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  1. My muncipality does not have any restrictions on planting trees. We can plant whatever we want. The area where I live is very rural. The air is clean, and the streams and rivers are so clear! It's paradise here especially in the summer. For the tree question, since I am a certified master gardener, I can answer this. No. Most trees do not come back after a severe injury. Wind damage is the most detrimental injury to a tree.
  2. During the seventies, there were better female singers on the radio, like Carly Simon, Carole King, and I liked their music. But, I never looked to any of them as a role model. I also hope that I instilled enought common sense and values to my eighteen year-old daughter she would never look to Brittany, Whitney, or Mariah as role models. In my opinion, the seventies female singers were not promoted as much as the so-called female singers of today.
  3. "Only the Lonely" would make a lovely pairing.
  4. "Where Did Our Love Go" Did the song you mentioned above (Bang Bang) have the line bang bang, I am the warrior, if did that is "The Warrior" by Patty Smyth and Scandal. I really like that song!
  5. I know I do not enjoy most of today's female singers. Being a girl, I would much prefer listening to a guy(s) anyday! I find girls like Brittany, Mariah, Christina A., etc., most irritating. Their voices are screechy and whiney and they really do not have any talent. If I would have to listen to all of them in a row, I would need a barf bag. In my opinion, they are promoted because of their looks and so-called appeal to men. I may be a little older than these girls, but I am a lot hotter than they are! About the only female singer I like to listen to is Shania Twain. I think she has a great voice and she is talented as a songwriter.
  6. Colts. Although, it should be the Steelers!
  7. Neat clip Bernie, but I'm still with the Colts! Go Colts!!
  8. I have the Raspberries Greatest CD and the cover has comments from all the members. The comment from Wally has him quoting Shelly Yakus "It sounds like somebody stepped on a cat's tail" referring to I Reach For The Light.
  9. Wow, Mr E getting to meet David Gates, that is awesome! I have always been a fan of David Gates and Bread. My favorite songs by Bread are Baby, I'm-a Want you,and Make it With You. I really enjoyed watching the clips from this thread. They were great! I also liked the cloudeleven music clip. I listened to Hey California; I thought it was pretty good. ps. I'm also a huge America fan too!
  10. I enjoy listening to George Gershwin. My favorites are "Rhapsody in Blue" and "Someone to Watch Over Me". My hometown has a wonderful symphony orchestra! I try to attend whenever I can. I can listen to the violins and the piano all day!
  11. YES! Because the Colts got the ball!!! YES, YES, YES!!!! I am so happy for Tony Dungy!!! The classiest coach in all of football and former Steeler!!!
  12. Hi Muzza, I am rooting for the Colts. They have a great coach in Tony Dungy!
  13. James, unless da Bears do something stupid, congratulations to you and your Bears on heading to the the NFC title game! of the NFC!
  14. Thank you for sharing your insights. I just find this version so captivating and moving. It also shows just how much talent Eric still has! But of course, we all know that!
  15. It's looking better James! Fourth quarter, New Orleans Saints 14 - Chicago Bears 25
  16. Saints 14 - Bears 16 - third quarter. It's getting close James!
  17. I have never thought of this as rap, I always liked "Life is a Rock (But the Radio Rolled Me".) The band noted for this was Reunion. Quite interesting hollies 65!
  18. My favorite Doo Wops Bill Haley and the Comets Shake, Rattle, and Roll Rock Around the Clock Danny and the Juniors At the Hop Really great fun-loving music!
  19. Bernie: These videos are great!!! In fact, it is hard to pick a favorite! I was watching the 1990 Aids video, and I noticed how short Eric's hair was. Would you please tell Eric the next time he wants his hair cut short, to call me. I can make his hair look so much better than the way it looked on that video! Thanks, D
  20. Her website lists five concert dates. She will performing in Las Vegas and San Francisco this coming February and in New Jersey in March. As for her age, her site lists her birthday as Nov 15, no year listed, but it go on to say she recorded her first song in 1949. Here is the link. http://www.petulaclark.net/home.php
  21. And yes, I am a Richard Marx fan. My favorite song is "Right Here Waiting for You."
  22. QUOTE]Originally quoted by Bessieboo Updated list of what the 19-22 year old, in south Florida are listening to this month. The last list was sooo last year. Strokes, Postal service. Hot Hot Heat, Shins, Hello Good bye.... anything sound familiar? No? Me either. If you said yes, then you are much cooler than me!
  23. Last March, I discovered this site, and I never knew there was so many EC and Berries fans out there! I finally got the courage to register this past summer, and I just started posting this past November. I have had a lot of fun reading and posting here, but since I work full-time and take night classes, it is hard for me to be on the board all the time like some of the other members, and I feel like I have intruded on the threads. See you around again sometime. Bye.
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