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  1. thats ok....was up all nite cooking for these nuts who thought it would be a good idea to have a cookout in the middle of a freakin monsoon god does answer prayers...he did send me rain, but apparently didnt hear the part of my prayer about keeping the pesky guests away...LOL catch ya next time maybe
  2. sorry you have to work today carol.
  3. well bv, its 5:02 am here, and ive been up all night...shoulda hollered or sompin..
  4. wouldnt that be horrible.. ..but not as bad as the corvair, shitvette or vega...ever own a daggum vega? you could make a gallon of lemonade with that lil ole lemon been driving a fix or repair daily (ford) ever since the vega let me down
  5. pssssst, ira..thats a chick car, dude
  6. well, little miss lori ......HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU
  7. never heard that term...LOL...gonna add it to my list...but yep, youre right
  8. LOL..that little slut pups gonna have all the young chickies calling him studly do right if hes not careful..
  9. ok....so somebody pissed off inspector 12 down at the mill
  10. ya know whut?....theres a whole lotta crazy people in this world...
  11. awwwww.....well, that's nice..good for you
  12. since there was no such thing as cable tv back then and only 3 channels to choose from, it was roller derby, wrestling and shock theatre on saturday afternoons....oh joy what ? no mention on tojo yamamoto???
  13. cookout at my house..at least thats what folks are telling me . personally, ill be praying for rain, so they will all stay home
  14. ya know, i do believe the shorter hair suited wally quite well. course thats just my opinion and ya know what they say about opinions
  15. A woman asks her husband if he'd like some breakfast. "Bacon, eggs, perhaps some toast? Maybe a nice sectioned grapefruit and a cup of fresh coffee?" He declines, "It's the Viagra," he says, "it's really taken the edge off my appetite." At lunchtime she again asks if he would like something. "A bowl of home made soup, maybe with a cheese sandwich? Or how about a plate of snacks and a cold beer?" Again he declines. "No thanks. It's the Viagra," he says, "It's really taken the edge off my appetite." At dinnertime, she asks if he wants anything to eat, offering to go to the diner and buy him a super burger. "or would you rather I make you a pizza from scratch? Or how about a tasty stir-fry? That'll only take a couple of minutes...?" Once more he declines, "Again, thanks, but it's the Viagra. It's really taken the edge off my appetite." "Well then," she replies, "Would you mind getting off me? I'm freakin' STARVING!"
  16. i dont know missm as well as most of you, but i can tell she is a gracious lady. she has been on my mind..praying she will be home and reunited with her precious child very soon
  17. does this little kitty by any chance eat lasagna and have a brother named garfield?
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