC. Nobody Knows and Drivin Around written by EC and DS, lead performed by EC. Might as well written and sung lead by WB. Every Way I Can written and sung lead by DS. Going nowhere tonight and It Seemed So Easy written by DS and EC, lead done by DS. 4th album: Starting Over- Starting Over, Overnight Sensation, Cruisin Music, and I don't know what i want all written and lead sung by EC. Play on and Cry written by EC and SM, leads performed by Scott. Hands on you written by WB and SM, leads from both WB and Scott. Party's over written and lead performed by WB. Rose Coloured Glasses, written by and lead by Scott. I Can Hardly Believe You're Mine written by EC and Scott, lead sung by EC. All through the Night written by EC and Mike McBride, lead sung by EC. Deb - PA Steeler Fan
  23. Favorites include: O Come All Ye Faithful-Chicago Just love hearing Walt playing the flute on this! Little Drummer Boy - Chicago Jingle Bell Rock - Hall & Oates Christmas in Sarajevo & Chrismas Canon Rock - Trans Siberian Orchestra
  24. In my earlier post, I listed some of my favorites from my beloved Steelers, but I forgot to mention Joe Greene and L.C. Greenwood. Two of the greatest players ever for the Steelers. I met Joe Greene when he was in my very small hometown of Johnstown. The Steelers were using the local stadium during the strike in the NFL. I recall it happening during the early part of the 1990s. I remember him giving me this advice. "Always look both ways before crossing the street." Who cares about looking both ways before crossing the street, it was Joe Greene!
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