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  1. I heard this evening that Denny Doherty from the Mamas and the Papas passed away. Hard to imagine that was he was 66 years old. I was and still am a fan of their music. He will truly be missed.
  2. My daughter is a college student. Her taste in music is Jesse McCartney and Linkin Park. I got my IPod shuffle back in November and I love it. I think the music plays a lot clearer than the CDs. I use my IPod when I am working out.
  3. I am waiting for the conclusion of the Bears season so Ron Rivera can have his second interview with my favorite team. :p
  4. Ditto James! I love Dennis Miller and he is really cute too!
  5. Congratulations! Here's wishing you both the best! D
  6. My bet is on the Colts and yes, Dungy never won the big game, but neither did Cowher until last year. I have a great admiration for Tony Dungy. And he learned from one of the best...Chuck Noll! My favorite Bear, Jim McMahon!
  7. Jump Man, HT, Brian, and Eric: I agree with you. It is the melody and the way it makes you feel. That is why also I can listen to Eric's music over and over again and it never feels dated to me. There is some music from today that I do enjoy. I am a big Nickelback fan. In my opinion, rap is not art and neither are the whiney girl singers like Brittany, Gwen, Christina A, etc. I find their music quite irritating and it makes my ears hurt!
  8. Hi HT, When did you find yours? It's a pretty good album! I also have three of the four Raspberries vinyls and "Eric Carmen" and a slew of 45s. I was so hooked on the Raspberries music in high school! It was 1972 when I first heard Eric's music, and I watched my first Steeler football game. What a good year!
  9. I still have my classic Boats album - 1977. I sell it to you for 45 gazillion dollars! D
  10. I remember that! That was during the CB radio craze. Convoy - C.W. McCall
  11. The "Eric Carmen" LP that has "All By Myself" on it, lists the release date as 1975. My two cents.
  12. Anne, You and your family are in my prayers.
  13. I know I said I would understand if you chose not to respond, but did you at least read the above post?
  14. Good point Chris! I too was not able to afford the DVD set. I wish I could, but not with a child in college. Tuition bill came just before Christmas. I hope to purchase a copy when it is in the music stores. I am happy that I do have a lot of Eric's LPs and 45s that I can play. I do wish though that more of his music would be available to download to a MP3.
  15. Eric: I just wanted to tell you how much I love your softer version of I Wanna Be With You in the Hangin with clip. I have been a fan of your music since I first heard Go All The Way in 1972. If you would comment, I would be thrilled, but if chose not to, I'll understand.
  16. Yes, ban the rap and the whiney girls... say Jessica Simpson.
  17. Tony, you are right about Olberman devoting a whole segment to Billo's mistakes. He will go on and on for the whole hour about Fox and Billo. I am a regular viewer of Olberman most of the time and a somewhat viewer of Billo. I enjoy watching both shows although, I do have to give the edge to Olberman in the looks department.
  18. I thought Eli stunk yesterday. Heck, I could have played better than that!
  19. I will gladly trade. I'll take the 82 degrees, and Bessieboo you can have the weather here. It is in the middle twenties with 3 inches of snow to come. I'll take the global warming!
  20. Bessie, According to Fox news, if he decides to coach this coming season, the team that signs him will have to shell out big, big bucks. And if he signs with Miami, you just stay away from him. He is a really nice guy.
  21. Yes. Fox news reported it earlier this evening. There is a press conference set for tomorrow afternoon. Rumor has it, he is going to sit out this coming season. Sort of like what Jim Leyland did when he was the Pirate manager. He is the best coach in the game, and I will miss him.
  22. Since the Steelers are not in the playoffs this year, it does look like it could be the Charger's year, althought I would like to see the Colts win the big one. In my opinion, Tony Dungy is the finest coach in the game today. I think there is no coach more deserving to win, he got screwed by the Bucs, they bring in Gruden, then Gruden wins the Super Bowl with the team that Tony built.... look where Gruden is now. On another note, I guess I will be doing some shopping. Let's see, who should be the next Steeler coach? Ken Whisenhunt, Tony Dungy, Russ Grimm, etc.
  23. Sam Goody has the Boats CD listed on their website. I am not sure if the vinyl LP is still available. I also have the Boats LP. It is a good album.
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