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  1. If the concert is recorded, a dvd could be made for sale to raise more money. People like myself who can't make the trip would be able watch the concert. Just a thought.
  2. We're almost halfway there!
  3. I'm in for $100. (We will make the $1,000. goal).
  4. I remember the song "I'll Remember You" very well, but if my life depended on it, I couldn't name the artist. That song was on regular top 40 rotation in the Tri-state area back in the day. RIP, Frank.
  5. I hope there is a tremendous turnout. I wish that I lived closer so I could attend.
  6. Ditto, I never heard of it. Isn't it available on compact disc? Cassettes can be converted to digital files with free software such as Audacity. Also, there is free software to download anything from YouTube (YouTube to MP3).
  7. I love it. A tribute to Eric's classical training and creative genius. As played by the string quartet it sounds like it could be something written by Bach. Now for an encore of Goeth Alleth the Wayeth!
  8. Happy Birthday to a dedicated musician and fellow Jersey boy. We may not agree on much, but I still hope you had a great day.
  9. Absolutely! I had some frightening thoughts about the site being gone. I wore out the Rosary beads! Holy Recovery!
  10. Was it just my Internet provider or was this site down for a while?
  11. There does seem to be an inordinate amount of secrecy surrounding Eric's death, and those of us who are longtime members here are naturally interested in the circumstances. When David Sanborn passed earlier this week, it was no secret that he died from prostate cancer. Lawsuits and gag orders against first responders and the medical examiner only throw gasoline on the smoldering fire of suspicion. I was content with Amy's request for privacy.... until I learned about the lawsuit. Very odd. Once the lawyers get involved, eventually details will leak out.
  12. I have attempted to view this file but the website won't respond.
  13. My High School classmate and musical prodigy Alan Pasqua was Dylan's keyboard player on tour for many years. He was also the band leader on the short-lived Alan Thicke TV talk show, Thicke of the Night, 1983-4. Alan was a trombone player in concert, jazz, marching and pep band. He was a natural comedian and always doing or saying something to have a laugh.
  14. A lawsuit against first-responders? Who does this sort of thing, but more importantly, WHY???? This does not add up at all.
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