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  1. 1. Huey Lewis & the News- just awesome live 2. Jefferson Airplane 3 CCR
  2. My picks are: Me & Mrs. Jones by Billy Paul - nobody can sing this like he does. Sultry and sexy. Just You and Me - Peter Cetera - one of my all-time favorites from Chicago. Layla - both versions from Eric Clapton - I think he is one of the best guitarists in the world. I just love this song. Pride and Joy - the late great Stevie Ray Vaughn. and last.... Eric Carmen singing I Wanna Be With You from the Hangin with the Raspberries VH1 clip!!!
  3. Lee, Are you consuming those adult beverages again? I have to disagree with you. I am proud to be a "boomer". Maybe you can't see it, but some us did make our mark on the world for the better. As for a dress code at work, I'm glad that we have one. I enjoy looking nice at work. There is the saying that " clothes make the man/woman" and that is exactly true.
  4. Marv, You have to check out the live version of No Matter What by The Clarks. It is soooo great!!! I just love them!!
  5. Marv, The Clarks' cover of No Matter What is on their Retrospective CD.
  6. I love The Clarks! I had the opportunity to see them last summer. I hope I get a chance to see them again. They give a really enjoyable performance. They also perform at a lot of benefits concerts, and at area colleges. They just played earlier this month at Grey Rocks at Seven Springs, and they will be playing Sept 29 at PNC Park right after the Pirate game. They are so great. They have been playing together since 1984. They met at IUP where they formed their band. Some of my favorites by them are: Shimmy Low, Born Too Late, Better Off Without You, Cigarette, and Penny on the Floor. I also love their Still Live CD! Their cover of No Matter What is great too! What can I say.... we in Steeler Country love them just as much as we love Donnie Iris and the Steelers!
  7. Sanford and Son Barney Miller Rockford Files Starsky and Hutch Mary Tyler Moore Welcome Back Kotter WKRP in Cinncinati Bob Newhart Show Alias Smith and Jones Happy Days Midnight Special
  8. I have to agree with Jenny. Donnie Iris is not only a gifted artist, he is also a great person and can he still rock!! Pittsburgh loves Donnie and The Clarks!!! All you Clevelanders, are you lucky, Donnie Iris is playing in Cleveland later this week.
  9. Fantastic !!! Who cares what year this song was written, it was a great song then.... it is a great song now. I fell in love with the Eagles from the first time I heard Take it Easy all those years ago, and I still love them today. 1972 was a great year, I discovered the Eagles, Eric and the Raspberries, and of course, my all-time heart throb - Richie Hebner!!!
  10. Your cucumber plants have bacterial wilt. This is a very infectious and fatal disease to all vine crops. This is caused by vine borers that chew through the inside of the plant. The chewing and sucking from this garden pest causes the bacteria to spread to each plant. You have to take out all of the plants in your garden that are affected and discard them properly. Do not use any of the infected plants for composting. Next year, plant your vine crops in a different part of your garden and use a enviromentally friendly pesticide. This will help to control these pests. And, no you should not eat the yellow cucumbers. Just for the record, I am a Master Gardener.
  11. Five Stars!!!! This is a great review! I agree with you Marvin. Should I Wait really got my attention. I think I have a new favorite Eric song!!!
  12. I just got my album from iTunes. I love it!!! There is nothing is better than listening to new music from the boys on my IPod!!! Well, getting a 4.0 this past semester! That was great too!
  13. Happy Birthday Eric Thank you for all the great music!!! Hope to see you soon in western PA!!! Debbie
  14. Smoke on the Water - DP Woman From Toyoko - DP Go All the Way Tonight Tumblin Dice - Stones Killer Queen - Queen Smokin in the Boys' Room - Brownsville Station She's Gone - Hall & Oates Rich Girl - Hall & Oates My Love - Paul McCartney
  15. Mine is Danie Craig. He is so so cute!!! And his arms are so muscular. Next would be Sean Connery. He is so dashing and debonaire.
  16. My favorite EC song live, what can I say......it's great!
  17. I've been watching tennis for a little less time... but I enjoy the men's game more! I like both Federer and Nadal. They are both pretty good players and both are really hot!!
  18. I just love this and is he ever cute! Thanks Anne!
  19. Welcome Marc! This is a great place to hang out!
  20. James, are you sure it's not Peter Jackson? :p
  21. Hi Muzza, I know New Zealand is one of top exporters in the world. Some of the products exported are in the agricultural field. I believe that the kiwi fruit is the number one ag product exported. I also know that New Zealand is located near the South Pacific Islands and that climate change is major concern due to the potential threat of the sea level rising.
  22. I heard MMLC in Walmart a couple of weeks ago.
  23. Steeler Deb


    Kathy This is the site I use to find concerts in my area. This link is set for the Vegas area. I did notice that Three Dog Night is playing in Vegas; it might be good. Glad to hear you and your hubby have a chance to get away and relax. My hubby and I just came back from Texas yesterday. We both had a great time! Hope you both have a great one too!
  24. There is a great site to buy organic products to help control garden pests called Gardens Alive . As for the marigolds, you should use specific marigolds called Golden Guardian. These will help to protect your plants from nematodes. Nematodes feed on the roots of plants that cause plant distortation and plant death. The others look good in the garden, but offer no protection in controlling garden pests.
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