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  1. Billy, I found this on YouTube. It's from Boston's concerts in Flordia during 2004. This is one of my favorites. Amanda It takes a few minutes to load the clip.
  2. I have been on Boston's fan site yesterday and this morning. There is a wonderful tribute to Brad and you can listen to all of Boston's music and new pieces from Brad. Here's the link Boston\'s Fan Site
  3. I have loved the Raspberries' and Eric's music for many years.( I was a freshman in high school, when I first heard Go All the Way). Last March,I was curious to see if he had any new stuff in the works. When I typed in EC's name, I found this site. I started reading some of the threads. Everybody seemed so friendly and it seemed like a fun site, so I decided to join. I became a member last summer. I'm glad I did!
  4. Lee is right on this. I also know what you are experiencing. My father was in his early sixties when he passed away. He was a wonderful dad, he worked hard to take care of his family, and he also was an athlete, and to watch him suffer with Lou Gehrig's disease is something I can't describe. It does get easier with time and, when you need to talk to him, just look up. You will know he is in a better place and that he is at peace. That's what I do.
  5. Boston was one of my favorite bands, and I loved Brad Delp's voice. I can't belive he is gone. If anybody is interested, here's a link. Brad Delps
  6. I like to watch the Food Network. Everyday Italian and Paula's Home Cooking are my two favorites.
  7. I also like Two and a Half Men, and Seinfeld.
  8. 1.CSI - Miami 2.CSI 3.CSI - New York 4.Shark 5.Law & Order - Special Victims Unit
  9. The cultural district is pretty neat. It has a lot of theatres. There is always something going on. The Carnegie Science Center is interesting to see. That is one of my favorite places and Phipps Conservatory is another. There orchid show is the featured attraction now, but the other displays are nice to see. If you like the symphony, check out the Pittsburgh Symphony. They are awesome!
  10. My favorites by ARS are Imaginary Lover, So Into You and Georgia Rhythm. I do have the 45s of Imaginary Lover and So Into You. The radio stations in my area never really promoted them. I always thought they produced some really good music!
  11. You are right on that Tony! Hee Haw was one of my mom's favorite shows. That brings back a lot of memories!
  12. Bernie: Thanks for bringing another out of the vault! You are great!
  13. My aerobics teacher shared this with us the other day. She said if you laugh 100 times a day, it is equivalent to 15 minutes of riding a stationary bike. I guess I'll be laughing more!
  14. As a cosmetologist, I also agree with Julie. Eric's hair is much prettier than the blonde's.
  15. Gord, Your pictures are beautiful! I really liked your Fluttered Flight series! You are a very talented artist.
  16. That's exactly true Darlene. Our society is becoming overprotective. I see it where I work. We have parents calling the college campus trying to "fix" their child's problem(s). The majority of our students are 18 & older and are considered young adults. Shouldn't they try to solve their problems before the parents intervene? I am also seeing more children on Ritalin who truly do not need it. Did you know if a child attends a private school(7-12) and has a prescription for Ritalin, the parents can write that off on their taxes. I have to wonder what kind of effect it will have on those kids.
  17. Did anybody read this? http://msn.foxsports.com/nfl/story/6456422
  18. I had thought about becoming an astronaut, but hmmm... know I think I might like to be the first woman Speaker of the House. :p
  19. I know this is late, but I just wanted to say congrats to all of the Colts fans. You certainly have waited a long time for this. I can't say it enough, Tony Dungy is a true class act and one of the nicest guys in football. I found an interesting article yesterday on Fox Sports about Tony Dungy and Bill Belichick. It is a pretty good piece. http://msn.foxsports.com/nfl/story/6443470
  20. I remember that. I wasn't into Billy Squier's music too much, but I did like "The Stroke."
  21. Originally quoted by Raspberrywine. Quote: They sure have been unfair to Rex Grossman. The guy deserves better. Ben Rotheleshamburger has some very mediocre performances during the regular season last year leading to the Steelers title. But interestingly, no one was jumping all over the guy. I dont get it. All I can say is "GO BEARS!!" Both teams are deserving to be in the Super Bowl. Quite frankly, which ever team that plays the best will win. That is why the Steelers won last year! Personally, I will be happy with either team winning. I have a deep admiration for Tony Dungy, and Robbie Gould is a hometown boy! Oh, and Raspberrywhiner, the correct spelling of Ben's name is Roethlisberger. And he has had his share of the media critiquing his performances.
  22. It's not a bad song. This would be a great number for ballroom dancing.
  23. My muncipality does not have any restrictions on planting trees. We can plant whatever we want. The area where I live is very rural. The air is clean, and the streams and rivers are so clear! It's paradise here especially in the summer. For the tree question, since I am a certified master gardener, I can answer this. No. Most trees do not come back after a severe injury. Wind damage is the most detrimental injury to a tree.
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