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  1. Tammy! You rock! Thank you so much for all of your hard work. 50% couldn't have happened to a nicer girl! Hugs, N
  2. Welcome Tammy! Thank you for all of your help with the voting!! =)
  3. Congratulations, Pat! I am so happy that you won! I still have something to send you. I will do it this week! =)
  4. I grew up in Spain and never had a problem with the Spanish people taking our orders. We didn't go to Wendy's often there and it was considered a "usa/taste of home treat" when we did. They were not required or expected to learn English and our service was always great, but I was the guest in their country. =)
  5. It is a sweet and endearing photo. How wonderful for those fans and they all look truly happy, including Eric.
  6. Kinda like cutting off the nose to spite the face?
  7. I suddenly understand the saying of wanting to "bang my head against a wall". Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone.
  8. I posted that I do not know Marvin and that is true. However, the things I mentioned were things that Marvin himself posted. So they were straight from the horse's mouth. I also believe the same is true for what Eric has written as well. I know he is your friend, and I know people don't have to agree with everyone else's opinions. I am just saying that there is no reason to be rude.
  9. It was an example of respecting someone's feelings. I just believe it is something between Marvin and Eric.
  10. Is there really anything for members to "hash out"? I kind of see it like this...would you go to someone's house and criticize their décor, pets, or family? Would you tell that person how much nicer another person's house is? No, you wouldn't. Why bring up something that can only be taken as hurtful and mean spirited? Marvin posted, Eric reacted. Let it go.
  11. I don't know Marvin. I did read the last couple of posts that I read by him and they did seem rather inflammatory. The first one that I remember reading and thinking "wow, not very cool" was the one when Eric posted the Sony press release for The Essential. Marvin jumped on the thread and pretty much "attacked" for the way it was written and who was chosen to write it. Sony wrote the release and it was their job to do so. The second was the Kay Bryson thread. It almost felt like the posts were meant to anger/upset Eric in both situations. I felt "defensive" reading them and I can only imagine how they made Eric feel. I don't believe that Eric doesn't want/need fans. I think that he felt hurt and betrayed. These are only my thoughts. I don't know Marvin, and I have never interacted with him in any way but his comments seemed more than a little "snarky" to me.
  12. Eric will be interviewed on a tv show called 7 Minutes hosted by Russ Mitchell. It will air at 10am on NBC Cleveland Channel 3. It will be available online after and the link will be posted. =)
  13. Brand New Year. Every line goes right to my heart. The bridge...sigh. Yep, Brand New Year. <3
  14. PaulGuitar, I don't think Eric should feel pressured to defend himself here or anywhere else, but that said, the page is EricCarmen.com
  15. For people in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois,& Pennsylvania: The Exchange record stores are going to be participating in Record Store Day. Not every store will get every artist release but they are participating. I got that from an inside source that works at one of the stores.
  16. Great questions and perfect answers!!
  17. The show starts at 3. The interview is at 4. He will also be playing re-mastered songs from The Essential Eric Carmen.
  18. I think it will be interesting to hear the questions that a 20something year old will have for Eric. This is a new generation of Raspberries and Eric Carmen fans. I love that you can listen online from anywhere in the world. Don't forget, it is today.
  19. The funny thing is that I spoke to a writer that wants to do an article for Shindig and for an online site in December. That was before the Wally Bryson article. If the interview and article appear now she will say Eric is trying to steal Wally's spotlight.
  20. I hope you have a wonderful birthday. Nancy =)
  21. OMG, wow! I have better musical taste than this guy. LOL, so does my 8 year old nephew!!
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