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  1. A highly overrated emotion. Give me a sports car. They look sexy, perform beyond expectation, satisfy unselfishly, and don't betray you. I'll take a sports car any day. Allowing one's self to be overcome by love is thinking with your hormones, not with your brain. And, as Mr. Spock knew, this is a sure recipe for failure.
  2. YouTube Music You can hear the two new songs here.
  3. I was on their mailing list... www.abbavoyage.com and I got this news a few days ago with two of the new songs. They are doing a virtual tour whereby using video capture technology developed by Industrial Light and Magic they appear as they looked in 1975. In truth, the voices and music are unmistakeable ABBA. Good for them!
  4. "A stunningly forgettable song"???? Pardon my intolerance, but those two clowns are a-holes. MMLC is one of my favorite EC solo recordings. Thanks for ruining my day, Lew! LOL
  5. I knew I wasn't alone about U2 when South Park did an episode on Bono. It was hilarious! Is Bono the Biggest Piece of Crap in the World? - SOUTH PARK - Bing video
  6. Ditto, Lew. I never got them either. Yet they are spoken of as a hugely successful and influential power pop band. But what do I know...I never got U-2 or Coldplay either.
  7. I never knew that either! I always liked that song and after listening to it several times just now, I can believe it is Jim. The speed is characteristic of Jim. He has quite a resume of hits he has been "instrumental" in. LOL!
  8. He mistakenly refers to Rod Argent of The Zombies as "Ron" Argent. Dean Martin is nowhere to be found... a terrible oversight.
  9. The list correctly places Elvis Presley at Number One. Enough said. I also agree with the comments about Elvis' ability to sing any type of song, and his later recordings were of mediocre material.
  10. Correct, but Mandy was Bell's last Number 1 record.
  11. Interestingly, Mandy was Barry's first number one hit and the label's (Bell Records) last number one hit. Bell was near bankruptcy and taken over by Clive Davis working for Columbia Records. He transferred all the library to the new label, Arista, and Barry's first two albums were rereleased on the Arista label in 1975.
  12. #1) Buddy Knox on Roulette Records. Yes, I have the 45!
  13. As for sexual content in the public domain, I guess nobody here watches television, listens to lyrics of much of the modern music, nor pages through fashion magazines, or even Sports Illustrated. Sex is everywhere you turn. And it is being influential on younger and younger age groups. We can see female celebreties pose 90% naked in photo shoots, but just try looking the wrong way at a woman and you will be prosecuted for sexual harrassment. I guess if it weren't for double standards, there'd be no standards at all.
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