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  1. Happy Birthday Eric hope you have a great rockin day! Enjoy ??
  2. Happy Birthday Eric enjoy your day! Monica
  3. Happy Birthday Jean hope it was a great day my friend!
  4. Gotcha on FB but Happy belated Birthday Pat!
  5. Ben Affleck no other can compare! Monica
  6. Welcome Raspberry Girl this is a great site enjoy! And you might as well know Tony is Eric's evil twin. Monica
  7. This is the only cover I have ever liked of GATW but nothing can compare to the original. Has always been my favorite Raspberries song. Monica
  8. When in Rome..... Monica R.
  9. Sorry for the belated wishes hope it was a great day! Monica
  10. Loved her song You'll Never Know great CD Monica
  11. Well said Mr President! Thanks for all you continue to do for this website. Monica
  12. Nice War of the Worlds feel who would have thought the Rock is a hero of milk! Great job Bernie! I agree with Tony this is definitely SB worthy. Monica
  13. Lookin forward to seeing this love the Eagles! Thanks Marvin Monica
  14. Happy Birthday Bernie hope you have a great birthday weekend! Monica
  15. Happy Birthday Kim enjoy your day! Monica
  16. RaspBen


    Hope everyone has a great Christmas and healthy New Year! Monica
  17. I have no words it is incomprehensible to me. I have a 6 yr old daughter Grace and a 9 yr old son Ben. I can't imagine what these parents are going thru. Prayers for those 20 angels and the 6 guardian angels and their families. Monica
  18. Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!
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