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  1. Happy Birthday Eric!! Man...are you EVER on a roll! Great year for you with lots of exciting things happening....Here's to enjoying your birthday and continued professional successes. Your music has not only brought me joy, but finding this community has brought me many new friends ...and its all because of you (and Bernie...Hail to the Chief here...) :birthday: :birthday: Jean
  2. Wow...I hope your bad luck is OVER...there has got to be a turnaround ahead. Just one day at a time. Thank goodness you have an understanding landlord and a roof over your head. I hope the days ahead are brighter; draw strength from your many friends here.
  3. Gosh Darlene.. I haven't been on here for forever...what a sweet birthday message..YOU are the best Jean
  4. WOW! This sounds like an amazingly FUN, creative and gratifying experience for you, Eric. I am just more than thrilled for you and excited for us as we get to enjoy the "refreshment" of your great music. I am sure it will be a treat especially for you, if you are able to record some new material with all the newest technology and top notch support...Again...a wonderful acknowledgement of past work...so overdue and so deserved. WAY TO GO ERIC! Can't WAIT for the release! Jean
  5. Oh gosh! I am surprised my birthday was posted here! Thanks for the wishes Val, Monica and Mike!
  6. Gotta agree with you James... I obviously really like that line because it's been my signature line here... Jean
  7. My, my oh my Bernie, you have been a busy little bee.... can't wait to see what you have in store.... Jean
  8. Good find on Walk Away Renee...never had seen that one uploaded to YT...thanks Jean
  9. Happy Birthday Miriam! I still remember that you were one of the first people to welcome me to this site. I hope you have a wonderful day! Jean
  10. Gina, Although I have seen all of the videos you post here, I think its cool that you are keeping this going. I am guessing some of the older members here appreciate it too. Jean
  11. Good point Tony...however, the lack of Raspberries abilities to sell records is what probably stuck in his thoughts (likely not interested in their label's lack of support; he probably thought more sales would have brought more support not vice versa...) His yardstick seemed to be sales...period. If quality didn't walk hand and hand with sales, its almost as if the quality did not exist in his mind. Jean
  12. Welcome to the board Raspberry Girl. What a wonderful first post. If you are new to Eric's music including the Raspberries, you are in for a treat. Wishing you all the best. Jean
  13. Funny how this thread started (as only Tony could)...but how great it is to hear from you, Eric. Your stories are so interesting .. but make it so clear how disturbing the politics of the music business really is. Although Bernie's fabulous "Marathon Man" is a great read, I bet your own memoirs would be fascinating! (all the stories that beg to be told but likely best to keep private..). Thank you for sharing some of your stories with us. Jean
  14. You're a quick learner, PJ... I know Tony likes to "stir the pot" but I thought this comment sort of crosses a line...I believe Eric would never comment on anything like this even if he hated Clive (not saying he did; don't know and frankly don't care)...Eric is too much of a class act. But I get your point Tony...why Clive didn't thoroughly market such talent is beyond explanation. Jean
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