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  1. my brother and I we grew up listening to the Bee Gees a lot... We bought all their records as well as Andy's. My brother is now battling a rare kind of cancer on his lungs .. Surely he too will feel sad about Robin's condition...and hope he recovers soon.
  2. Yes, heard the news too, ....sad, praying and hope he'll pull thru this one... Love the Bee Gees since young....
  3. That was so nice Andy ... I Enjoyed it!!!
  4. And a big welcome and big thanks to Last Night for sharing all those wonderful videos!! Love it!!
  5. AWESOME!!!! Thanks for sharing LC
  6. Happy and Joyful Easter everyone!!!
  7. Hahaha... Ok...one more time .. "Happy birthday Fred!"
  8. A very happy Birthday to You Sir Fred Carmen, Cheers!!!
  9. Enjoyed reading about the interview....Aventurine thanks for sharing. Nice picture too.
  10. Welcome luvpuppypt!! Thank you for the awesome video!! I'm loving it!!
  11. Happy Birthday Hossy, hope you have a wonderful birthday, Cheers!
  12. Hi Jean, thanks for your kind thoughts and concern for the people of Japan... I am not from Japan but here in Singapore we too keep them in our thoughts and prayers and hope for a better tomorrow soonest.
  13. Welcome Anne ... Tony always brightens up EC.com!
  14. Thanks Raspathens, love that video a lot... Eric is awesome!!!
  15. Happy Birthday Raspathens!!! May you have a wonderful birthday, Cheers!!
  16. Happy Birthday Seattle Steve ... Cheers!!
  17. Thanks Monica .... that is such a beautiful poem...love it!
  18. Happy belated Birthday Miss Miriam ...
  19. Great post Wendy... thanks for sharing....
  20. You're right Jean....Eric is just so awesome!!!!
  21. Eric ...EC.com needs your Loving!!!
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