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  1. Hello all, I am new to this forum, but I figured many of you here might be interested or can provide more information about something I just got - An acetate by Cyrus Erie of "Sparrow" and "Painter". The recording of "Sparrow" is similar to the released 45 but there is a middle part that is different. "Painter" is not released, of course. I remember reading one of the pieces in the Raspberries book (the Ken Sharp one) that this was recorded as a demo before the 45 and ended up with the producers in NY. I got it from the estate of Denny Randell who had worked with Sandy Linzer, who is credited on the Cyrus Erie 45. The acetate has a label from Audio Recording in Cleveland, which was one of the 3 main recording studios in town at the time (Cleveland Recording and Agency Recording, which opened in 1968, were the other two). I don't know if the songs were recorded at Audio or the acetate was cut there. Anyways, if someone can provide more details on this, I think it would be interesting to many of you. I can't provide sound files at this time as I don't want to violate any copyright laws, unless the principals on the recording are OK with it. However, the acetate is poor shape and has significant noise. thanks George
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