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  1. Congrats Patrick! Also to the rest of the winners thus far!
  2. Certainly nobody here has even insinuated that rape is ever right or that anyone deserves it. I am also a rape victim and it has changed my entire life. I can imagine how that girl/woman felt.
  3. BTW no song Eric has written is "just a song". I am just saying no need for panties to be knottin' over a song from the 1970's
  4. I agree that people appreciate music here, but I think that people are taking it way too personally. Eric didn't write it and they were young. Some music has a more mature subject and some is just fun or is great for dancing. I could nitpick a hundred songs and say they are degrading to women. Go listen to Scandalous by Cobra Starship. Not all music is sunshine and roses but that doesn't make it bad or immature.
  5. Adelia, I get your point. You are right, tramp is too nice of a word. Women do a far greater disservice to other women than men do. If women can't respect another woman then why should men respect any of us? If those "tramps" knew that he was in a relationship and still threw themselves at him then they were not very nice people. I'm sorry that you went through that. =( Eric, you are right. Some things are better left in our past/youth. =) On a different note, lots of songs can come off making a woman sounding bad, but unless that shoe fits, I see it as just a song.
  6. I don't see why women should have a problem with ATTN. I remember watching a television program and rock stars were talking about how they treated women. I don't really blame them if the women let it happen. You can't be treated like a tramp if you don't act like one. I mean really, would you rather meet a guy and he says...listen, I will sleep with you because you are here and then you will never hear from me again or is it better if he tells you everything you want to hear and then you never hear from again? Call me weird, but I would prefer the reality of the situation. Knowing he isn't interested up front is better than feeling used and that goes for any guy/girl situation not just rock stars.
  7. Congratulations! If you are ever looking for something from the USA, feel free to contact me and I will help you get it.
  8. Sony is trying to find out if people need to re-order or if Amazon can submit the original order again. Give it a couple of days to find out. I am sure that Eric or Bernie will post it here when they know how we should handle our orders. =)
  9. Eric is calling Tim Smith. I let him know about the orders. Mine was cancelled as well. Hang in there everyone. I am sure Eric will fill everyone in later.
  10. There is this guy... and he owns me in every way. <3

    1. GinaInOh


      So wonderful to be loved like that

  11. I have never seen Twin Peaks or other night time series from the 80's and early 90's. they didn't show them in Spain. I just looked up Twin Peaks and it is on Netflix. They have 2 seasons and it says it started in 1990. Are there more than 2 seasons or will I get the whole show if I start watching it?
  12. So what is everyone watching on tv or dvd while they hibernate and try to stay warm?
  13. That would be great if spring weather actually started in 53 days. Add another month for northeast Ohio. =(
  14. I wasn't even born yet and I knew who wrote and sang the original. My nieces are 20 and 27 and they also know it was Eric Carmen. I don't think it is age as much as it is musical exposure. I think that if you enjoy great music then you would know, at any age, that Celine Dion covered a song by Eric Carmen. If they don't then they will find out when they google All By Myself or even search it on youtube. The power of technology!
  15. What is that odor? Oh, I know...it is the cheap smell of desperation.

    1. canadianchick


      I think you have a very good nose Catnip! ;)

    2. Catnip
    3. GinaInOh


      Sniff sniff ..peee ewwwww

  16. Same here Marlene. People I know always refer to Eric as the writer/singer of the song. That was a great post and it did get buried pretty quickly. I think a lot of people missed it.
  17. The feature is up. I sent the link to Bernie if he wants to post it here.
  18. I'm pretty sure Chuck will write a good review. He was pretty impressed with how much time Eric spent with him on the phone and said he got a lot of great material. It was originally intended to be a small piece but because he got so much information his editor took it to a feature story. I am putting my faith in him writing nice things. If not, well my size 5's can take care of that
  19. Thank you Naeko. This article is written by a guy in Cleveland named Chuck Yarborough, but LC did also get a chance to interview Eric and he has some articles coming out soon as well. I hope Larry will keep as posted as to when and where they will appear. Gene Taylor also gave some photos to be submitted for this article on the 19th. Sony has also changed the release date to March 25, 2014 and they say that is the last time it will be changed. Cross your fingers!
  20. There is a feature story about Eric scheduled for Sunday, January 19th in The Cleveland Plain Dealer. The article will also be available to read online on their website. Watch for it!!
  21. The Cleveland Plain Dealer has a feature story scheduled to run on January 19th...this Sunday. It is written by Chuck Yarborough and will also be available to read online at their website. Make sure to check it out!!!
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