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  1. LC, thank you so much for the kind words!! I am glad you enjoyed Saturday and am looking forward to reading your articles!! Thanks again, you made me smile.
  2. Congrats Bernie! James, you should tip a glass and raise your hat!
  3. I am still smiling. It is perfect!
  4. Catnip

    New Forum!

    I lost my very first personal message that I was saving also. It was a sweet welcome to the site. <3
  5. Just read the Agora is having a 100th Birthday Bash - March 22nd. Is Eric one of the Special Guests? Please confirm Like · · Follow Post · March 6 at 1:14pm near Shakopee, MN. Seen by 32 Robin Noyes-g, Valorie Rozenski and Darlene Brandt like this... Eric Carmen Hmmm....Hard to imagine the Agora opened in 1913. I've heard something about there being a "Thanks Hank" show. A tribute to Hank LoConti who owned the club. I doubt that I will be performing. Thursday at 11:48am · Like..
  6. It is a Cleveland thing. Cleveland likes losers. Seriously they can't handle someone that is as awesome as Eric.
  7. Happy Birthday to the most amazing guy I have ever known. I wish the best for you... today and always. xoxox, N
  8. I love this. Such a gorgeous guy with a beautiful heart!
  9. This song and Eric's Make Me Lose Control were my favorites at that time. I never saw either video until much later. This video is pretty funny too. Needless to say my mom wasn't really happy hearing her daughter sing along to this song.
  10. Thanks Jean! I love 80's music but I guess the video part is a little lost on me because I grew up in Europe. We only had 2 tv stations and music videos weren't included. Radio was my best friend. I was just really confused with the guys dancing and not very well at that. the cape at the end really confused me. I like other songs by John C-M besides that one. I like Jackie O, Cherry Bomb, Serious Business, and Play Guitar. Thanks for the reply =) Catnip
  11. Aventurine, I agree that music is healing. I do think Eric knows the power of music. He has written so many beautiful songs that show that. I am sure that even though he didn't say anything about the one year anniversary of Japan's tragedy he hasn't forgotten what happened or how it affected people. He has only said good things about the Japan and the fans there. Don't change your opinion of Eric. Hugs from, Catnip
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