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  1. AM/FM Trivia

    Sorry, Susie B. I did not mean to steal your thunder! LOL!
  2. Avatars…

    What would you like me to change my avatar to?
  3. AM/FM Trivia

    #3) Red Rubber Ball was written by Paul Simon, since my older brother had the 45 and practically wore out the grooves playing it! P.S. - Jerry Lewis always sang "Smile" on his Labor Day Muscular Dystrophy telethons, and never failed to mention that the song was written by one of his idols, Charlie Chaplin. Jerry Lewis & Cleo Laine - "Smile" (1982) - MDA Telethon - Bing video
  4. AM/FM Trivia

    #1) Ball (I'll come bouncing back to you)!
  5. Eric's Beloved Indians

    I believe that it should be viewed as to whether or not it is meant as a derogatory term. Naming a team after Indians, as incorrect a usage for referring to indigenous peoples as it may be, is actually an honor and a sign of admiration. Just my opinion, but all this PC nonsense is doing nothing but isolating us more and more, as is (anti)social media in general.
  6. AM/FM Trivia

    I saw Johnny in 1987 at the Musikfest in Bethlehem, PA. He did a 90 minute show with fantastic backup musicians and vocalists. He turned in an A+ performance and was dragged back out by the crowd for 2 encores. I was in the 2nd row. What memories.
  7. AM/FM Trivia

    I have always found that to be very gratifying for Johnny, as it showed that not only was he a talented performer, but also a gifted writer. The song exudes emotion and imagery. Another great cover by Johnny of a 60's soul classic... Johnny Rivers - Baby, Can I Change My Mind - Bing video
  8. AM/FM Trivia

    Alias John Ramistella, nice Italian boy who still performs periodically. One of my favorite artists. I have been fortunate and saw him live twice. Here is a fairly recent ( 2012 ) live performance of what I consider to be his finest work: Johnny Rivers "Poor Side of Town" at BB Kings NYC - Bing video
  9. AM/FM Trivia

    #1. Steve Miller Band
  10. Todd's page with a couple of dissenters…

    That block feature can be very effective!
  11. Raspberries overrated…

    Once the writer stated that Big Star was " a band as good as the Beatles", I knew it was satire.
  12. I am sorry to say, I have never heard of this before. But I will look out for it in my travels.
  13. In 1970, we got it,..

    I met Ray Stevens in Las Vegas in 1986. I was attending a national convention, and I wandered into a mall and Ray came walking out of the Nieman-Marcus store carrying a package. I said hi Ray, and walked over and we chatted for about 2 minutes. He was very cordial. He said he was appearing at Bally's Casino. I asked him to say hello to Clyde for me! ( By 1986, Elvis had permanently left the building 9 years prior. )
  14. AM/FM Trivia

    I believe I had already answered Question #6 correctly.
  15. ELO forum members chime in…

    I recognized Michael McBride on drums in the Midnight Special clip of "That's Rock'n'Roll". I'll bet someone here can identify the rest of the musicians.