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  1. Tony and Aventurine....you both are really cute!
  2. Sorry to hear about the tornadoes...Praying it'll stop! Please do take care ...
  3. Awwwwwwwww...... such a sweet message from you Monica... I love it! This is another song that I like a lot... Don't wanna say goodbye-Raspberries
  4. For you Wendy...let's Pretend
  5. Hahaha O Wendy that is hilarious!!! You are sooooo sweet and funny! You really made my day!!!
  6. Hey Jean, Aventurine, Monica, MM I totally agree with all of you.... Eric just mesmerizes us with his beautiful voice when he sings and plays the piano in his most charming way... none can beat that!! And that lucky actress! Hahahaha! Just wish there were more recent videos like these ones... Cos Eric...you're forever young!
  7. Love it! Love it! Love it! you're so right Jean, they look soooo adorable!! And Eric's awesome voice singing I wanna be with you..I'm loving it! Thanks Jean for sharing... Totally agree with you and Wendy on the super delicious videos!!
  8. Nice to know you Jean... I'm new too... And learning a lot from everyone here at ec.com...it's been fun and interesting so far ...
  9. Happy birthday BeatleJay .. Cheers!!! Better late than never...lol
  10. Another one of my favorite...Never gonna fall in love again...
  11. Someone that you loved before...
  12. Love your Poem...Monica
  13. R.I.P Whitney Houston I like to remember her good times..
  14. Great song, great pictures of Eric! Thanks for sharing Hossy
  15. Hi JohnO.. Happy birthday and may you have a wonderful birthday! cheers!
  16. Thanks to all for the warm welcome! Love you all
  17. Haha..Tony...you are funny! I'm sure Eric is extremely proud of his songwriting Legacy...and I'm sure we all feel the same way... All by myself is my all time favorite song... Heard that song during my childhood years....And that got me listening to the rest of Eric's songs quite recently one after another... I am a new fan of Eric Carmen! Eric's unique and rare vocal range I  enjoy in the song Some One that you loved before, another favorite song of mine. I love the lyrics of  Eric's songs it's just so beautifully romantic, accompanied  by the sytlish way Eric  plays the piano and the deep expressions he have for his songs, it's just so amazing. Eric Carmen, you're one of the GREATEST!!
  18. Love all the songs including Someone that you loved before...totally mesmerized by Eric's beautiful voice....
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