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  1. Happy Birthday to my fellow birthday and football friend! I hope you have a totally awesome day!

    My Steelers and your Pack would be a good match up in this year's Super Bowl!

    But first, we have to get past the dirty birds and the refs!

    I hope you have a great birthday, and thank you for being such a good friend!

    All the best to you,


  2. I just love my new avatar. It describes me perfectly, my blonde hair and my baby blue eyes.

    Thanks Bernie for giving us the option to customize our own!

  3. There are a lot of good books on this list.

    My favorite on the list is The Prince. It was written in 1513, but was not published until 1532.

    Another good book I read is The Goal by Dr. Eli Goldratt. It is a business novel that discusses the theory of constraints.

    My favorite book is Words that Work by Dr. Frank Luntz. I just think he is great!

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