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  1. duet as long as we've got each other louise mandrell.mov
  2. The Raspberries (Eric Carmen vocal)—All By Myself—Live in Los Angeles 2007-11-30
  3. The High Cost of Loving <------- click here This is another audio song.... click the link and hear Eric sing a Country Song... or real close to Country..
  4. Raspberries - Radio promo for Starting Over.wmv . .This was shared by Kim.. Thanks Kim.
  5. After You <------ click here This link will take you to "After you" by Eric Carmen... It's audio with no video. Hope you enjoy!
  6. Live on Sunset Strip - Raspberries
  7. Long Live Rock'n Roll - Eric Carmen from 1976... the song that would later become "make me lose control".
  8. Happy Birthday BERNIE! Hope you have a Great Day!
  9. Happy Birthday KIM! Hope you have a Great Day!
  10. Eric Carmen "Boats Against The Current" U.S. TV 1977 What insight he had at such a young age.
  11. Eric Carmen - You Took Me All The Way (1984)
  12. Your very welcome.... it is an open thread. . so if anyone would like to share...please... do
  13. CYRUS ERIE- Wish You Were Here (unreleased track)
  14. "Get the Message" (1969, ft. Eric Carmen) Cyrus Erie
  15. Glad you are enjoying them
  16. Rock'n'roll mama The Raspberries
  17. With You In My Life - (1972) The Raspberries
  18. The Raspberries on "Flipside"
  19. All Right Now Live 1974 Tonight Raspberries -
  20. Last Dance Lyrics The Raspberries
  21. I Don't Know What I Want -The Raspberries
  22. Last Dance Lyrics The Raspberries
  23. I Can Hardly Believe You're Mine - Raspberries
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