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  1. On Saturday's show, they did not perform, "Rikki Don't Lose That Number", which is one of my favorites. I knew I should have gone to the Sunday show as well! Good review.
  2. This Elvis album was recorded live, but not during a concert performance, as many have mistakenly assumed. This album was recorded in the Jungle Room of Elvis' Graceland home in 1976. Elvis was already in declining health, and he was often exhausted from his demanding concert tours. As such, getting him to meet his RCA Records contract obligations for new material to release was difficult. RCA's recording studio was in Nashville, quite a distance from Memphis. In attempts to facilitate the King's needs, arrangements were made for Elvis to record in Memphis' STAX Studios. But RCA didn't really like not having total control of the sessions and dealing with "non-company" personnel, so they brought all of the necessary recording equipment to Graceland in order to make it convenient for Mr. Presley.
  3. Heavy American steel pushed by a powerful cast-iron V-8. That ski boat felt like a feather as far as the '69 was concerned! PS - Tell my good buddy Reid hello for me. He always speaks highly of you.
  4. Trivia: Before the producers of the 1966 Batman TV series had Chuck Barris modify the Ford Futura into the iconic Batmobile, they had originally signed with a customizer to make the Batmobile using a 1959 Cadillac Coupe de Ville, but production got pushed forward several months and the Caddy wasn't near ready, so Barris delivered the Futura Batmobile in time for the start of filming. Trivia: Most powerful Cadillac engine was the 1969 472. In 1970 they used the same engine, but reduced the compression ratio from 10.5:1 to 10.0:1. Those engines had 525 ft/lbs of torque at 3,000 rpm, enabling the heavy duty TurboHydraMatic trans to launch those nearly 5,000 pounds of steel off the line like a rocket. Better times, sigh.😪
  5. The biggest of the big, the 1976 Brougham with 500 cubic inch V-8, biggest passenger car engine ever made. The 1972 had the venerable 472 cu.in., but in greatly reduced power after GM detuned all of their engines for emissions compliance.
  6. https://www.msn.com/en-us/music/news/7-classic-rock-songs-that-still-rock-the-world-today/ar-AA1gXKt8?ocid=msedgntp
  7. Ah yes, the Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham. You could EASILY cram a dozen teenagers into the Brougham. Reportedly favored by organized crime types for the huge trunk, for transporting informants to "safer" locales!!!
  8. I too was a music student since age 8, starting saxophone, then clarinet, and finally flute. I played in the school bands from 4th grade through high school, in every capacity: concert band, jazz band, pep band for the basketball games, marching band for the football games and pit band for the junior and senior class plays. I came to appreciate Eric's compostions early on, recognizing the complexity and layers his works all encapsulate. After high school, I played regularly in Top 40 and wedding bands(wedding bands=good $$$$$, Top 40 bands, not so much $$$). I stopped playing professionally in 1986 when my family and health profession demands took precedence. But when I was in the Top 40 bands, the guitar and keyboard players didn't like to play Eric's compositions because they said they required too much effort to play! Welcome Aboard!
  9. Rhonda Fleming was indeed an exquisitely beautiful woman. A busy woman as well... married and divorced 6 times!!!😉
  10. We are on the same Bat-page. Thanks for "helping me, Rhonda"!!! (I couldn't resist).😝
  11. In 1972, my dad bought a new Cadillac Coupe de Ville with factory 8-track tape player. The demonstration tape provided by General Motors was a Roger Whittaker album. My parents loved cruising in that living room on wheels with Roger serenading them. RIP Roger Below are two photos I still have of my dad's white Caddy. I wish I had the car!
  12. They still sound great, like the records. People leave bands and are replaced. Some members pass on. I was very pleased with the current lineup. So were the 15,000 fans in attendance. They added a 2nd unscheduled show for the next night(Sunday)due to demand. Sure, this tour is financially beneficial to the band members, but people came to hear Eagles songs performed to perfection, and they got what they paid for. I have no regrets. Hell, I would have gone again on Sunday if I could. I have seen many acts where key members were replaced, and some of them were horrendous. But not this Eagles concert. Beach Boys is another example. I think Mike Love is the only original member still performing in the current Beach Boys, but they continue to tour and enthrall fans.
  13. Henley fondly remembered Frey and Meisner, and also paid tribute to Jimmy Buffett, whom he called "a brother, now really enjoying his cheeseburger in Paradise". The band dedicated "Boys of Summer" to Buffett. No mention of Felder, not surprising, since I believe it was a hostile separation from the band. Donald Fagen very kindly called out each member of his backup band and made a very sincere remembrance of his partner Walter Becker.
  14. Saturday night, September 16, 2023, I attended the Eagles' concert at the Prudential Center ( The "Rock" ) in Newark, NJ When I purchased the tickets two months ago I was focused on getting the best seats I could afford, and not on any other incidental information. I was completely blown away when the warmup act was none other than Donald Fagen and Steely Dan. There was a 12 piece band and vocalists providing the backup and they were fantastic. Donald is 75 years old and still sounds the same. The band had all live and analog music...two saxophones(alto and baritone), trumpet, trombone, lead and rhythm guitars, bass, 2nd keyboard player with Hammond B-3, drums and 3 female vocalists. The unmistakable jazz-rock fusion sound was note for note like the original recordings. They played for over an hour. Fabulous. After a hectic 15 minutes of roadies exchanging Steely Dan equipment for Eagles, the band did a solid 2 hours of beloved hits. Sound was perfect. Midway through the concert, Don Henley addressed the crowd(sold-out at 15,000) to thank the fans for showing up, and for 52 years of support and enthusiasm for the band. Commenting on the many personnel changes to Eagles since 1971, Henley quipped, "We're the best f***ing Eagles Tribute band in history...often imitated, but never equaled". The crowd roared. The three song encore included Hotel California, Rocky Mountain Way, and Desperado. Concert was very special, being the last time I will get to see them live. Reminded me of the last time I saw Raspberries perform at the Highline Ballroom in October of 2007. If you can snag tickets to any of the remaining shows, do it! They wind up the tour in late November. Replacing Glenn Frey with Vince Gill was a great choice. Vince is not only a great vocalist, but a very accomplished guitar player. He is a natural fit.
  15. Due to some recent inflammatory comments made during an interview published in the New York Times, Rolling Stone Magazine founder and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame co-founder Jann Wenner has been removed from the Hall's board of directors. Apparantly his comments were deemed racist and misogynistic. I thought it was because of his not nominating Raspberries or Eric Carmen for induction into the Hall.😉 Rolling Stone co-founder Jann Wenner removed from Rock Hall leadership after controversial comments | AP News
  16. Doesn't this sort of merchandise require licensing? Of course, I remember attending concerts throughout the 70's and 80's where people on the street were hawking every imaginable memento of the performing artist, which I am sure weren't officially licensed.
  17. I too have not heard that song before. But it only underscores my reason for being a Who fan. I love the simple black-and-white performance video, and I was always impressed by John Entwistle's "tapping" style of playing bass. Truly an iconic rock band. Like Steve Jobs, when I die they will find my iPod was loaded mostly with 1960's music, except for Raspberries and Eric.
  18. RIP Larry. I saw him perform at a Richard Nader Rock-n-Roll concert around 1978. I still have the 45rpm single of Remember Then somewhere in the Bat-Archives.
  19. I like the song and I really thought the official video was well done. I thought for a moment that I was watching MTV in the 1980's. I could understand every word, and there were no obscene nor violent lyrics. Being a die-hard vinyl record lover, I pre-ordered the LP on Amazon. It's probably a psychological brain-boost, but I applaud when long-established artists continue to create and share their craft with energy and enthusiasm. It's amazing how some octagenarians are vitally active and mentally acute, and some are obviously operating well past their expiration date and still in positions of power and influence, no matter how much damage they inflict. Bravo, Stones! More power to you.
  20. I am not adept at posting working links. The way that used to work for me is not working anymore!
  21. Give the lady a cigar. The story behind Blondie's hit single 'Call Me' (faroutmagazine.co.uk)
  22. Update: Obituary said Jimmy died from skin cancer.
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