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    My Team

    Congratulations James!
  2. My prayers for you Muzza, speedy recovery and take good care! <3
  3. Wow! Thank you for the sharing Eric, it is so precious and inspiring! Love it! Merry Christmas!!!
  4. This is so exciting Eric!!!! Looking forward!
  5. Hi Eric It's your special day, I wish you lots of love & happiness and may you have a wonderful celebration!!! Happy birthday!!! Cheers!
  6. Love the new site Bernie thank you!
  7. Happy birthday Miss M, hope you have a wonderful birthday!
  8. Definitely! I wanna hear it from his lips!!!! Sharen Mcclelland
  9. Enjoyed watching the videos you posted Gina thanks for sharing
  10. Happy birthday Barb Bonfanti! Hope you have a great birthday!
  11. Happy belated birthday to you Diane! You are so awesome!
  12. Happy birthday Angelina... You are an awesome friend! Hope you have a great and wonderful birthday with your friends & your sweet family! God bless!
  13. Happy Birthday Tommy Tunes, hope you have a great one!
  14. Thanks Hossy for sharing those lovely pics of Eric with us. Truly awesome!
  15. Happy Birthday Darlene, wishing you many happy returns! CHeers!! ps: both you and Tony have the same birthday as my son, he just turn 10 on aug 30 haha
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