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  1. Starting Over - The Raspberries (1974)
  2. Raspberries Live1974 Tonight - All Right Now
  3. Eric Carmen - Sunrise, My Girl - (with Lyrics)
  4. Eric Carmen - Hurts Too Much (1980)
  5. Raspberries Live1974 Tonight - All Right Now
  6. Thanks Bernie for the info... seems the web site was updated and Eric's name is no longer featured... Join us on Friday, March 22 at the Agora for a VIP “roasting and toasting†of Hank LoConti followed by a never before seen or heard concert event featuring: Foghat, Glass Harp, members of the James Gang, Freddie Salem formerly of the Outlaws, Jimmy Ley, MSB, and many more surprise appearances! VIP event starts at 5:00 PM. Doors open for concert at 8:30 PM. (UnSaid Fate opening band). For ticket information contact: Kelly@877cleveland.com or 216-391-4099 ext. 27. All proceeds benefit MidTown Cleveland, Inc. and will be used for the continued restoration of the Cleveland Agora.
  7. I found a nice link, and wanted to share.... It's Eric Carmen Radio! all the songs are played in random order. nice to hear wonderful music while on line. :www.myspace.com/ericcarmen/radio <------ click here Enjoy!
  8. The Raspberries—Go All the Way—Live in Los Angeles 2007-11-30
  9. Marathon Man (Feb 10 1980 Live In Japan)&#12288;by Eric Carmen
  10. I Wanna Be With You unplugged.mov
  11. Eric Carmen Press Conference in Japan part1
  12. All By Myself YAMAHA World Popular Song Festival
  14. Marathon Man (Feb 10 1980 Live In Japan)&#12288;by Eric Carmen
  15. I Wanna Take Forever Tonight ERIC CARMEN
  16. New York bottom line1976 April 3
  17. Desperate Fools - Eric Carmen
  18. American As Apple Pie - Eric Carmen
  19. **My Heart Stops** Eric Carmen - Diane Warren
  20. Eric Carmen New Single (New recording) "boardwalk baby"
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