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  1. I seem to recall that Eric sold his catalog to Round Hill Music in 2018. Will he still be able to collect royalties for current use of his talents?
  2. I had an RCA multi-band shortwave radio ( 16th birthday present ) . It was considered a "portable" but weighed a ton! It is still working perfectly today.
  3. I cannot imagine Sir Paul ever getting involved with something as shady as this, let alone make a statement as the one attributed to him.
  4. I read some of the posted comments. It never ceases to amaze me that people can be so mean spirited.
  5. I just remembered he was also charged in an arson case involving a gas station on Long Island!
  6. Peter Lemongello was a native of New Jersey. He produced his own LP of romantic songs called "Love '76" and sold it directly to consumers through TV marketing. I believe he sold a tremendous number of records and was signed by a record label as a result. However, his LP on the Private Stock label did very poorly and he was dropped by the label. He then got involved in home construction and was accused of arson. I don't know what happened after that. He was a decent singer and appeared on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show several times.
  7. Everytime someone or some site comes up with lists of top (fill in the blank) or best compilation of (fill in the blank), I am always left scratching my bat-cowl and saying to myself, "I don't get it". But I still like Lew!
  8. Very tastefully done. A great composition by Brian Wilson.
  9. The live version of GATW with Eric wearing the white outfit looks like the appearance on Midnight Special. Bernie can verify.
  10. Batman


    Joyless Blowhard is leaving the View?? That show is used for torture at Gitmo prison. After several hours of force-fed reruns of that show, I'm told the most hardened terrorists break down and spill their guts in order to make it stop!
  11. Thank you Kirk! We need to get Reid back on here again!
  12. A great acoustic vesion of IWBWY from the MTV Classic Eddie Trunk Show. Followed by a fabulous acoustic version of Nobody Knows. Maybe Susie could help me get the actual videos posted here I Wanna Be With You unplugged.mov - YouTube Raspberries - Nobody Knows (acoustic) 2005 - YouTube
  13. I would like to see Bernie post the full show of Raspberries appearance on Eddie Trunk's MTV Classic channel show. The guys did a great acoustic ballad version of "I Wanna Be With You". I believe it was around 2007.
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