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  1. Ridiculous, yes. Surprising? No.
  2. Great selection of titles. Something for everyone!
  3. I liked Fred as Virgil "Gus" Grissom in The Right Stuff, and in Tremors with Kevin Bacon, I don't recall his character's name. RIP
  4. I remember him from The Andromeda Strain. RIP
  5. There was no mention of Mamood's Middletown Sleep-Cheap Motel, where the motto is, "Love Thy Neighbor....Here". Hourly rates. Every Dec. 31st, they have a huge party themed, "Start The New Year Off With A Bang".
  6. He probably has better ways to spend his time.
  7. Thanks for the kind words, Rhonda. It is comforting and reassuring to know we have this place as an "anchor in time" to keep in touch with like-minded afficionado's of Eric/Raspberries.
  8. Congratulations and heartfelt thanks, Bernie. Because of your passion and efforts, I was able to see Raspberries perform live 5 times since I last saw them in 1975. I stumbled across this site quite accidentally (fate?) in 2005 while doing a general internet search for Raspberries-band ( as opposed to raspberry jam, pie, orchards, recipes, etc.. that all came up first!). I immediately joined after reading all of the postings and the talk of the reunion. I joined under a different screen name and was one of the most active posters. I dropped off in 2011 for several reasons, but I rejoined in 2012 under the current screen name. I just could not stay away! I was blessed to have attended the Weekend at Bernie's when Eric, Jim and spouses made surprise appearances. It was a day that will always be among my most treasured experiences. I also spent much time with Dennis Ferrante (RIP) and Paul Sidoti (mostly while he was reclining on a lounge chair with adult beverage of choice!!!) I can't even count how many LP's and CD's I have that Dennis is listed as Recording Engineer. And Paul shot to the top and became Taylor Swift's guitarist. Unbelievable. But most of all, the wonderful people that became friends. It is true, and I am guilty of being stuck in time. Nostalgia is a terminal disease, because I will never stop loving the music, movies, TV shows and artists from my younger days, and I am not sorry and offer no apologies. Thank you Eric and Bernie for being major components of my little world.
  9. Just out of curiosity Bernie, were you at this event?
  10. Thanks Bernie! I wanted everyone to see this. My classmate Howard Wuelfing wrote a rave review. My best pal Rich was the head of the Major Programs Board. I am not totally sure of this, but I think Rich booked Raspberries as a favor to me, as he knew I was a giant fan. He reserved me a spot right up front under the stage.
  11. Bravo, Lew. But you missed the acapella quartet of Hands On You with Eric, Bill Clinton, Bill Murray, and Joe Biden.
  12. I was able to search the Rutgers archives and found the ad for the show, as well as the review that was printed , but the files are too large and this site wouldn't accept them. I emailed them to Bernie in hopes that he can post them. 🙏
  13. In 1975, I was a senior at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ. My good friend since 7th grade was the head of the Rutgers Major Programming Board and it was he who booked Raspberries to play in the Rutgers Student Center in the spring of 1975. I remember them doing a great cover of Free's "All Right Now". The room was full of the so-called "townies", local high school girls trying to meet college men. Let me just say, it was a memorable evening. I remember my shock and sadness when I learned of the bands' breakup not long after that concert.
  14. Apparently, Ken Sharp was the producer of this 1996 British release. Maybe Ken has some insight on the prints? Also, is Ken a member here? I don't recall ever seeing him post here in all of my time since 2005.
  15. A great song is still great no matter how it's played. Very nice.
  16. The vocal sounds like someone who is anemic and on an IV drip !!
  17. Who was the lucky recipient of this?
  18. That was when the guys had to autograph all the Special Edition Sunset Strip CD's. I have mine and I'm not selling!!!😛
  19. Welcome aboard Johan! Glad you found us.
  20. Probably the cutest of the Elvis leading ladies was Shelley Fabares. She starred in three of his films, the most of any actress. Girl Happy-1965, Spinout-1966, Clambake-1967
  21. One of the most attractive of Elvis' co-stars ( in two movies... Blue Hawaii and Kid Galahad ) was Joan Blackman. the story goes that Elvis fell in love with her and wanted to marry her, but she declined. She later married someone else and soon divorced. It was reported about 5 years ago she was scheduled to attend the Elvis Week festivities in Memphis, and was late, drunk and nasty! ( Sounds like a fun date! No wonder Elvis liked her! )
  22. Love the sinner, hate the sin. 🤣
  23. Welcome, Carlos! This is the place to be if you like Eric and Raspberries, and you will be able to learn anything you want know about them. All the members here are great people and are always ready to help. Enjoy the experience!
  24. I am dumbfounded that I never knew this. I had heard about Stu Sutcliff and Pete Best, but never Jimmie Nicol. Great story.
  25. I had heard that Lew was a fifth wheel!
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