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  1. Happy belated Debbie but gotcha on FB my friend hope you had a good one! Monica
  2. Happy belated Birthday! Hope it was good
  3. Happy belated Birthday LC but gotcha on FB! The aka RaspBen that caused all that confusion Monica
  4. Happy belated Birthday Kirk hope you had a great day Monica
  5. Happy belated Birthday Reid but like Angelina gotcha on FB!
  6. Happy Thanksgiving to all EC.COM members! Hope you all have a great day. Monica
  7. Happy belated Birthday Diane hope it was a good one! Monica
  8. Happy Birthday John hope you had a great booyah day! Monica
  9. RaspBen

    Game Shows!!!

    Grew up with Bob Barker - Price is Right , Family Feud - no one could replace Richard Dawson, Wheel of Fortune - I think alot of botox are keeping those two hosts Pat Sajak and Vanna White well preserved and I think my favorite was 20,000 dollar Pyramid. Monica
  10. Oh geez Pat nice way to describe our beautiful city!(Even though you are probably right) Monica
  11. Happy belated birthday Marvin sorry so late hope it was great! Monica
  12. Great pics Hossy you always have the best suprises! Monica
  13. Happy Birthday hope you had a great day Monica
  14. Hey Robin hope you had a great birthday! Monica
  15. My second favorite song of the Raspberries Gina right after GATW. Wish this video was of Eric singing it live in concert instead of the chickadees but my husband enjoyed it! Monica
  16. How cool to see Kirk , nice pic! Monica
  17. Happy 18th Birthday ! Hope you had a great day Monica
  18. Paulie gotcha on FB missed it here , Happy Birthday! Monica
  19. Happy belated birthday hope it was a good one! Monica
  20. Great Bernie keep them coming! Monica
  21. ONJ still sounds and looks great, nice job on Boats. I have so many of her albums, started listening to her when I was a kid back in the 70's. Monica
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