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  1. I love this song! How the heck Eric got those high notes...yikes! I have no idea! My favorite part is when he sings "were almost there now....hold me! hold me! hold meeee!" OMG! I'm sure you can imagine what that conjures up in my mind!! LOL Ahhhhhhhh! Pj,
  2. Wow!!! You are working hard on the site Bernie, and it is awsome!!! Great job! Loving everything! Pj
  3. Wow Bernie! Great job on the new site! Your the man! I'm like a kid in a candy store...looking at everything! LOL Pj
  4. I don't want anybody else...when I think about you I touch myself!! I loved that song! Hubby used to tease me when I sang along with the video. Haha! RIP Chrissy. Pj
  5. Hi eric. I wonder what it was like for you in the beginning. Back when you knew you wanted to be in a rock band, and you spent every moment working toward that end. What did that feel like? Did you have any enjoyment during that time, or was it all about working on the next project? I saw a video where all the guys were playing ball, laughing, and enjoying themselves. It struck me that you were not in any of them. I pictured you hold up in some dark hotel room, writing another song. At what point did you relax and start to enjoy yourself? Pj
  6. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone involved, and affected by the Boston bombing. I hope the person is caught quickly, and justice is swift. Lobsterlover, my heart goes out to you, your brother, and best friend. I can only imagine the horror they endured, being at the scene. Wishing you all here a better day. Pj
  7. Hi Mark. Very nice to meet you. You will love it here. The people are wonderful! Pj
  8. I just read the Bob Lefsetz letter, and all I can say is BRAVO!!! He hit the nail on the head. The problem is, there is nobody in a position to dethrone Davis. As long as he gets to be the "king" of Arista,and the music business, there will never be a change. Pj
  9. plainjane


    Thank you so much Kirk. What a beautiful song! I understand the meaning, and love the message. It's true...you never know what God's plan is. You may have to go through something, to reach the other side. Thank you again. Pj
  10. plainjane


    Dearest Pat. How I thank you for reading my post, and sending a reply. You are one amazing human being. When I first joined the site, I saw your warm welcome to me, and I looked at your facebook page. I already admired you for your musical talent, and your wonderful personality, but now I admire you even more! You are a very kind and gracious soul. As I read your letter, I was made even more aware of the vibrant spirit that you possess. How I thank you!! It's true what you have said...every word. I should get back into life again. I allowed myself to fall into the abbyss, due to a twist of fate. We go about our day, doing what is expected of us. One day you find that, like a horse put out to pasture, there is nothing more expected. That is when you must start to expect something more from yourself. I hadn't quite realized that, but thanks to you, I now understand it. I will strive to do more, become more engaged in my own life. Perhaps I can keep those daisies from springing up too soon. LOL Your a wonderful person Pat. Good luck to you on your soccer, softball, volleyball coaching! I know you will be great! Keep playing beautiful music, the window to the soul. Belt out that National Anthem like a true hero...because you are one to me. Thank you again my friend. Pj
  11. Thank you Wendy. It sounds like an interesting read. I will give it a go. Pj
  12. plainjane


    For those of you in your late 50's and early 60's, what does life feel like for you? I used to be full of life. Always busy...too busy. LOL Now, I just feel tired and bored...bored and tired. One thing is for sure, this is not the path I intended to take. Life throws you curve balls, and I got a huge one hurled at me 10 years ago. I had heard people say that events in their life were so unbelievable, that it was like a hollywood movie. I never took much stock in that, till it happened to me. In a short span of time, 6 months, my life turned completely upside down. It sounds like a country music song. LOL I lost my home, car, daughter in law, mother, husband, and dog. My Brother an his Family were kind enough to take me in. Hubby had no insurance, so I was left with nothing. I hadn't planned on being here 10 years, but time has ticked away, and I'm still here. I'm slowly becoming a shut in. Nowhere to go, nothing to do. I wonder what others do to pass the time. Having very bad knee problems, I don't walk unless I have to. The person that I want to be, used to be, is still alive inside of me. I guess I have just given up on myself. How strange it is....I was wearing bell bottom jeans, dancing around, singing about peace and love, with flowers in my hair. Now I'm just waiting to be pushing up daisies. Haha!! Life...it's strange, magical, mysterious, and fleeting. Eric, this might have some song potential. LOL So I go back to my original question...what does life feel like to you? Pj
  13. Hi Eric. Any ideas in the books? I'm excited to to get started. Thank you Pj
  14. Yes Wendy, he came!!! So more than my chin is up! Hahaa!!! Pj
  15. Eric, you are a class act...no doubt about it. Despite all the headaches and heartaches, you still hold Mr Davis in high regard. I have read almost every post you have written, and you have said nice things about everyone. No matter who's name was mentioned, you would say how great they are, or how much you appreciate them for whatever. That shows me that you are head and shoulders above the rest. Just like the song...better than all the rest. I wonder, at the end of the day, through the highs and lows, ups and downs, would you say...I would do it all again? I hope so, because we would miss out on all the wonderful music you have given us. I for one am greatful for it all. Pj
  16. I didn't mean to be disrespectful to Eric. I just meant that I would have to buy some more batteries, if ya know what I mean. LOL He came and left so quickly, there was no time for forplay. HaHa!! Even with the speedy departure, I still got excited to see him. Pj
  17. Eric comes in to tittilate us, then he leaves us high and dry. Very anticlimactic...sigh.
  18. Hi Eric. I got a Nook for Christmas, and my first book was "Marathon man" I now have these Barns and Noble gift cards that are burning a hole in my pocket! LOL I know that you are an avid reader, so I would love your input. So many books have been written about 911 and the JFK assassination, that I have no idea where to start. Please tell me your favorite books on the subjects. Thank you so much. Pj
  19. Thank you all so very much! It's wonderful having you all as friends. Hope you have a great night! Pj
  20. Awwwww! Thank you so very much!!! I love John Denver!! You are wonderful for posting this for me. Thank you my Friend.
  21. I agree 100% Not sure if putting our full names on the net is a good idea. Could be my own paranoia. LOL P. A. McMillian
  22. Until I came here and started reading Eric's posts, I had no idea the "artist" was tasked with paying for "everything!!" I had the impression that the record company paid for it, and the "artist" was paid according to sales. Wow! Was I ever wrong! I told everyone that would listen about the true state of the recording biz. No matter who I spoke to, they were shocked! I'm so greatful for the insite into the industry. Thank you Eric. Pj
  23. Eric I'm sure you can more than sympathize with poor Kelly and her dealings with Clive. The music Buissness is nothing like I thought it was. So much politics involved...yikes! Pj
  24. Holy smokes!!! Well Tony, anything is possible, but I think Eric would have punched his lights out if he tried anything like that!! Clive may have had some penis envy regarding Eric. Let's face it, Eric was smoking hot!...Clive not so much. Also, I wasn't there, but I read something about a " Tony choking" so you might wanna get ready for another. LOL pj
  25. Every time I hear about another death in the music industry, I cringe. We are all facing our mortality. Some are just patiently waiting, while others are fighting it, kicking and screaming. I must admit, I have been guilty of living a lackadaisical lifestyle lately. Going out in a blaze of glory sounds much better to me. Saying, and doing, are two very different things. I hope that I can follow through with the "doing" from now on. The reason I bring this up is, when I read the article concerning Rick Huxley, I saw another article that caught my eye. How cool is David Lee Roth?!!! This guy is amazing! When Van Halen fell apart, he took classes and became an EMT. Now he is back in the music industry, and desperate to make new music. He made so many statements that I agree with. Not just in music, but in life itself. He's a mover, shaker, money maker...and he doesn't want to sit idley by, waiting for time to run out. If anyone goes out in a blaze of glory...it will be him! Bravo David! Pj http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/q...nk=mostpopular2 PS...I hope Eric doesn't become a lawn mower.
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