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  1. Bernie, Thank you for so many more uploads. This is Fantastic. I could watch them all over and over again... Gina P.S. and again for all you do.
  2. I found a nice link, and wanted to share.... It's Eric Carmen Radio! all the songs are played in random order. nice to hear wonderful music while on line. :www.myspace.com/ericcarmen/radio <------ click here Enjoy!
  3. Wonderful! Thank you so much Bernie
  4. Thank you for the warm welcome Dar! I am so happy to join the fan base of such a talented person. and have others to share it with!! Gina
  5. Happy Birthday Clayton, Wishing you the Best Birthday ever... and all that comes with it!
  6. Thanks Jean, I didn't know that. <------ What a handsome man....
  7. Any one know if Eric or any of the other members of Raspberries went to Vietnam? other than Dave? <------ What a handsome man....
  8. would also love to hear to hear some new stuff, or new, old stuff from Eric...
  9. Lets see... Patrick was born.. August 18, 1952 the movie came out in 1987 so Patrick would have been 35 yrs old, so yes.. I believe your correct...
  10. Dirty Dancing, one of my favorite, Movies and Music! Can't wait.. May the Royalties be with you Eric!
  11. I was not geared up for the closing of the Olympics, but I have to admit, it was better than I had expected! With a couple exceptions, I really wish Sir Elton John would have been there,seems he was the missing piece. And Bernie, I totally agree, way too much of Jessie J.... didn't get her singing Queen either... now that is a WTF? ... But over all, it was a wonderful show.
  12. ITEM #1: A beautiful poster of Eric in a white bathrobe sitting at a locked keyboard with the caption-"AMERICAN IDLE".. NOW THAT, I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE ..........
  13. Love the pics.. thanks Brian!
  14. HI... I am new here... finding my way, and enjoying every minute.. is there an active chat room? Thanks for having me...
  15. Happy Birthday Eric... I hope all your dreams come true. and....Like every other lady out there. wish I could spend it with you.. Gina
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