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    Crime fighting super-hero by night with my cohort Robin, the Boy Wonder.
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  1. I'm outta here. Thanks Lew.
  2. My go-to treat when I am feeling down.
  3. Yes, but waaaaay better! 😊
  4. I saw this story last night. I liked them. I also like Hostess Chocodiles, which are no longer made. 😥
  5. Reo Diner is on Rt. 35/Amboy Ave in Woodbridge. Been there many times. Excellent diner.
  6. Skylark Diner, Route 1 North, Edison, NJ. Yes, Lew, I was there. I like Skylark Diner. Tommy Tunes told me he thought it was a dive! I believe you were driving a van.
  7. I've been to the Bendix Diner, the only Jersey joint on the list, a few times and found the food to be good. It's a classic stainless steel structure evoking memories of my youth. New Jersey has so many excellent diners that no matter where you are, there is one not far away. When I worked for a year in Newark, back in the late 1970's, I would make it a ritual to eat at Tops Diner in East Newark, a 5 minute drive from my job. It is a top 10 diner...no pun intended. Incidentally, when I was a kid, these places were not referred to as diners. The Jersey jargon was, "lunch wagon". No lie. It is because originally, these diners were converted railroad cars. See below.
  8. Perhaps the family had a statement prepared and it somehow got posted prematurely. Hopefully Tony is being made comfortable and not suffering in any way. He has my prayers.
  9. It never ceases to amaze me how mean-spirited people can be when posting comments on internet pages. I read almost nothing objective from the comments, save for one person claiming Big Star to be the real heroes of Power Pop music. At least it was an honest opinion, and not just a feeble attempt to be judgemental. If you don't get Raspberries' music, I understand. But I feel sorry for what you are depriving yourself of. I went to 5 reunion shows and I wish I could have gone to all of them. At least the LA and Cleveland shows. But it just wasn't doable for me back then.
  10. Thank you very much for your expertise, susie b.
  11. I haven't seen it. Is it good?
  12. Actually, I always enjoyed Q tormenting Captain Picard!!!
  13. Learn that poem. "Learn that poem" - Bing video
  14. My favorite animated episode was "The Slaver Weapon" with these aliens that resemble evil pink panthers.
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