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  1. I saw five concerts in my hometown. Lonestar- just awesome. Chicago - a group of really great guys and love those horns. Eric Burdon - his voice is still powerful and can he still rock. Amy Grant - she has a nice voice. The Clarks - my all time favorite band. They were all really good, and I even got to hangout with each of them backstage!
  2. Muzza, I'm sure you don't want to read this, but the key to losing weight and getting into shape is by eating what you like, but in smaller portions and by starting out in a physical activity that you enjoy and gradually increase your time doing it. I started this regiment last March and, I can successfully say that I have lost over 20 lbs and have kept it off. I now look like I did when I was in high school and that has been some years ago(where does the time go)? I chose to do spinning on my bike, and I listen to my IPod while I spin. That is how I rediscovered Eric's music. I can easily spin for well over an hour now. It will be tough at first, but I have a feeling you can do it!
  3. Hi Luvthemraspberries. Welcome to the EC family! I am sure you will have lots of fun here.
  4. Hi James, I agree with your statement about the Catholics. I am employed at a Catholic College. My college was founded by Sisters of Mercy during the 1800s. Their founder was Sister Catherine McAuley from Dublin, Ireland. Over the years, the Sisters of Mercy would travel to the United States to establish schools for poor women and children and hospitals for the sick. Today, the Sisters of Mercy are a worldwide organization who dedicate their lives to help people in need. There are a couple of websites out there if any one is interested about learning more about these wonderful women. PS. James, thanks for being such a good sport for putting up with my wisecracks. I am relatively new to posting here,and I was just trying to find a friend. If I have ever offended you, I am truly sorry.
  5. LC: I am an expert in politics. I have worked on many political campaigns, from national to local for both Democrats and Republicans. I spoken at different organizations urging people to register and vote. I also served as a volunteer on different government bodies for my local municipality. Our members may have had different political viewpoints, but we always got along no matter what, and we always supported each other. It's not about the party, but the person. You may not agree with our President, but our servicemen and women do! Many of my friends are over in Iraq now giving their life for us and everbody else dependent on the U.S. I am proud of my country and my President.
  6. This is quite interesting. I wonder what else is out there with his name listed as the "so-called" artist.
  7. Eric, I was searching for new music for my IPod and I came across this. "Sings Stardust And His Other Great Compositions" by Hoagy Carmichael and Eric Carmen. What was your inspiration to record this wonderful music by Hoagy Carmichael?
  8. danmichel, This is a beautiful song. What a beautiful voice you have and gifted writer you are. Thank you for sharing your talents with us.
  9. First - there is no legal basis for impeaching our President and Vice President. All they did was try to make decisions the best they could for the situation our country was in. Not everybody will agree with those decisions. Have you ever made a decision that somebody did not agree with you? Second - you cannot impeach for incompetence. A lot of Presidents would have been impeached. Third - Michael Moore is an opportunist. What we should do is respect the office, and quit complaining about how bad our country is. It could be a lot worse. Hats off to Paulie for hitting the nail on the head.
  10. Bessie, Just pick a list, it's my turn to play with EC.
  11. That's a scary thought, James as Mrs. Doubtfire! Just having fun James! HT, if you get a chance, check out the ultimate chick thread, Bessie and I were busy there yesterday.
  12. HT, I think so too! Do you think James would like this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GbsBJmx-m2s
  13. Bernie, Thanks for the great photos. John, Thank you for sharing your story. Sounds like it was an amazing night.
  14. A Happy and Healthy New Year's to everybody at this wonderful EC "family" Thank you Bernie and Eric, without your extraordinaire talent, this board would cease to be! And thank you to everybody here for letting me become part of your EC "family". Cheers!
  15. A ring for my other thumb. A girl can never have too much bling! And ....
  16. It is customary for my family to go outside at the stroke of midnight and share our wish for each other. My wish for this New Year is world peace and ....
  17. You're right LC, I got a good yuk out of this!
  18. Bessie, This young man is playing Pachelbel's "Canon in D Major". This is my very favorite piece of classical music. ( I am a big symphony nut.) If you want to hear a really awesome version, check out Transiberian Orchestra's Christmas Canon Rock. They jazzed up Canon in D Major piece and renamed it for Christmas.
  19. Not only did I get to see Eric Burdon in concert earlier this year, I actually got to meet him. His concert was great. Boy, can he still rock at 68!
  20. Bessie: With all of this wonderful advice you have received, I would listen to Seattle Steve, you can't wrong with a DJ's advice. I know, my cousin is also a DJ.
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