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  1. Thank you Cayenne & Red. This year has been MUCH better. The hospital staff threatened to wrap us in bubble wrap! I came close to letting them do just that!
  2. This song hit right at home for me. 2013 was a horrendous year for my family. It began in February. The 5th, my electrician husband had an electrical panel blow up in his face and was air lifted to KU Med Center. We spent a week in the burn unit ICU. We had just brought him home when our male Giant Schnauzer became very ill suddenly. I was driving him to the Vet & my husband was in the back of our SUV with Frodo. We got t-boned at an intersection & our Durango rolled 2 1/2 times. Both Jim and Frodo were thrown from the SUV & I was trapped inside. Jim & I both survived but Frodo didn't make it. April I had a jaw infection & had to have my jaw drained. While getting up from the seat at the doctor's, I hit my head on a shelf just above my right eye. It swelled up immediately & the blood drained down into my eye & I had one heck of a shiner for several weeks. That went along fine with my bruised and swollen jaw. May brought another MVA to us. Jim's work van was hit & sustained almost 20,000 dollars of damage. We had just gotten it back when he was hit again, June 5th, four months to the day from the panel explosion. This time the van was totaled. We were on edge the rest of the year. We actually breathed a sigh of relief at midnight as 2013 became 2014. When I first heard Brand New Year, I sat down and cried. It seemed like Eric was directing this song straight to me. It's a song of "Thank God this year is over & we made it through it. The worse is behind us". Thank you, Eric, for writing & recording such a deeply emotional & yet uplifting song that I'm sure many will relate to. Please don't wait another 16 years to create another masterpiece!
  3. Love "Brand New Year"! I'm chomping at the bit until it's release. You only get better with age, Eric!
  4. Happy birthday Eric! Hope you have a blessed day.
  5. OMG......Bernie, you let us into the mind of a genius! Watching his mind come up with a perfect song was absolutely amazing. Like EC once said "I liken writing a song to being a shoemaker." He said something to the effect that after you've done it for a while, you never make a bad pair of shoes. You either make a good pair of shoes or a great pair of shoes. Mr. Carmen, you don't write good songs, you write GREAT songs! I certainly wish you were still touring. Come to Kansas. I (and probably a lot of other people) would love to see and hear you! You would be so very welcomed here & anywhere you'd choose to go.
  6. That's for sure. He sure is definitely easy on the eyes!
  7. Either that or "Mama mama yeah yeah".
  8. I would love to see Eric on TV all the time. I rarely watch Idol but wouldn't miss it if he were on!
  9. Definitely romance! Not to mention VERY easy on the eyes. Songwriting at its best.
  10. What a gentleman. He's a real class act! What I wouldn't give to get flowers from Eric Carmen!
  11. Looking forward to your post next week, Dan. I wish I was close enough to attend Saturday night.
  12. Could any one man get any sexier or better looking? I highly doubt it. Great voice, great songwriting, great all the way around!
  13. Could any one man get any sexier or better looking? I highly doubt it.
  14. I have been a Raspberries and Eric Carmen fan since the early 70's. I would love to see the Raspberries and/or Eric put together a tour sometime this year. I live in Topeks, Kansas which means the closest they'd come to me would probably be Kansas City. I'd be willing to travel if I could see them/him in concert. Eric's music is absolutely awesome. His voice the greatest, and his talent unsurpassable.
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